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Saturday, 28 June 2003: Our final day at sea before we dock back in Tampa tomorrow. Katie and I just spent the day sunning ourselves a little bit more and checking out some more of the boat. We also spent some time reading (she's reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix while I'm reading Dune).

Dinner was great, but we had to say goodbye to Nino. It would be our last time with him serving as and we are already missing him. Zuzana we get to see one last time tomorrow for breakfast, so we can deal with the goodbyes separately.

We decided to play bingo one last time tonight primarily because this is the night they are giving away a free cruise. Did we win? Of course not. Small stuff like T-shirts we can win with no problem. Big stakes prizes like cruises will always avoid us like the plague. Go fig, eh?

After bingo was the final show on the boat. We hadn't gone to any of the previous shows that they've put on other than the late night uncensored comedian routine and we are now seeing why. This show was horrible. I don't even want to go into details it's so painful.

Oh, and tonight's flick was Chasing Papi. I gave it a chance and I paid for it. No review as I didn't quite catch the whole thing. Sorry.

Friday, 27 June 2003: Today was the day that I was most looking forward to before the trip... our day in Belize City, Belize.

Yet, I walked away quite disappointed.

For one, the time ashore was a mere three or four hours which doesn't really let you explore anywhere of significance. Second, the pier they drop you off at really is only a quarter mile square of basic shops. Third, the rest of the area immediately surrounding this pier just didn't look particularly inviting. I'm sure there are some great areas to Belize, we just weren't in them. I was told by one of the families that went ashore apart from us, that they ventured just a little bit further in and saw a giant iron gate with barbed wire around the top and tons of villagers on the other side yelling to vacationers to come over and buy stuff from them. Hmm... if I wasn't interested in what they were pushing in Mexico, what are the odds I'm gonna jump all over it in Belize?

The most interesting of these shops was a pharmacy where you can buy tons of prescription drugs over the counter without a prescription and exceptionally cheap as well. Wow. They clearly advertise many of these and even keep several right on the shelf so you can just pick them up to pay for them. Katie was sitting there pointing out all the ones that they keep behind the counter at her Walgreen's.

We went back out to the boat after only about an hour or an hour and a half. I was really upset about this experience. I'd still like to go back to the country some time, just not as part of a cruise.

So, Katie and I worked out and read our books a little while sunning and left for the formal dinner. Just before the dinner, we tried to get a group photo taken on the grand staircase of all 44 of us. Rather daunting task. In the initial cut of the photo, I wound up being cut out of it for sake of cropping. How fun is that? So, they had to recut the photo to an odd size so I wasn't cut out.

There was also a midnight buffet that was incredible not because of the food, but because of the presentation of said food. I took a ton of pix and will soon get those up here on the site. You might have to wait until this weekend, though.

Tonight's movie was The Banger Sisters... yuck. Never wanted to see it nor do I plan to waste valuable cruise time doing so.

Thursday, 26 June 2003: Our second day in Mexico -- this time in Cozumel -- and the storms that the weather forecasters have been saying should have been with us the whole time on this cruise have finally caught up to us. It poured here. Not just some quickie little shower either. It started and almost never let up. The streets were flooded and, yet, cabbies still drove through with no care whatsoever.

We started in one shopping area near the pier where we docked. Then we took a cab into the city's central area to get some food and shop some more. I felt like I was back in the States. Burger King, Subway, you name it. This entire area is so Americanized, it's not even funny. Pretty depressing actually.

Katie and I went with her brother Scott and his girlfriend Liz and her mother to Carlos & Charlie's for lunch. Fun place. I was at one in Cancun a long time ago. Biggest difference being that I can now drink. Well, while I was sitting there waiting for my food, the servers decided to test that. They came up behind me and slipped a giant brown paper bib over my head and tilted my head back. Then, while one guy polished my forehead and receding hairline, the other poured away into my mouth. Downed it all, baby. No spills whatsoever. Everyone else we saw had to stop or they spit some up. No problems here. As for food, Katie ordered an enchilada that really had no kick whatsoever and I got a chicken molcajete which is kinda fajita like in that you build it on soft shell tortillas. It came with the chicken (duh) as well as a white rice, beans, cheese sticks, and sauce. Pretty good.

That night, however, was when we really felt the storm. Everyone was stumbling around the ship because of how it was rocking. Made moving kinda uncomfortable. But Katie and I were rocked to sleep like babies. Quite nice, indeed.

The day's movie was Pool Hall Junkies which was one I wanted to see in theaters bust was in such limited release because it's an indie that I never got around to it. I didn't watch the whole thing while it was on the TV, but what I saw I liked.

Wednesday, 25 June 2003: We spent a few hours today in Costa Maya, Mexico. This was truly a little rinky dink village in the middle of nothing. Or, maybe that was just the port area and we just aren't given enough time to check out everything thoroughly. All it was is a bunch of typical touristy shops with the standard fare of little trinkets and blankets and hats and shotglasses, etc., etc., ad infinitum. So we checked out the shops until we just couldn't take it anymore and went on the one area of beach nearby that actually had sand. I made the damn fool mistake of trying to go in the water. It starts of with pretty nice sand which then becomes relatively smooth yet unstable pebbles. This gives way to huge rock formations that have all the nooks and crannies and points and edges that you'd expect on the great barrier reef and can do a number to your feet unless you're wearing steel-toed boots. I tore up my right big toe and bruised the ball of my foot when the undercurrent pulled me one way and the tide forced me the other. Ouch.

Today's movie was something I've never heard of before and is obviously kinda dated... Triggerman. Never bothered watching it at all. And, no comedian. Dammit.

Tuesday, 24 June 2003: Today was our first trip into a foreign port on Grand Cayman. God, this place is beautiful. However, we didn't really get to experience too much of it as we took an excursion our to Stingray City to swim with the rays. That was a blast. They just swim up to you and "cuddle" up against you. Hell, they're friendlier than dogs and cats. And there were hundreds of them everywhere. We were able to feed them raw squid which, I'm sure, is why they're so friendly.

With the little time that we did have in George Town, Katie bought her first pair of Oakleys. Usually, she just buys cheapie sunglasses that fall apart after a few months. I can count over half a dozen pairs that she's had just in the few years we've been together. So, she promised to take care of these and keep them in their Ballistic case so they won't be damaged. Now she's got good ones and already they're paying off in that she didn't get any migraine headaches like she usually does from the sun. God bless polarized lenses.

Oh, and today's featured movie is Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.

We also went to another midnight comedian. Not nearly as good as last night's show. But decent all the same.

Monday, 23 June 2003: This was just a day at sea on the way to Grand Cayman and that's a pretty good thing considering Katie and I slept through half of it... literally.

We were both so tired that when we crashed the night before, we crashed hard. When I finally woke up to go to the bathroom, it felt like it was still 5 a.m. So I grabbed my watch to go in the bathroom and look at it (since we were in an inner room, we had no window to catch sunlight and, therefore, a sense of time). And, yes, our room did not have a clock. So, I checked my watch and discovered it was 11:30. Yowza! We woke up pretty quick to take advantage of what little day we had left.

This included actually watching all of Just Married (now the secondary movie -- they have two movie channels on board, one is primary while the other is secondary) which wasn't an entirely terrible flick all things considered. We also went to lunch, went out tanning on the deck, worked out in the gym, caught a little more sleep, and went to a cocktail hour with the captain just before the first of two formal dinners. After dinner, we played some euchre and went to see a comedian named Tony Esposito. He was absolutely hilarious. We also caught some snippets of the movie Daredevil.

Even though we were only awake half the day, we still got in quite a bit. And walking the length of the hallways as well as taking stairs instead of elevators is proving to be quite a workout.

Sunday, 22 June 2003: Today, we left the hotel for the boat. We sailed with Carnival Cruise Lines on their Inspiration Fun Ship (little did I know that "Fun Ship" translates to thousands of little tykes and teenagers running, screaming, whining, and all that jazz). This discovery was just the start of things to come.

We took a hotel shuttle and, since there were so many of us in this portion of the group (25 in all), we had to be driven in waves. Katie and I were in a van with many of the teens in the group along with one other set of parents. What ticked me off about this was not the kids, but the parents. What you're supposed to do is tip people as they help you. Both drivers and the luggage handlers at the pier. They did neither. I gave what I could, but these two jags just bolted leaving us high and dry. Neither the driver nor the bellcap were any too happy with us. What the hell could I do? I only had enough singles on me to cover Katie and I. Not the whole group of 10.

So, the bellcap takes off with our luggage to the waiting room. Little did we know that we had the carry-on bag for Katie's parents that contained the tickets for the ship. So Paul (her dad) had to run around and find the bag amidst all the other load-on bags. It took a little while, but he found it. Would you consider this jinxed yet? No?

Well, when we found our room, we discovered that we (being Katie and I) were at the opposite end of the hallway from almost everyone else in our group including her family. And these are not just some small hallways. This thing had to be nearly an eighth of a mile long and I'm not exaggerrating here, either.

As for the rooms, I gotta tell you, living in these "staterooms" is like being back in college just with your own mini bathroom. They are tiny, cramped, dark (we didn't have an outside room with a porthole), oddly furnished, etc. You get the point.

Okay, enough griping. It was a vacation after all. So, as for the good stuff... we did have our first dinner and it was pretty good. Our waiter for the week was named Nino and he rocked. Simply put. He was just this really cool Philippino guy who got to know us so well, he could practically guess what we were going to order. Along with him was our drink girl named Zuzana who was from Slovakia (she doubled as our waiter for breakfast and lunch). She was always there to fill my water. Very cool.

That night, we went to play bingo and, by that time, I was so tired, I fell asleep just after the game ended and the live comedian began. Nothing like having your audience fall asleep to dishearten you as a performer. Luckily I was in the upper deck so I doubt I was noticed.

Throughout the day, a TV station hosted by the ship was showing the movie Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy. I caught snippets of it when I could.

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Saturday, 21 June 2003: Here goes the start of the entries recapping our cruise in the Caribbean (read up from here).

I guess the start of this long mother of a day could really be considered Friday, but I'm trying to make things simple here. Yes, Katie and I were up all day on Friday getting last minute crap done and getting ready to head up to McHenry for...

Harry Potter, baby! Yep, book five -- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix -- came out today and we were there for the midnight sale at a Border's in McHenry. It was absolutely insane. Hundreds upon hundreds of people. I can only imagine with fright what bigger stores like the ones in downtown Chicago must be like right now. Well, we got our two copies (one for us and one for Katie's cousin Lauren) and got out of there by about 1:30 in the morning to return to her parents' home to learn how to play euchre with her brothers Scott and Steve. Scott and I teamed up against Steve and Katie and came back from a 0-9 deficit to win 10-9. Not bad. It's a fun game if I do say so myself.

An hour or so later, we all ventured out to the Milwaukee Airport for our 6 a.m. flight. Not fun. But it's funny to see just how many travellers are toting around their copies of the new Harry Potter book. Both young and old. Really funny actually. Due to the lack of sleep from the last several days (as you've read), this constitutes one of the only times in my life that I've actually fallen asleep on a plane ride. I usually like to stay awake. Not this time though.

You wanna know one really cool thing about this plane ride? While we were in Atlanta-Hartsfield Airport, we saw a vending machine that goes well beyond the norms of the vending industry. This thing had CDs, DVDs, Digital Cameras, and even cellphones (the rechargeable kinds where you can buy more minutes but don't need a contract). It blew my mind. Hell, it even took credit cards. I guess you would need to in order to buy these high ticket items. Talk about your high-end service industries.

Once in Tampa, we discovered that Scott's dufflebag had been lost by the airlines. It was his only bag, so he lost it all. Damn thing probably got a world tour. Next, we checked into our hotel. We had to get one for overnight because our cruise doesn't technically leave until Sunday. While there, some old friends of ours checked in as well. Jason and Kara. Our partners in crime! Not that we didn't know they were coming. Yes, it was planned. Well, we stayed up pretty late drinking, talking, and playing cards which is what we all normally do. Between the four of us, we finished off two cases of beer and a six pack of those malt drinks, but I can't remember which one. Good times.

Thursday, 19 June 2003: Pearl Jam, baby. Last night was the night that Katie, her brothers Steven and Scott, their cousin Adam, Scott's girlfriend Liz, and, of course, me went to see PJ rock the United Center. It was great. They really can play to the crowd pretty well.

I will admit to not being incredibly well versed in PJ's music even though I own all their albums. I know their music by the sound of it. However, I really don't know too many song titles unless they come off the albums Ten or Vitalogy. I only know a few scattered song titles from the rest of their albums. So, while I think there was only one or two songs I didn't recognize last night while they played them, I really couldn't run down the set list for you right now because I have no idea. But it was still fun. Lot of the old favorites were played and the crowd really got into it.

However, I am paying for it this morning. I finally got to bed sometime after 1:30 a.m. and had to wake up at 5:45 this morning to get ready for work. I finally actually got up and rolled out of bed at about 6:20, struggled through my shower and breakfast, and got to work about a half hour late.

I truly need a nap. Maybe a coffin.

Tuesday, 17 June 2003: Truly the strangest experience of my life. Well, at least it's up there in the top 10. I went to a tanning booth for the first time in my life.

Before you ask why, I'll answer it... Katie and I leave for a cruise this weekend. Yep, a bunch of us are going on a cruise in the western Caribbean and, therefore, I will not be posting from June 20-30. Fear not, I will do the same thing as I did with my honeymoon entries, I will just post them after I return listed on the days those particular notes pertain to. So, you will have some catch-up reading.

But anyway, I digress.

So I went to this tanning booth to help get a basecoat before I become susceptible to burning while on the cruise. And, when I burn, I burn. I become clambake. I really want this cruise to be memorable for good reasons, not because I'm hospitalized from sun poisoning.

Have you ever gone tanning? If so, wasn't your first time just really weird? I spent the first seven minutes of my ten-minute session tense as all get out. I had no particular reason for feeling that way, I just did. I loosened up a little bit for the last few minutes and I do plan to go back a couple more times before we leave, so I'm hoping I'll be a bit better about it. But it was weird nonetheless.

Monday, 16 June 2003: Sorry, I didn't realize it had been nearly a week since I gave you guys something new to read. My bad.

Well, this one is pretty sad. It's a bit of information that confirms some of my worst fears... the U.S. public really doesn't know much of what it's talking about. The Philadelphia Inquirer reported on a recent poll taken (the weapons related questions were asked on May 14-18 of this year to 1,256 respondents). And the results are scary.

About 1/3 of the U.S. public believes that weapons of mass destruction (heretofore to be referred to as "WMD") were actually found in Iraq since the war started. Nearly 25% also believe that WMDs, be they chemical or biological in nature, were used by the Iraqis against coalition forces during the war.

Um, folks... neither is true.

While I will admit that the next poll topic may be a little tougher to really know the answer, it is still worth noting in this entry. Before the war started, half the people polled believed that Iraqis were among the terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks.

Again, nope. Not a single Iraqi national in the crew.

Steve Kull, director of the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, said that of the people polled that supported the war, the number of people who believed that WMDs were found/used went way up. Don't know what the exact number for "way up" is, but still and all the same.

You see why I was afraid that people who supported this war were doing so blindly? Just look at these results. We, as a public, are very uninformed. But, it's not the media or the government's fault. This information is out there and readily available and not at all difficult to find. It just takes common sense, people. Open your eyes. Smell the coffee.

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Wednesday, 11 June 2003: So I woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of my alarm clock and rolled over in bed to find that Katie wasn't there. And what do you think my initial reaction was? "Oh hell, she rolled out of bed!" After checking the floor, I went out in the living room fearing that my snoring must have driven her to the couch in the living room or the day bed in the office to sleep. Neither. Instead, the kitchen light is on. She's in there making my lunch because she just couldn't sleep.

Now I know that hell has frozen over. Katie not able to sleep? Usually, the problem is trying to wake her up. She sleeps like a log and I don't even think a bomb explosion would wake her up. Anymore, her car alarm doesn't even wake her up. Yes, her car alarm does go off pretty frequently. No, it's not because it's being broken into or having hubcaps stolen again. It's because her alarm is pretty sensitive (as per our choice) and a really bad windstorm can set it off or that damn cat that roams our parking lot can do it, too.

Don't worry, everything's okay with Katie. Just one of those nights. But I thought it was weird all the same.

Tuesday, 10 June 2003: Katie had a helluva day yesterday. While driving out to run some errands, she was stopped at a red light waiting so she could turn left out onto a pretty major road. Just as the light was going from yellow to red, a car was turning left from said major road onto the road that Katie was trying to get off and another car crossing over from the opposite direction runs through trying to beat the light (which, by this time, had already turned red) and nails the tail end of the car that was turning sending that car spinning right in front of Katie. Didn't hit her luckily. But enough to freak her out nonetheless.

Well, being the good girl that she is, she called in the accident to 911 and left her cell phone number just in case they needed to contact her. A little while later, they did just that while Katie was in Borders buying the new James Patterson novel. Apparently, she was the only person who called in to report the accident. I find this so difficult to believe. We are in the age of cell phones... practically everyone has one. Whenever I've called in an accident, they always tell me that several other people have already reported it. And it's not as though this was some minor intersection. This was a very major north/south thruway in the middle of a big shopping area in the middle of the day. I can't believe no one else called it in. So, she stopped back by the accident scene and gave her statement. I don't think the cop was actually expecting her to stop by. I think he figured she'd just call back.

I'm just happy Katie pulled through without a scratch.

Monday, 9 June 2003: Yes, it may have seemed that Katie and I were in a self-imposed theatrical moratorium for a while there from sometime in February through last month. We saw very few movies in the theater and rented even fewer and we were fine with it.

Well, that moratorium is officially over. And in a big way. We have already seen about five new flicks in theaters and rented about eight movies from Blockbuster. We've been movie-watching machines. A few weeks ago, we saw Daddy Day Care, then it was Bruce AlmightyThe Italian JobFinding Nemo, and nowHollywood Homicide. And we've had a ton of rent-one-get-one coupons as I've mentioned in earlier posts along with a giftcard that is now empty. I'm sure our rentals will drop off now that we have only one coupon left and no giftcard money, but it was fun while it lasted.

There is one bad thing that has happened from our rentals. We rented the movie The Pianist this past Thursday and went to watch it on Friday night. It's a slow-starting movie, but it was really starting to get interesting around the one-third mark. Then, at halfway through, when we were really getting into it, the DVD starts to break up a bit into those little digital squares which indicates that the disc desperately needs to be cleaned. So I marked down the time and pulled out the disc to clean it. Still got stuck at the same point and wouldn't play at all. Next we took the disc back to Blockbuster to swap it for another copy. Of course, being Friday, just about every copy of all the new and/or good flicks are gone, this being one of them. So we had to swap for something else. We got Die Another Day (which was probably only available because it was one of those "guaranteed in stock" new releases). Good action flick but the plot was kinda weak as was the ending. I would've rather finished The Pianist personally. Dammitalltohell.

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Thursday, 5 June 2003: Well, it is indeed looking like it may have just been a foul up on the part of Sammy Sosa. The MLB Commissioner's Office confiscated something like 65 of Sosa's bats and none of them were found to have cork. ESPN had one of his recent bats in its possession and they cut it open live on air and found nothing. And the Hall of Fame took his bats in for X-Rays that came up with zilch.

Maybe he did just mess up. It will still tarnish his career no matter how you look at it. But, at least it seems as though he didn't make a regular habit out of this.

But, regardless, Sosa's former teammate Mark Grace got in his digs yesterday on the whole affair. It seems that there is a lot of bad blood between the two from when they played together. Both were vying for leadership of the team and both had their little factions which wound up dividing the team. Anyway, Grace said in an interview yesterday that it could have been a mistake on Sosa's part. No outright show of support for him and his comment still casts doubt. He also said that if it was he (Grace) who was practicing with a corked bat, he would have made "triple sure" that bat was nowhere nearby when he was playing the game. Then, when the Diamondbacks game (the team Grace plays with now) started, Grace showed up with corks taped to the end of his bat. That's some funny stuff there. Good to know they get along so well.

Wednesday, 4 June 2003: Sammy... what the hell were you thinking?

Yesterday, in his first at-bat of the game, Cubs outfielder and perennial home run God, Sammy Sosa, broke his bat on a swing and the officials found cork in his bat. If you don't understand the ramifications of this act, then allow me to illuminate you. Putting cork in the core of a bat not only makes a wooden bat that much lighter, but it provides a little more "pop" when the ball hits the bat and can make the ball travel further than it otherwise would. This has happened several times in the past and players like Albert Belle and Chris Sabo have been busted and suspended for it. It probably happens even more often than that and people just don't get caught because an official is never going to know to check for cork and there really is no way to do so without tearing a bat apart and rendering it completely unusable.

Sammy, in a press conference, claimed that he accidentally grabbed his practice bat and used it instead of his game bat. While that could be a plausible way of looking at it, the question remains, why would you need to use a corked bat in practice? Wouldn't you want the full weight of a real bat so your arms and muscles can adapt to the real deal instead of fooling your body into believing that your bat is that much lighter? When players stand in the on-deck circle, they add weights to their real bat to make it heavier in practice swings so that the bat feels lighter when they're actually batting. How would using a lighter bat benefit them during pre-game warmups? I can't see any reason for it.

Apparently, using a corked bat in warm ups allows for more homerun swings (obviously) so fans can be more impressed by your output. But, why would impressing a fan in pregame be that big a deal? Why risk making a mistake by mixing up your bats in order to impress fans at the least crucial point in a game? And, I'm giving Sammy the benefit of the doubt here, why would your corked "practice" bat be in the dugout's bat bin anyway? If you have a different bat for warmups, it should be kept somewhere completely away from the gametime bats so as to avoid potential confusion.

Another problem arises in that even if Sammy does effectively convince the MLB that it was just an accidental one-time use of his practice bat, this action casts a shadow of doubt over all his homerun dominating seasons all the way back to 1998 when he and Mark McGwire were racing neck and neck for Roger Maris' record. Was he using a corked bat then as well? How will we ever know for sure? If he wasn't, people will still doubt it because Sammy would never be able to prove otherwise.

To err is human. But this is just one major FUBAR and Sammy's gonna be paying for it for the rest of his life.

Tuesday, 3 June 2003: Okay, so you've all had some time to let this new design sink in a bit and I've had some time to tweak it now. Overall, what do you think of the new design? Have you had any problems getting things to work? Have you found broken links (aside from external links in the Kapgarchives)? Is there stuff you might like to see changed or added? Seriously, I want to know. But it's up to all of you to tell me. Unfortunately, I'm not a mind reader. If I were, my pre-Katie dating life might not have been quite as hellish as it was.

Oh, and in my mad rage to make a cool "recommendations" box in the right column, you'll notice that I just retitled them all with a bit of an Alice in Wonderland flair and added a CD recommendation box as well. However, unlike the first two boxes (book and movie), this one does not link to a review page elsewhere on my site. This is because I do not have a CD review site and, even though I have written a few CD reviews in the past, I am not sure if I'm going to post them on the site or not. I've found that my music tastes change way too often and one album that I like now, I may not like in a couple of months. Or vice versa. Doesn't seem fair to me to judge them when these are the thought processes in my twisted head. So, instead, when you click on my CD recommendation, you will be redirected to a page on Amazon that will allow you to read more about that particular album and, if you so desire, order it as well.

Sunday, 1 June 2003: I always like it when the first day of the month falls on a Sunday. Wanna know why? Because it means that we will have a Friday the 13th that month. I love that day. Never really been bad luck for me at all. I hope I didn't just jinx myself. Ah hell.

Speaking of lucky breaks... I was out disc golfing at a course in Crystal Lake this afternoon (ironic how I mention both Friday the 13th and Crystal Lake together in the same entry, isn't it? If you don't catch the irony, you probably would never understand it, so don't bother trying.) Well, I've always considered myself an average disc golfer. Not great, but not terrible.

On my second round, I got stuck behind a family of 7 or 8 people (2 parents and a bunch of kids no older than 13) and it was taking an excruciating amount of time for me to be able to tee off and play up to the cage since I would have to wait for all of them to play through first. Yes, golfer's etiquette applies in disc golfing as well. They were just playing for fun which is not a bad thing seeing as how this sport can use as much exposure as possible. We'll take anybody willing to play even if you are just tossing the disc with no particular aim in mind. To give you an idea of how bad they are, if any of them scored under a triple to quadruple bogey on any given hole, they'd be lucky. So, finally I was right up to the point where I would be teeing off with them and they decided to let me play through ahead of them. Thank God.

Well, anyway, I was teeing off and they were watching me and I just winged one of my discs as perfectly as I could. It was a par 5 hole and about 335 feet from tee off to cage and I think I covered 2/3 to 3/4 of that distance in my tee off. An excellent shot by my standards. Maybe I was playing it up for them, I dunno for sure. But, I must've impressed the hell out of them because I heard one of the daughters say as the disc was coming in for a landing, "how is that possible?" Sure made me smile. I finished that particular hole with an eagle (two under par). One of the best played holes in my life. Please do not infer any sexual innuendo in that last statement, got it?