Come say hello to Jesus...

I wanted to take a moment and give a shout out to a site that I've been frequenting lately. The site is relatively new to the blogosphere, although the site's author has been with us all along.

We all know Him, we all love Him (unless you're an Atheist... and that's okay by me... no judgment), it's Jesus H. Christ himself on his own blog, Emails From Jesus!

Basically, JC answers e-mails and comments that are thrown his way from anyone and everyone and on absolutely any topic whatsoever. It really is a great site with some wonderful wit and just goes to show that the Big JC does have one heckuva sense of humor as I'd always suspected.

MiscemailsfromjesusHow about some examples as proof?

Yo Jesus,

How is it hanging? I was just looking at your profile and it seems that you are not as infaliable as you would have us believe. You see if you were born on 25th December your star sign is actually Capricorn.

Can I be given a free pass to heaven for spotting the mistake?


Dearest Kenny,

It's hangin' just fine, thank you.  And you are correct, son, if I was born on December 25th, my sign would be Capricorn.  Little word of advice: don't believe everything you hear, dude.

No free pass to Heaven today...but how's about some leftover easter Peeps?


Or one of my personal favorites...

I'm like totally f-ed off that it rains here in London so much.


Dear Ranter,

God is crying because of Madonna's new accent. I say you blokes kick her out.


Of course, if you would like to read what the man has to say as he says it, you can subscribe to his divine feed.

And I would like to point out that it's not intentional that I happen to be blogging about this site on this particular day. It just happened to work out. Call it "divine intervention," if you will.

In case you're curious, our Heavenly Father does have a MySpace profile as well. He's pretty hip like that. Will you be His friend?

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Now, I just wonder who this guy is in real life!


How convenient that you posted this today. We can all email him our excuses for not being at church.


OMG! That is the kind of thing I'd love to send to my grandmother, except she goes to church on Sunday (and every other day of the week too) and well she can't read to well anymore because of she refuses to get cataract surgery.



I love Jesus! :) Maybe he'll give ME some easter peeps!


Sweet! Jesus can be my friend on MySpace. Finally something to tell my Mom the next time she starts lecturing me about church. :-)


I think it's funny and He almost makes me want to get a Myspace account...almost.

Pauly D

I don't buy for a second that it's really Jesus.


Are you sure it's not another Pauly D. Site?

ms. sizzle

woah woah woah. . .jesus smokes a pipe!?

;) sizz


Oh no no no no no no no... Not another site that I am going to become completely addicted to?!


Kilax, you must never question the identity of our Lord and Savior, lest he smite your ass! ;-)

Rabbit, I know it was convenient. But it was actually just next on my list of post ideas and happened to fall on a Sunday. Divine intervention, I tell ya.

Nat, that can cause problems. Hope she's okay. Perhaps you should call and read some of them to her.

Nicole, something that can make any parent proud.

Jaclyn, it almost makes me want to, as well... almost. Jesus has offered to be my friend if I do sign up.

Pauly, with my luck, I'd question it and wind up with a lightning bolt striking me somewhere particularly uncomfortable.

Chase, ask nicely... I hear He's the giving sort.

Mikey, pretty sure. But I wouldn't put it past him.

Sizzle, por supuesto! El Dios le gusta fumar! Mucho.

Bec, and I guarantee you WILL become addicted! It is His holy will! ;-)


already been haunting it
keep meaning to let him know
that my problem is with his dad
but he, himself, i always found quite cool


My major complaints
Lie not in the beings above
But in those below
And their interpretation of "truth"

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