Beautiful friend, the end...

Okay, so it took us a bit longer than we had hoped.  Something like four weeks longer than we had hoped.  But we did it!  We finished watching seasons 1-4 of 24.  And it's about damn time, I tell ya.  It's been killing me to see all these TiVosodes of 24, season 5, accumulating in our "Now Playing" list (now up to seven hours worth of this season saved) and knowing that I can't watch them until Katie and I finished season 4.  I was not going to watch them without her because I want us to both be able to enjoy the surprise together.

But, we're done.  Now we can watch!  Woo hoo!

Episodes Elapsed: 96 (seasons 1-4 done)
Episodes Remaining: 0
Season 5 Premiere: Jan. 15 (+4 weeks)
Official 24 Web site

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Good work! I've seen 'em all before, but am currently re-watching the full set of Buffy. I'm on season 5 (episode two) at the moment and I CAN'T STOP. They're ALL THERE, waiting for me!

It's a bit out of hand, the obsession.


And "obsession" is easily the best way to describe it. Katie and I are completely obsessed with 24. It's bad. Really bad.

Do you own all the Buffy sets or are you Netflix'ing them?


Now *that's* commitment!


for which we should likely be committed.

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