Lay your hands on me...

Though it admittedly took me longer than I had hoped to finish it, I don't want you to think I'm the sort of person that doesn't complete the jobs he starts.  To that end I present...

The finished book shelf photos!!

(...and there was much rejoicing.  Yay.)

The finished bookshelf
This is the finished book shelf, all stained and assembled.

The bookshelf...
The shelf in place in our hallway complete with books and a couple stray VHS tapes.  Ironic considering we don't have a VCR hooked up anymore.

The bookshelf in place
I somehow managed to make it the perfect height to be flush with the railing boards in our hallway.  That was the plan, but not the expectation.  Yet, sometimes, things do work out as planned.  Rare, but they do.

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ms. sizzle

looks awesome. good for you!


It looks great! I was starting to wonder what happened to it... ;-)


Sizzle, thanks!

Kilax, don't worry. Katie wouldn't let me forget it. It was just a matter of finding time to finish it. Feels good to have it done, though.


My how talented you are!


Of course, with all the compliments I'm receiving, this just means the thing is going to collapse in the middle of the night and spill books throughout the hallway. But I do thank you, all the same.


Nice work, my man!

And it's funny you mentioned the tape, because my first thought was... who uses tapes anymore?


Thank you. And, until last September, we had a huge stack of those damn VHS tapes around. I am so happy to be rid of almost all of them. Of course, now we have two completely unused VCRs sitting in our office. We'll probably keep one as a backup and sell the other.


Now we know all about you by seeing your books: Thomas Friedman, Dean Koontz...

Good job on the book shelf!


I was wondering if anyone would make mention of the amalgam of books on there. My favorite shelf (although not the easiest to see) is the second shelf right of the divider (you can see it better on the blown-up Flickr photo). Aside from the two Bibles sitting on their backs and "Chicken Soup for the Christian Soul," you have, a few over, Conrad's "Heart of Darkness" and Kazantzakis' "The Last Temptation of Christ." You gotta love the biting irony in that arrangement. And it wasn't even intentional.

Thanks for the compliments on the shelf.

Johnny C.

good job dude!

You'll have to teach me your skills.

I hope to build a poker table with my Dad here in the next few months.

We shall see!

What's the next project?


Well, one out of two of my future projects involves demolition which is always more fun than building. Katie and I will be tearing out a really shoddy built-in shelf unit in our master bedroom and then we're painting. As for building, I will attempt to build a rather large footlocker to store our sweaters and sweatshirts. We shall see.

Good luck with the poker table. That should be fun.

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