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Saturday, 17 July 2004: Martha Stewart was sentenced to five months in prison with two years home confinement and two years of probation. Damn, she got off easy. And I think it's complete BS. And, of course, she's appealing it.

C'mon! Five months is nothing especially since you'll probably only wind up serving two months of the sentence. Suzy Homemaker herself will likely get off on good behavior or for her baking skills.

And two years of house arrest is nothing since you own a huge mansion and can just set up a temporary studio in there from which to tape your show. House arrest in a Hollywood mansion... yep, that's a tough life.

Accept the fact that you committed a crime, accept your punishment, and move on with life.

Friday, 16 July 2004: I popped open my web browser this morning and uncovered some rather startling information... both George Eads and Jorja Fox had been fired from their roles in the hit series CSI. Eads played Nick Stokes while Fox played Sara Sidle and both were fired for not showing up to work amid their demands for higher pay.

Each of them earn $100,000 per episode and, to be honest, they're supporting characters. So, how, exactly, is $2.4 million per year a bad thing? What am I missing here?

In my humble opinion, that is a good amount of money and I'm glad that CBS staffers played their trump card. TV pay is getting out of hand (not that film earnings are much better). Someone had to just say no.

Also, I've been really annoyed by Sidle the last two seasons as all she seems to want to do is compete against Stokes for a leg up within the team. Stokes was annoying me two seasons ago from time to time, but he seems to have calmed down a bit this season.

The funniest comment regarding the firings came from CSI: NY cast member Carmine Giovinazzo who said, "I'd be shining [CBS CEO Les] Moonves' shoes and caddying for him every weekend if I was making that much money."

I give him snaps for that soundbyte.

Thursday, 15 July 2004: Trade rumors in professional sports are always fun to watch. I like to listen to the latest rumors on the radio and TV news and then my friends and I discuss them on e-mail.

Well, the rumor mill is a buzzin' these days.

One rumor affecting Chicago sports was the news that the Bulls had been pursuing Kobe Bryant. Everyone knows he wants out of L.A. much like Shaq did (and Shaq got his wish this week being shipped off to the Miami Heat). However, as soon as this rumor blossomed, it was killed off. Kobe was actually supposed to fly out to Chicago yesterday to meet with Bulls' brass, but he changed his mind at the last second (probably one of the smartest things he's done this side of sleeping with female hotel employees in Colorado). And I think I heard the DJ say that Kobe was signing with the L.A. Clippers. I may have misheard it though. Who knows?

The second rumor I heard, and this one I like, involves a three-way trade among the Cubs, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Boston Red Sox. The D-Backs would send starting pitcher Randy Johnson to the Bosox, who would send shortstop Nomar Garciaparra to the Cubs, who would send several prospects to Arizona. I can handle that. Nomar is a good batter and fielder and would give the Cubbies one heckuva boost in the second half of the season. Hope that one pans out.

Wednesday, 14 July 2004: Why do the Republicans insist on making it so... damn... easy... for me? I thought that Freedom Fries would be the Gimme Gag of the Century. Apparently, I was wrong.

At a cookout recently, Republicans came up with the idea that by using Heinz Ketchup, they are supporting the Democratic presidential candidate, John Kerry, as his wife is Teresa Heinz Kerry and she is one of the namesake Heinz's of 57 fame. So, the Republicans developed and are now marketing W Ketchup. It is effectively just a Heinz bottle with a new label emblazoned with a giant "W" and the likeness of George Washington.

This is just pathetic. Don't politicians have bigger things to worry about than ketchup? C'mon. Teresa Heinz Kerry doesn't even have a controlling stake in the company. She only has stock that amounts to 4%. She has no control whatsoever. Eating Heinz does not make you Democrat by some magic chemical reaction. People will not think you are showing a lack of moral support for the Republicans by eating it. My God people. Get a life.

Besides, George Washington is known for cherries, not tomatoes.


Should you be so inclined to want to learn more about or, God forbid, actually buy this piece of propagandistic tripe, visit the website at www.wketchup.com. I'm not even gonna make it easy for you by making that a link. You can copy/paste or retype it yourself. I want nothing to do with it. I can't believe I actually put the address in there.

Tuesday, 13 July 2004: I really don't know what to make of this. Many of you may or may not be familiar with the Jack Ryan saga here in Illinois (no, I'm not referring to the star protagonist of The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, et al). Jack Ryan was a Republican candidate for Senate from Illinois. He was running against Democrat Barak Obama (sp?). Ryan was, at one point in time, married to Hollywood starlet Jeri Ryan of Boston Public fame. However, they divorced several years ago. Recently, a judge, against the wishes of both Ryans, made their divorce record public. It revealed that Jack pushed Jeri to have sex with him in public places like sex bars and whatnot and that Jack's reason for divorcing her is because she cheated on him. Embarrasing to both, no doubt.

In response to pressure from the Illinois Republican Party, Ryan dropped out of the race.

Now, the Republicans are in dire need of someone to fill the ballot in Ryan's place. And several key Republicans in Illinois are trying to convince former Chicago Bears' coach Mike Ditka to run. He is interested and it would certainly make for an interesting campaign. But, I just don't know about Da Coach in Da Senate.

Well, one thing's for certain, the Superfans will have a field day. Time to break out the Bears gear, George Wendt.

Monday, 12 July 2004: I hate falling behind in updates and reviews. That's when I have so many to do that it just becomes a bit cumbersome. This particular set of updates is even worse because I need to create two entirely new pages and tweak the navigation structures for both the Movie Critique and Fun With Dead Trees. Yep, got another Most Reviewed Author page (Christopher Moore) as well as a new section I'm starting in the Movie Critique section for reviews of TV shows on DVD. Katie and I own several season sets of TV shows on DVD (Sex and the City, Simpsons, Quantum Leap, Friends, Dawson's Creek, Felicity, and Mad About You) and I'm renting some from Netflix (just finished Band of Brothers and am about to start Nip/Tuck, season 1, as well as Fawlty Towers, Sports Night, The Office, and Coupling - the Brit version). Gotta put reviews somewhere. Hope you all enjoy them.

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