It was a... rock lobster.

That would probably be the most appropriate way to describe my current skin coloration. 

After two consecutive days at the pool (in it, not beside it) with two visits today alone, as well as going on a 2.8 mile walk this morning and just generally spending time outside, I'm beyond barbecued.

MischellboyMy lower arms, upper arms, shoulders, upper back, upper chest, cheeks, forehead, and ears... well, suffice it to say, they are cooked.  Well done to be a bit more specific.

It's not a particularly uncomfortable experience at the moment.  Just a little tightness across my back and that's really about it.  For now, I'm sure.  Probably get worse as time goes on. 

Just give me sheared off horns and a fist of solid rock and I could pass as Hellboy.  Okay, so throw in some pecs and a washboard stomach for good measure.  Not everyone can look like Ron Perlman naturally.  Maybe not even Ron Perlman.

But the key is, this white boy finally has some color to him.  Now, if I can only get enough chemicals on my skin to make it turn into a tan before it peels so I can actually stay some decent shade for the trip home to make it all look worthwhile, I'd be happy. 

Not likely, though.  I've got that "just enough" bit of Irish ancestry in me to dictate that I am either white or burned.  Those are really my only two options... cave dweller or crispy critter. 

I wish I could be nice and browned and have skin that says "I work 40 hours a week as a snorkel instructor" instead of a milky pallor that bemoans "I sit behind two computers all day."  It would be a nice touch.

And we're going to Clearwater Beach tomorrow.  This should be interesting.

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Hellboy is HOT!

Slather yourself with aloe vera gel. That eases pain and promotes healing. And DON'T wish for bronze skin. Some of my friends who were sun worshippers years ago now have early-stage skin cancer.

You're really on a roll with this song-lyrics-as-blogpost-titles thing!


Yeah, I've been slathering myself with all kinds of weird stuff. Aloe is a personal favorite of mine. But my grandma and mom started having me use this udder balm stuff as well as a tea tree skin solution both of which seem to be working well. The redness is way down and all involved think I won't peel at all now.

I feel like an herbologist's guinea pig, though.

And I'm gonna keep going as long as I can with the song lyrics and song titles as post titles thing. Sometimes it takes me a bit longer than other times to figure out what to use as my title. But I love it when it just "comes to me." That Rock Lobster one just "came to me." And I had to use it.

They say there's a song for every occasion. I'm testing that theory.


It's rough, the office job thing. Though I get uber-pale when I don't see the sun, I do tan well...unless I rarely see sun, in which case I just fry. So at the moment, I live as either pasty or red. I like to think of it as festive (like a candy cane??)


So long as you don't have the red and pasty simultaneously, I guess it's not so bad a thing. Being a living, breathing candy cane cannot be a fun thing, or so I would think.

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