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Softball's a bitch

Last night, the Henchmen took a pair against one of the teams we were tied with for first place. We are now 10-4 after slaughter ruling the first game in the sixth inning and taking the second game by a run. I still can't believe we held on to our one-run lead in the second game. We usually blow little leads like that. Heck we even blow big leads when given half a chance. We blew a nine-run lead a few weeks back.

Personally, I didn't play at all in the first game. In the second game, I started off as a DH and got on base with a walk (yes, I actually was able to restrain myself from blindly swinging). As I was stepping up to the bag for my second at bat and was taking a practice swing, the coach pulled me for a courtesy batter. Maybe if I was still on the bench that would be okay, but I was up at the friggin' bag getting ready to swing! The pitcher was none too happy either as he was delayed from pitching. Then, to make matters even worse, the guy they put in for me ground out. Talk about salt on an open wound.

I made it back in the game in the fifth as a replacement catcher, but my spirit was effectively broken by that time. My next two at bats, I lined out. I almost think it would have been better to not have been put in at all then to be given the proverbial theater hook like that. I'm just gonna have to go to the cages this weekend so I can whomp some ass next week.


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