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A day well spent

Today was a day off for Katie and me. I initially took the day off because Katie had a dentist appointment scheduled and I wanted to be able to drive her considering I was expecting her to be completely doped up on novocaine (not that novocaine really affects your driving ability, but I thought I'd do the nice, sweet, caring husbandly thing). Well, the dentist didn't finish quite as much as he was supposed to and now Katie will have to go back in towards the end of July. Not fun considering she had already built herself up for so much to be done and now she has to go back yet again.

But the good news is that we had the rest of the day to ourselves and didn't need to worry about Katie not being able to communicate due to novocainitis of the jaw. So we did some shopping downtown and at Home Depot (our home away from home), started work on a pair of bean bag toss boxes, caught up on some DVDs (Northern Exposure, season 1, disc 1 and Ladder 49), finally followed up on our contact lens appointments that we had conveniently forgotten about, went on a bike ride, and had a great home cooked dinner a la Katie.

I still find it funny that, in hindsight, no matter how much you actually get done in a day, you can still feel like you did absolutely nothing worthwhile. This seemed like one immensely uneventful, event-filled day. Sound weird? Deal with it.


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