We are up for sale...

For a guy who claims to be such a big geek, I can really be behind the curve on some things.

For one, Katie and I didn't join the TiVo revolution until last September... nearly two years after most of our friends had DVR service.  Even my tech unsaavy brother had DVR before we did.  Well, we made up for that by being the first to have our TiVos wirelessly networked in our home.

Second, we don't do online banking.  There's just something freaky to us about clicking a button and having money removed from our accounts.  We will check our checking and savings balances online, but we won't do bill paying.  I don't know that we ever will.  That's a big leap of faith.

Third, I'm way behind on the eBay movement.  Granted I did buy an Atari 2600 and accessories from a combination of eBay, uBid, and Amazon Auctions back around 1998, I stopped any sort of auction activity immediately thereafter.  Until my fustercluck last year buying Katie a Mark Grace jersey.  That just wasn't pretty.

And I've never tried auctioning anything on eBay before, either.  Something about the PayPal deal and having to register a checking account with their service really turned me off.

Miscebay_1However, I, like Jackie, have now jumped on the eBay sellers bandwagon.  The difference being that she was selling for charity and I'm selling purely for me (at least in this instance).  Perhaps some future sales will have a more benevolent purpose, but, right now, I'd like to save up for some stuff we need around the house.

To this end, I opened a new checking account through my brother in law's bank and am using that exclusively for online selling (much safer than compromising our primary account) and have set up all the details to allow for me to rid ourselves of our growing plethora of dust-collecting crap.

It should be an interesting experience.

And I've already got several other people who, if this works out okay, want to sell stuff through me for a commission.  Well, sure.  Why would I say no to extra money?

So, here it is... not the prettiest and flashiest eBay auction, but a good one, I think.  I'm starting small here.  But, if you are interested in placing a bid on a limited-edition, German-imported, cowskin-covered copy of Aerosmith's "Get A Grip" album, have at it...

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If I didn't have auto bill pay through my bank (online), I might go crazy. I'm one of those people who feels the need to pay my bills the instant they arrive so that nothing is late and my credit report is safe. The auto bill pay thing allows me to look at my bills when they come in the mail, rip them up and throw them out, and know that they will be paid, on time, without me ever having to lift a finger...


I just like knowing that there is something in my bank account and I have some control over it. With my luck, my autobillpay would drain my account and I'd never see one red cent. It would be like working for nothing since I have direct deposit. Never get a paycheck at all.


Another thought on the banking. I was a bank manager for a few years, and one of the big issues we dealt with was fraud. And I never, not once, saw fraud committed on a single person via an online method. This is just me, but I believe the fears people have about identity theft and whatever because of electronic banking is pure scaremongering. Every single bit of fraud I ever saw or heard about, happened in a low-fi, analog way. People stole crap out of the trash, ripped things from people's mailboxes, etc. So I have used online banking from the second I could, and love it. I've had my bank account compromised twice, both by very low-tech methods. So, what I'm saying, is that if you're concerned at all about safety, online is the only way to go.


Oh, one more thing. I think buying a Mark Grace jersey is, by definition, a fustercluck. But that's also just me.


I think one of the biggest causes of identity theft is likely all those damn credit card apps you get in the mail. One of those gets stolen, they apply in your name, and then spend the hell out of it. Why can't there be a way to permanently opt out of ever receiving those applications?

I think you meant to say "Sammy Sosa jersey." Gracey ain't so bad.


I've yet to TiVo or eBay, so you're ahead of me. The separate bank account sounds like a good way to go for it though.


Well, I haven't sold anything yet to know if it was worth the effort (not even a bid yet). But I do feel safer for having opened the bank account.

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