Happy birthday to you (one day late)...

I must first apologize to my brother for not wishing him a happy birthday yesterday.  Well, so far as this blog goes.  I did call him and wish him a happy birthday, but I just never posted it here.  Not that he reads this anyway.

But, Happy B-day, bro!  You're 27.  How does it feel?

Will I post a picture of him here so that you all can razz him should you come across him in public?  No.  That would be two pictures featuring him in one week's time.  That's nearly tantamount to a hostile takeover of my blog and I will have none of that.

No, this site will not become bapgar (his name is Brian).  And, come to think of it, there is not a single other name in my family that works with the abbreviated naming structure that I use on this site as well as my own or Katie's (with whom it would still be "kapgar").  Let's see... my brother's fiance, Jen = japgar (definitely not culturally correct); my mom, Sue = sapgar (hmmm... no); my dad, Wayne = wapgar (again... no, although not as bad as 'japgar").

Sorry for the tangent.

Happy birthday again, bro.

Oh, and my review of the Depeche Mode concert with Dave and Katie last night will be coming later today.

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Happy Birthday Brian!!!


I'm a moron. All this time I've been thinking your last name was Kapgar. Me so embarrassed.


Ummm, SJ. Tell me you're kidding.


Kevin. Your name IS on your email sigs, ya know. And I CAN read.

I guess the "me so embarrassed" thing is funnier if you saw the comedy routine. Which, since it was some guy on Comedy Central in the wee hours, I may be the only one who did. Well, it was funny when HE said it.

I know, I'm lame.


Oh thank God.

Are you sure about that whole "CAN read" thing? Heh heh.

We're all lame. That's why we get along so well.

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