Here we go Steelers, here we go...

I got an e-mail from my grandma this morning.  Being the bit Pittsburgh Steelers fan that she is, what was attached to the message was no surprise whatsoever.  Well, especially considerig she told me about it the night before and I asked her to sent it to me.

It's a series of photos from the Steelers victory parade in Pittsburgh.  They were taken by my mom's aunt, Judy, and compiled in a Powerpoint slideshow and it's really nice.  Some of these photos are truly stunning as the crowd turnout is just unbelievable.

I was not at the victory parade for the White Sox after they won the World Series last year, but the photos and video footage that I have seen make it pale in comparison to these Steelers photos.

Even if you are not a football or Steelers fan, you've gotta check these out.  Particularly the one of the parking deck.  Wow.

This file is a little over 3MB in size.  So, if you have a dial-up connection, it may take a little time.  Be patient, it's worth it.

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That's awesome. Thanks for sharing! I have to say, though, that many people in the same place is my worst nightmare. What if I had to pee? There wouldn't be any hope.


I'd be willing to bet that you would not have been the only one worrying about that. ;-)


That's when you scream "I HAVE TO PEE!!!!" Say it loud enough and crowds will part...


I... I...

Oh screw it.


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