Who needs sleep?

MisczombieworkerTo quote the late, great Fred Gwynne in Pet Sematary, "sometimes, dead is better."

That's the prevailing sentiment around the office today. 

Just when one of us thinks they are starting to get ahead on projects, we make the damn-fool mistake of looking over on our desk or in our inbox and see that our workload has just been piled upon.  When we get one thing done, we wind up with three more new projects.

Unlike Johnny -- oops, sorry, "Captain Radical" as he's recently renamed himself and his blog -- I think we are all on the verge of going postal

We are the walking dead today, and it's only Tuesday. 

Just look on any of our faces and you'll see nothing but crestfallen defeat etched in the lines under our eyes. 

It's painful to watch.  Thankfully my eyes are so blurred from staring at computer monitors all day that I'm not seeing particularly clearly anyway.

I think I need to recquisition a cot.  And a big fluffy pillow.  And.... *snore*

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Everyone at my work was also seriously sleep-deprived today. Not from work, but because SoCal was hit with a gigantor mother of a thunderstorm last night. Loudest boom-crash-BOOMs I've ever heard. Lightning literally bright as noon. Very impressive, but not at all sleep-friendly.

Captain Radical

Hey now, don't go giving my secret identity away now.

Just playing. I think we might change it weekly now until we find one that sticks. I think next weeks alias has already been thought up.

Sorry about the work place. I think it's sucking for everyone this week.


SJ, I love thunderstorms. However, we've also had bad ones in recent months that made me jump nearly out of my skin. Scary stuff.

CR, you keep referring to "we." Please tell me that you have a co-author on your blog and you're not suddenly viewing yourself as two entities. Please.

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