It's not easy being green...

Yes it is. Or, at least, this past Friday, it was pretty damn easy.

Katie and I met up with my brother, Brian, his fiancee, Jen, and their neighbor, Josh, at a bar called Venice Tavern in Batavia, IL, for a night of festivities. Considering it was the first time Katie and I have ever been able to celebrate St. Patrick's Day together, we were taking full advantage of it.

We ordered up a couple pizzas in the dining room and downed them. Then we made our way to the bar and drank for several hours. It was crowded, smoky, restricting, loud... everything you would expect from a bar on St. Patty's Day.

Here's a photographic retrospective of the night...

Katie and me
A little blurry, but I like the photo too much to not use it

Josh, Jen, and Katie
Josh, Jen, and Katie... I wonder if Josh can get any redder?

The double lip lock
Yes, yes he can.

Brian and me toasting in the evening. I know, I know... Bud Light... he was paying, not me. Can't argue when it's free.

Prada or Prado?
Katie and I spent the night decorating Jen's faux Prada purse with Bud Light stickers... both sides.

Jen and Brian
Awwww... aren't they cute?

Katie and me
We're cuter.

The Kiss
Told ya so.

These are just a few of the photos. More are available in our Flickr photo set.

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Yup, you and Katie are cuter.


It looks like you had fun :-) I wish I could have celebrated St. Patty's... I was on a sleeper train!


How fun! I stayed at home that night - I didn't even feel like putting on pants I was so lazy (don't ask). I DID order pizza if that makes it any better, though.

By the way, your man card started shaking with the words "faux Prada purse." You might have been better off saying "big purple thingy." I'm just saying.

ms. sizzle

way cuter. :)

i will forgive you for the bud light. ha ha.


Rabbit and Sizzle, Gracias!

Kilax, I know I don't want to hear the answer, but where were you that necessitated travel on a sleeper train?

Chase, no pants, eh? Hmmmm... Pizza does make it somewhat better. What did you drink with said pizza? I only know "faux Prada purse" because they kept saying it all night. It's been a long-running joke since Katie bought it for Jen for Christmas. Me? I was thinking of the scene in Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale debating purses with Molly Shannon. Before you question me even further for watching that movie, I'll explain that it's because it has the ultra-sexy Beckinsale looking hot as hell and actually able to speak in her sultry, native Brit accent. Does that save me?


I cannot tell you what I drank with my pizza...otherwise I'm down yet another notch. I'll give you a hint though : it starts with "D". (And ends with "iet Coke")

As far as the mancard, you JUST barely redeem yourself every time. I'm beginning to think you like living on the edge. But, once again, you're saved...this time by way of a hotty brit.


What a great couple you and Katie make!!! What did you do to make Josh blush?


Chase, did you at least dye your D green in honor of the day and Patrick's contributions to modern society (read: publicly acceptable drunkenness)?

Living on the edge is what I'm all about. Or maybe I just like throwing you off.

Oh and you forgot to say "scorchingly" before "hotty brit." Katie knows I like her. She knows I have a weird thing for "Kates"... her, Beckinsale, Winslet.

Mikey, I am innocent of all charges. I did nothing to the poor boy. I think in one photo, Katie grabbed his pec (as in chest) and both she and Jen had their arms wrapped around him.


Sometimes Bud Light ain't half bad (especially if it's the 13th beer of the night). Love the pics!


Kevin, you need to upload that last pic of you and Katie to Cute Overload. Seriously. Give everyone a chance to suffer aching teeth.

I request a blog entry on Kates. Who's hot, who's not, and why. Beckinsale, Bosworth, Bush, Holmes, Hudson, Morgan, Moss, Pierson, Sackhoff, Winslet. That should get you started!

Does Kate on "Lost" count?


Aww, Kevin! You guys ARE cute. The first pic of Josh made me laugh -- he was making a facial expression similar to the one my niece made as a baby when she was...working to get something out.

Sorry, had to be said.


Awww... beats my night of praying to the porcelaine gods thanks to a nasty stomach virus...

And yes, you two are far cuter.



It was just to save time on the ride from Venice to Pompeii (12 hours)... I don't recommend it!


Just died from the cuteness. *death rattle*

Seriously. You two? Adorable. Don't ever try to pretend to be bada**es, cuz it just won't fly. Like kittens holding baby bunnies, you are.


Jacynth, even Pabst is good when it's the 13th in a long line. Thankfully, the Bud Light followed a lemondrop shot and an Irish car bomb. Never thought I'd be grateful to the IRA for numbing my senses.

SJ, a pretty decent idea. And, yes, I would count Evangeline Lilly just in honor of her great character name.

Sandra... buahahahahhahahahhaha! I'm going to have to tell my brother that one. He's never going to let Josh live it down.

Nat, sorry to hear. You are feeling better now, though, aren't you?

Kilax, phew! I thought you were going to tell me that you were on your way to or from some day trip to another part of Europe I'm desperate to see. Austria or something.

Belinda... Damn! And the next photo I was going to have taken of us would be dressed as a Terminator and a Terminatrix. So much for that idea...


Your brother and Jen look alike. HOLY SHIT! Are we sure they are not related?

For all you ripping on Bud Light! It is sold right next to Guinness in Ireland in most of the pubs.(RIGHT NEXT TO IT!) Not that I condone drinking Bud Light on ST. PATS DAY!


You'll be happy to know I pre-drowned the taste of the Bud Light with an Irish Car Bomb. Even Katie did one. But the bartender screwed them up pretty bad.


It is pretty hard to screw up an Irish Car Bomb! Had this person ever been a bartender before? Our were they hiring from the street to help fill up the people with any alcohol possible?


He didn't have the proper glasses. So we had a big 16 oz plastic cup for beer and a tiny little medicine cap for the shot. Too much fuel, not enough fuse. You also lose the effect with plastic over glass. Doesn't drop or mix right.


Call the IRA. They know how to make a car bomb! JK!


That they do.

Nice e-mail, jackass. (for the rest of you, we're old friends; I can say that)


Nice hat. I needs to get me one. Are you calling me old?


As much as I hate to say it... get to Dick's (God I hate that name) and buy one before they're gone.

Yes, I might just be calling you old. Whatcha gonna do about it?


Get your authentic "Man Card" FREE!


Um... okay.

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