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Tuesday, 31 May 2005: The World Wide Web has a lot of crap out there. Anybody who has even an inkling of Web know-how can post opinions on websites or even, God forbid, create their own webpages like this P.O.S.

However, despite all the crap that is out there, sometimes the best reads on the web are the blogs tended to nearly daily by so many netizens the world over. For those scratching their craniums right now, a "blog" is short for "Web log" which serves as an alternate description for an online journal, diary, etc. Some are absolute garbage, while some are hidden gems. I've read a ton and have only truly come across a few real "gems." And I think I'm going to start listing those here for the rest of you who might want to have something fun to read. However, if my readership goes down as a result of referring you all to these other sites, I will hunt you down and... well... it won't feel good, let's just put it that way. Now, you can find a "Blog Me" section on the right of the homepage in the recommendations area. Check them out and keep reading them if you're so inclined. If you have a blog of your own, send me the URL and I'll check it out. If I like it, maybe I'll list it. Or if you are a regular reader of another blog (BLASPHEMER!!!), let me know what it is.

Now, bear in mind that some people out there would not consider this a "real" blog simply because I do not use blog developer software. Yes, some people are that shallow (this is not you, Carol; this refers to other, quite less polite people. Please don't take offense because it sounds like my reply to your question about on-site comments). To them I say, "I've been blogging longer than you could ever dream. My site predates blog software and I have the added benefit of being able to tweak all my entries to my taste because I can code. Put that in your pipe and smoke it." To me, a blog is any website where people post their opinions on a semi-daily basis. It can use blogware or just be in plain HTML. But, by definition, it's a blog all the same.

I'm starting out small. Just three listings in this section. More to come.

Oh, and thanks to Dave at Blogography.com for posting this little link. A few years ago, I played with the first version of this software. It is a South Park Character Generator. Yep, create your own custom South Park characters. Create yourself, create a loved one, create a fantasy person (if your fantasy person looks like a character from South Park, may I also recommend a psychiatrist?), you get the point. Now the software is in version 2 and it is far improved. A lot more options to choose from. So, once again, I created Katie and myself in South Park-ese.

First, here are Katie and I using version 1 of the software:

Now, here we are all plugged in and beautified in version 2 (talk about an improvement): 

We can even choose backgrounds now. Since I prefer to be home instead of work, I'm in front of a couch and I'm doublefisting it with my yellow Wisconsin Search and Rescue hat on backwards. Katie's in a classroom where, aside from her pharmacy, I think she spends the better part of her life. I feel bad for her, but I tried to make her feel better by giving her a tropical drink. How's that for compromise? Now if only you could really get away with alcohol in a classroom.

Honestly, Mr. Professor-person, this is chemistry. It's, like, mixing alcohols and liquors and stuff...

Monday, 30 May 2005: With Katie at work today, how did I decide to spend the day? With a little cleaning, but not too terribly much; a viewing of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, marking the first time I've seen this movie since opening night back in 1999 and, while not great, it was much better than I remember it being; two nine-hold rounds of disc golf at Eagle Ridge Park in Montgomery with my dad and brother while my mom watched; and then cooking dinner for Katie while watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory on HBO (or was it Encore or Starz? Meh, whatever).

Combine my viewing of Wonka with the fact that the theater where we saw Madagascar the other night was loaded with promos for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory coming out this year and I started wondering (what else is new?) what your take is on this remake.

As a rule, remakes are a no-no. 9.75 times out of 10, they blow, and that's pretty much scientific fact. However, this is Johnny Depp and I can't think of too many movies that he's made that have outright sucked. Very few, indeed. And this film is supposed to be much closer in nature to Roald Dahl's original book which is less cutesy and much darker than the original movie. Hence the dank coloration in the previews and the seeming lack of song and dance (although I will always hold a fond place in my heart for Gene Wilder singing "A World of Pure Imagination").

But, on the negative end of the scale, we have Tim Burton. I am a Burton fan, don't get me wrong, but remakes, as Planet of the Apes proved, are not his forte. That was just one terrible film. Charlie does seem more akin to his Edward Scissorhands-Beetlejuice-Ed Wood style of filmmaking than Apes was, but it is still a remake, plain and simple.

So, what do you all think?

Sunday, 29 May 2005: It's not summer yet so any cleaning done now would still constitute "spring cleaning," right? Well, that's how Katie and I spent today. It may not sound like much nor come across as all that exciting a way to spend the long Memorial Day weekend, but for us it was. Katie had to work yesterday and she will be working tomorrow as well, so it's not much of a holiday for her anyway.

So what did we do? Katie broke out the new steam cleaner that she bought and cleaned about half the carpet in the living room and entryway and it looks pretty damn nice. I installed new door knobs and also had to drill out holes to install deadbolts (a family with kids lived here before us and they never installed deadbolts?!?! What were they thinking?). I am now an expert with installation of door knobs and deadbolts. It's really not that tough. The first one was a learning experience, no doubt. The second one was pretty easy. If you ever need help, and you can afford us, maybe you can hire... the KA-Team! Dah-du-du-dah, du-du-dah! (just in case you didn't get the ref)

Sorry, got a bit carried away there.

We also started to clear through some stuff in the garage, yet again. I can't even recall anymore how many times we've sorted through our collection of crap that never seems to stop building in the garage. Well, it looks pretty good right now and I'd like to see it stay that way although that's not likely to happen. Aye aye aye.

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