I figure the odds be fifty/fifty, I might have somethin' to say...
Why don't you mind your own business...


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Before or after you've wiped?


Shoot me before I find one of these in my bathroom. Before the need to wipe arises.


Really, though, you'd have the most popular bathroom in town. Actually, there is (or used to be, anyhow) a "bathroom of the year" award in Chicago. This could really push a bathroom to the top of the list...



P.S. I think I am stealing your meme (well, stealing from you and SJ).


Sandra, popular, yes. But is that really what you'd want highlighted about the place that you live? I can just see the fans knocking on my door asking, "can iPee in the iPod bathroom?"

Kilax, "WTF" is exactly what I thought when I saw this. Oh, and steal away on the meme.


Kevin! That's a GREAT name for this ... whatever it is: the iPee!!!


I was thinking about having it trademarked.

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