I’m no angel...
Oh-oh, wait a minute, Mister Postman...

Life's no fun without a good scare...

Two quick questions to ponder when reading the rest of this post...

  1. Is this more appropriate for Halloween or April Fool's Day?
  2. Does anyone have a human mannequin (or at least the upper torso) lying around that they could loan me?

Scratching your heads wondering what my evil little mind is cooking up yet?

Excellent (meant to be read the way Montgomery Burns would say it, of course).

Like many great male ideas, I know where I was when I thought of this... the bathroom, where else?

More specifically, the bathroom at work.

As I've said a couple times in the past, my office at work is actually situated in a house across the street from the main campus.  Being in a house, we have your typical in-house bathroom complete with glass-doored shower/bathtub that sits right in front of the toilet.  While sitting on the toilet, I thought to myself, "what a waste of a shower; what could I do to liven it up a little bit?"

Miscmannequintorso* VOILA! *

My beautifully vile brain came up with the idea of coming in to work early and filling up the tub with a bubble bath and seating a mannequin in said bath with a few candles and maybe a magazine of some sort. 

But should I have him/her/it holding the magazine two handed or should I reserve one of the hands to wave to the first person who sits on the toilet and "discovers" my little creation?


Re: question #1 above -- Halloween or April Fool's Day?  I'm leaning towards Halloween.  More of a thrill and chill factor in this prank as opposed to the goofiness typically inherent in pranks committed on April 1.

Re: question #2 above -- who has a mannequin or knows where I can find/rent one real cheap (preferably "free")? 

And I hope my boss is reading this.  Will I... or won't I?!?!  Muahahahahahahahaha!!!!

(Oh yeah, image is courtesy of nwmanikin.com which is way out of my price range.)