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I feel so dirty. I just want to run to the bathroom and shower or scrub my skin with a Brillo pad. That's how dirty I feel.

What did I do to feel so dirty you might ask? I just downloaded Napster on my PC at work.


MiscituneslogoI know, I know. I, a self-proclaimed Machead and iTunes/iPod devotee, just downloaded the Evil Empire's equivalent software... a piece of music download garbage that only works with Windows-based PCs and does not have iPod compatibility.

Why, why, why?

Simple... free music. That is my one and only reason for doing this.

I just purchased the Foo Fighters new double-disc set In Your Honor from Best Buy yesterday. When you buy the set from them, you are afforded a free digital download of the Best Buy-exclusive track "The Sign." At least this is what the sticker on the front of the CD said. What it didn't say was that this was a Best Buy and Napster exclusive. Didn't find that out until I opened the CD and saw the instructions on the insert card.

MiscnapsterlogoOooohhhh... those tricky bastards. Bait and switch, to some degree, I suppose. Lure us Mac users in and then screw us over. If I didn't have a PC at work, I would be screwed. The free download would be absolutely useless to me. However, I love my Luchadores de Foo and I want my free track. So I bit the bullet, tucked my tail between my legs, and downloaded the damn smelly cat.

I know I could've just purchased the album from the iTunes Music Store directly and have received two free tracks, a free digital booklet, and a free music video. But the price for the set was $17.99 at iTMS and $9.99 at Best Buy. Let's see, maybe I don't get the same two free songs that I would from iTMS but I saved $8 and the likelihood of me watching the video or reading the booklet more than once is slim to say the least.

Now, please don't misunderstand. Just because I've downloaded and set up an account with Napster doesn't mean I'm leaving my love of iTunes to wilt in the sun. Hell no. If it wasn't for this exclusive track, I wouldn't touch Napster with a ten-meter cattle prod. The way I figure it, I will download my track and any other free stuff I can get, burn them to a CD, and reimport them in iTunes so I can load them on my iPod. It's been done before.

Actually, I'm now finishing my registration with Napster and I've discovered that it's not likely I will actually be holding on to my subscription for too long. They have a seven-day free trial and then they charge you per month after that time. I'm not going to be charged for something I'm not using. I'll sign up, get my free track, and then kill it.

I was just looking at the two logos and realized (damn my overanalyitical mind) that the eyes of the Napster cat are almost the same green as the music note in the iTunes logo. Hmmm... green with envy? Wishing he could be more like the number two (tied) piece of music download software in the world? And this is when compared to illegal P2P software such as Kazaa and Limewire. That a legal download site can be that popular is pretty amazing. Napster is number seven on the list.

I find it funny the droughts that the music industry goes through. For months, there really hasn't been a whole heckuva lot that I've wanted to buy on CD. Now, all within a couple weeks, we see new releases from the Foo Fighters, Coldplay, the White Stripes, and the Black-Eyed Peas. I actually want all of these to some degree, but I must prioritize.

That is why I bought the Foo Fighters yesterday. That one is my numero uno priority. I have loved the Foos since their first album. Dave Grohl is one of my favorite musicians and, I feel, one of the most talented musicians today. Heck, he played all the instruments on his first album before he hired a band for the tour. That's gotta count for something, right?

I'm thinking I might pick up the White Stripes album next. I'm such a fool for "Blue Orchid." Great song. I just don't know when I'll get it. I want the Coldplay album as well, but I'm already a bit tired of the new song "Speed of Light." But their stuff is always so good that the rest of the album may just make up for the overplaying of that one track. But I'm still going to hold off for the time being. The Black-Eyed Peas are at the bottom of my priority list, but it is still an album I would like nonetheless. Library?

Oh, yeah, and don't forget that Alanis Morrisette's Starbucks-exclusive acoustic version of Jagged Little Pill also came out this week. That's one that Katie and I have both been looking forward to. Hard to believe that the studio version of that album is now 10 years old. That's why she's putting out this acoustic version, as an anniversary celebration. Odd that it's only available at Starbucks and only for six weeks. But I don't mind it so much.

Gotta stop... gotta stop... gotta stop.


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