Big cheese, make me...

I hate days like today.

It's a beautiful day in terms of it being nice and bright; however, it's in about the low 30s.  What a way to ruin sunshine.

There can only be one way to salvage a day like this.  It requires a special sort of lunch and I decided that this day definitely deserves this treatment.  When Katie gets home from class, we will both be changing into pajamas and spending the day inside with grilled cheese sandwiches (using deli cheese, of course) and chicken noodle soup (Progresso Chicken with Homestyle Noodles)... yum.

It's the only way.

As I typed this, the clouds started to lurk over the sunshine and now, unless there are packing peanuts falling from the sky, I think it's starting to snow.

Nope, I'm not going out at all.

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Sounds like a nice warm plan for the day! I am jealous (that I can't spend a day like that with Steven)!


Here we say it was a mild January with record setting high temps (an average of 37 degrees!). I hate New England.

It doesn't help that Mother Nature dumped two feet of snow on us today. Bitch.


Kilax, while I feel for you in terms of being able to spend time with Steven, I think most here would agree that they are more jealous of you considering where you are at the moment.

Rabbit, I can't believe how badly you got hammered. We saw a few flakes fall here and there and that was about it. Were weather forecasters expecting it to be as bad as it was?

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