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Thursday, 1 August 2002: In sad news today, Josh Randall, who costars on NBC's "Ed" as Dr. Mike Burton (you know, the funny one), was busted after being observed smoking crack with a homeless man. Both were arrested and who knows how this one will end. You always hope that vices such as drug addiction won't happen to the truly talented people in the world. I just hope we don't wind up with another Robert Downey, Jr. on our hands.

In happy news, the former CFO of WorldCom Scott Sullivan and the former Controller David Myers were arrested this morning. The best part of this whole story is that, while being led in handcuffs into, I believe, the FBI office in NYC, several bystanders started clapping and cheering. You gotta love that. The only bad thing is that, because the WorldCom case broke before Bush signed all this "sweeping new legislation" regarding coporate fraud, the max these guys can get is five years in prison and some kind of fine. If these laws were only signed a week or so earlier, they could both wind up as somebody's pivot man for the next 20 years.

Oh, and by the way, the Gap sign is now up at the plaza I was telling you about.

Tuesday, 30 July 2002: Last night after the midnight sale, Katie and I decided to drive around in this new shopping plaza that is currently being built near our apartment complex. According to people Katie has talked to about it, this plaza is meant to be pretty much all highend shopping. This has us both quaking in our boots. High-end shopping can only mean one thing... higher property values (possibly translating to increased rent at our complex). When you can't properly pronounce the name of the store, there's bound to be trouble. Of course, it's not all bad, they do have a Barnes & Noble and a Galyans Sporting Goods. This gives me a couple of new places to hang out on those days when I have nothing to do while Katie's at work. I love to just sit in bookstores and read whilst sipping bottomless cups of coffee. And Galyans has a climbing wall. Yeah baby. That'll be fun.

I think the thing that I've been having the most fun with regarding this shopping center is, when I drive by it on my way to and from work, I like to check out if any new store signs have gone up so I can see what stores will be there. The first name up was Galyans, second was Anne Taylor, third was Barnes & Noble, fourth was Banana Republic, and fifth was Adrienne Vitadinni. That's all that is up so far. When Katie and I drove back there, we saw spray painted boards marking some of the other stores (for the benefit of the workers, I suppose?). Included names like Gap, Coconuts (I thought they were in financial trouble?), and a couple of others I can't remember at the moment. Katie also heard this plaza was getting the Gap Kids and a Pottery Barn. Now, it's time to start placing bets on which store will be going out of business first. My money's on Coconuts thus far. I may go ahead and keep you informed as new nameplates go up on the stores. Then we can all keep a proper pool going. Any bets?

Monday, 29 July 2002: God Bless vacation days and that's what today was for me. I took the day off and Katie wasn't scheduled at work. First and foremost on vacation days... sleeping in. Of course, once you've started working a regular 9 to 5 schedule (or 8 to 5 in my case), you find that it becomes nearly impossible to sleep in as late as you would truly like. When you're a kid, you wanna wake up early because that's when all the good cartoons are on (I've noticed that's not the case anymore). However, as you grow up, say late elementary school through college, all you wanna do is sleep. And, let me tell you, I was a pro. I miss it... the good ole days when you can just sleep until noon without giving it a second thought. Oh well.

The rest of the day, Katie and I just did our thing. A little shopping, some cleaning (not typical "vacation day" fare, but it was needed), watched some TV, worked on a puzzle, celebrated my Dad's birthday (go ahead and hassle him if you'd like), and then Katie and I went to a midnight record sale at a place in Batavia called Kiss the Sky. Great independent record store. One of the last of a dying breed. We weren't really there to buy anything in particular, the midnight sale also served as a sendoff party for one of their longtime employees named Reuben whom I have known for a few years now. He's moving to California. Adios Reuben, your mom and I will miss you (inside joke).


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