Holy lack of onomatopoeia, Batman!
See if I ever take a bullet for you again.

I'm melting!!

I've done nothing other than roast this past week.  Temperatures have been sky high and my spirits have liquified into little puddles of superheated despair.  The average has been in the high 80s and low 90s, but it seems as though every time I walk around outside, I manage to time it so that I am exposed when it hits its absolute high point. 

This makes trying to attend Midsommar Festival - Swedish Days an exercise in futility.  How can you possibly enjoy anything outdoors when you spend the whole time mopping your body? 

Swedish Days is a festival put on annually by the town of Geneva, Ill., and we've been wanting to check it out for some time.  However, it always winds up being scheduled for the same time that we are on some vacation.  Dunno what happened that kept us from going in 2002 (the first summer we lived here), but in 2003, we were on a Caribbean cruise and, in 2004, we were in Venice Beach/Los Angeles visiting our friends.  This year, we decided to make it a point to go. 

The festival has been going on since Tuesday of this past week, but our weekday schedules don't allow us much time to do anything.  On Friday, Katie and I went just to give it a quick once over and grab a meal before going to work at the gym.  Not much to see at the time.  What we did see reminded us a lot of the Festival of the Vine that is hosted by Geneva each September. 

We went back on Saturday to see more of it and our similarity theory was proven true.  Same retailers selling what seems like the same old, same old.  There is, of course, a carnival with all the sad excuses for rides for the kids.  However, unlike the Festival of the Vine, there are no town-sponsored wine tastings.  We could have still gone to Galena Cellars for our own tasting, but it always seems so much more fun to be able to do it while having city officials turn a blind eye on sobriety in favor of the almighty dollar. The temperature was pretty high on Saturday, but it was relatively tolerable.

Today was another question entirely.  Katie's parents came down for the festival and it was just miserably hot.  the external thermometer in her parents' minivan read 96 degrees while we were downtown.  By the time they left, it read in excess of 100 degrees.  Ack!

Katie wanted her mom to be able to see the arts and crafts exhibitors, so they went.  Her dad and I beelined it for Old Towne Pub and Eatery.  There is very little that can compare to an ice-cold beer on a flippin' hot day.  And that's exactly what we did.  As soon as we sat down, the first words to come out of our mouths were "two Blue Moons."  There was no way I was going back out in that heat.  Even if there was a parade going on.  If I'm watching it at all, it will be from one of the bay window seats sipping a beer and eating nachos while letting the air conditioning refrigerate away all my Fahrenheit concerns.  I opted, instead, to do everything I just listed sans the parade while focusing on a TV playing the Blue Jays/Nationals game.

And I'd also like to say that there is no quicker buzz achieved than when you've sweated away a ton of water weight and then you drink a beer without first putting some food in your system.  I was buzzed on a single beer.  That's sad and pathetic on so many levels.  In no way, shape, or form am I a lightweight.  Those of you who know me personally can attest to this. 

Since that time, we've remained indoors.  Air conditioning is a blessing. 

Until our utility bill comes in, that is. 


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You know, here in So Cal the temps can get into the low-100s, and we are fine without AC. When they say a dry heat is different, they mean it. I always thought they were kidding, but coming from a southern state who's average summer highs were in the mid-90s (but with 100% humidity), I can really feel the difference. We didn't use our AC once last summer, and probably won't this time around either. It can get pretty hot inside the apartment, but it's actually not bad outside. And it's sooooo nice at night with the windows open. I will definitely miss this weather if I ever move away...

Enjoy your AC - I'm getting ready to work on my memes :)


Get cranking on those memes. You got some catching up to do.

I am definitely enjoying the AC. Today is no different than yesterday. However, last night we had really dank grey skies. Everybody thought (nay, everyone was praying) that the skies would open and just dump rain down on us. I get the feeling that the day when that happens, it will look like one mass Shawshank Redemption recreation with everyone outside, arms outstretched in the air feeling the chill sweetness of the rain on our faces. We've only had five inches of rain since March. If that. Our grass is already brown and that usually doesn't happen until August.

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