Softball's a bitch
I want my two dollars!!!

I beat the smart kids!

I'm better than the geeks! I'm better than the geeks!

Katie and I watched Ashton Kutcher's new "social experiment" Beauty and the Geek last night. I know, I know... right after proclaiming my love of the fact that I had no TV to watch for a few months, what do I do? I go and watch something new. Deal with it.

For the uninitiated, the show teams socially hopeless Mensa-level members with cranially defunct uberfrauen to gauge whether they can help the other in the areas in which they most need help. Funny thing about the casting, though, was seeing all the guys names pop up on screen with their credentials... "Mensa member," "nuclear radiologist," "IQ higher than you want to imagine," and then "VP Dukes of Hazzard Fan Club." Huh? What?

It wasn't an entirely terrible show. Katie and I both feel better about ourselves because we were able to answer nearly all the questions posed. But, there was one question that both the beauty and the geek in one pairing got wrong. The question was when did D-Day occur? The woman didn't know and the geek said it was 1942. The beauty came back with "no, that's when Columbus discovered America." Well, you're both wrong! It was 1944. I was even able to call the exact date... June 6. And, if you want proof.

Maybe it's just because I'm a nerd for all things World War II, but shouldn't it be obvious that there is no chance in hell that D-Day occurred that early in the war? 1942 was when the allies were just barely started to gain a foothold in the war with the Nazis having their frozen butts handed to them in the Battle of Stalingrad and then the Japanese being turned back in the Battle of Midway. But, D-Day was the nail in the coffin in the European front. We already had the foothold established and then launched our Normandy offensive which broke the Nazi army apart.

I beat the geeks! I'm so proud.


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