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Tuesday, 27 August 2002: Do you all remember the episode of "Friends" where Joey became an ordained minister via the Internet? Well, I found a website called the Universal Life Church that will actually allow you to become an ordained minister in as quickly as five minutes. Sadly enough, this is 100% legal and you can actually officiate weddings with this online ordination. I'm thinking about doing it just for shits and giggles. Plus, if I do this, I can acquire a second ordination through the Beer Church. Yes, you read that right... the Beer Church. I wanna do it just to say that I am an official Minister of Perpetual Consumption (yes, that is the actual title). Hell, this church even advertises. Steal this banner if you want it for your own site. I just got a kick out of it.

[banner is gone to the ether]

Monday, 26 August 2002: Ahhhhh... Fantasy Football has officially started. Yes, I know that I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago already. However, it wasn't until this morning that the draft occurred. I wound up with a pretty damned good team, too. Here's my lineup...

  • QB - Aaron Brooks, Saints (starter), Kordell Stewart, Steelers (reserve)
  • RB - Ahman Green, Packers, and Eddie George, Titans (starters) and Antowain Smith, Patriots (reserve)
  • WR - Eric Moulds, Bills, and Troy Brown, Patriots (starters) and Keyshawn Johnson, Buccaneers (reserve)
  • TE - Jeremy Shockey, Giants (starter) and Zeron Flemister, Redskins (reserve)
  • K - David Akers, Eagles (starter) and Sebastian Janikowski, Raiders (reserve)
  • Def. Team - Bears (starter) and Buccaneers (reserve)

However, I'm currently in negotiations with rival team The Bear Haters (bastards). He wants Kordell Stewart in exchange for Michael Vick, QB with the Falcons. Both are good, but Kordell is a bit more proven and I just love the guy cause he helped me out quite a bit last year. So, to make it more worth my while and since I need some help in the tight end department, I countered by asking him to also send me Todd Heap, the TE for the Ravens in exchange for Zeron Flemister. Overall Kordell is better than Vick, but only because Vick was standing in Chris Chandler's shadow for most of last season. When he did finally start, Vick tore the field up. Now, with Chandler on the Bears, Vick is starting, but he may get those first-time starter jitters whereas Kordell is just gonna rock. However, I've already got one great QB so I might as well take this opportunity to bone up in my lesser areas and TE is definitely it. Heap is only in his second year, but he's gonna be starting now and is likely to see quite a few passes come his way. We shall see.


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