I'm gonna see that you be back home in thirty days...

I stole this from Nicole because I like it. And there ain't a damn thing you can do to stop me! And she stole it from some ridiculously long line of family members. Don't ask.

Here are the rules: Put your music player on shuffle. Press forward for each question. Use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. The results can be pretty funny.

Unlike Nicole, I did not use my entire music collection for this. Just what was on my iPod at this point in time. I'd be afraid of what would happen if I had a catalog 46 GB big to "help" me through this one. I figured 15 GB/3,000 songs is enough of a selection.

30 Songs:

  1. How am I feeling today? Please Please Please (Fiona Apple)
  2. Will I get far in life? The Real World (Jesus Jones) - not much hope there, eh?
  3. What's your current state of mind? To Have and To Hold (Depeche Mode)
  4. How do my friends see me? Crosscut Saw (The Freddy Jones Band)
  5. Where will I get married? Good Times Gone (Nickelback) - Hey! That's not nice!
  6. What is your view of marriage? What is Life (George Harrison) - well, at least it wasn't the last one.
  7. What is my best friend's theme song? Parachute (Guster) - not good considering he just had his second child.
  8. What is the story of my life? Behind the Wheel (Depeche Mode)
  9. What is/was high school like? Hand Me Down (The Wallflowers)
  10. How can I get ahead in life? Vaporub (Bob Mould) - Yeah, baby!
  11. What is the best thing about me? Turn of the Century (Pete Yorn)
  12. What is today going to be like? Daisy Duke (Rooney) - What? Catherine Bach? Where?
  13. What is in store for this weekend? Real Love (Smashing Pumpkins) - see comment #10, minus Vaporub.
  14. Describe my parents? Why Don't You Come Over (Garbage) - NOOOOO!!
  15. Describe my grandparents? On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Propellerheads) - Bwahahahaha! Nano the spy!
  16. How is my life going? Ain't Ever Goin' Back (John Hiatt)
  17. What song will they play at my funeral? Cockamamie Business (George Harrison) - how eerily appropriate.
  18. How does the world see me? Think About It (Fleetwood Mac)
  19. Will I have a happy life? Tell What You See (The Von Bondies)
  20. What do my friends really think of me? Careful (Guster) - I could've told you that.
  21. Do people secretly lust after me? Fashion (David Bowie) - there's hope in that one.
  22. How can I make myself happy? Agent Orange (Depeche Mode) - there are a few I'd give this to.
  23. What should I do with my life? Locomotive Breath (Ian Anderson) - does this mean I should be a train engineer or have chronic halitosis?
  24. Will I ever have children? Asking Me Lies (The Replacements) - yikes!
  25. What is some good advice for me? Mexican Radio (Wall of Voodoo)
  26. How will I be remembered? Banana Pancakes (Jack Johnson) - that's it!?!?
  27. What is my signature dancing song? Revolution Rock (The Clash) - I was wondering if I'd ever get anything even remotely heavier.
  28. What is my current theme song? Shame of the Nation (New Order) - well, let's take a look at our government, shall we?
  29. What do people think my current theme song is? Jealous Again (The Black Crowes)
  30. What type of men/women do you like? Best of You (Foo Fighters) - six Foo albums on my iPod and shuffle waits to the end.

I really would have liked to see some of the Poison, Crue, Warrant, etc., that I have on my Pod, but apparently "shuffle" had other ideas in mind.

You know my rules, no tagging. But feel free to steal it if you want to.

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Since I don't have an Ipod (See amazon wish list LOL) yet I'm screwed on this one. As for people lusting for you? I don't, well maybe your clothing LOLOLOL


At least I'm not the only one who doesn't own an Ipod.


Since my blog was down (again), I posted my results over at Timothy's site.

Not very many of mine made sense. But a few were entertaining...

2) Will I get far in life? Old Before I Die (Robbie Williams)
3) What's your current state of mind? Rock the Casbah (The Clash)
9) What is/was highschool like? Hysteria (Def Leppard)
17) What song will they play at my funeral? Don't Let it End This Way (Johnny Hates Jazz)
26) How will I be remembered? Still Fighting It (Ben Folds)


I wish I had an Ipod... all I have is a crappy Rio CaliSport player that is Junk!!! Kevin, please send me an Ipod asap so I can do this :-)


Given your obvious love of hair metal (and dude, I'm right there with you), I thought you'd like to know about this: Poison and Cinderella Summer Tour


I didn't view #5 as negative, just meaning that you're >already< married.

Sounds like you have a really impressive music collection, though I guess mine would be quite a bit bigger if I imported whole albums all the time.

Anyway, I'll probably give this a shot tomorrow...


Mikey, lusting for my clothing? You've never seen what I wear, have you?

Rabbit, you haven't joined the Borg!? Why not? C'mon! You know you want to!

Dave, 9 and 17 are great! 26 is very much you.

Kilax, okay, I know I'm ubergrateful for the candy you sent, but I'm not exactly sure I'm in a position to send an iPod your way as thanks. Maybe when I become a rich and famous blogger.

Eve, I'm drooling. Poison was always my fave hairband in the day. And, with Cinderella to boot? Ouch. I need money.

Claire, importing whole albums is the only way I find I'll ever listen to them. My CDs collect dust otherwise. Also, I'm one of those kinds of guys that likes to hear the stuff that never makes it on the radio. But, these days, that could be just about any song to me since I rarely listen to the radio since getting my iPod. Yeah, I can see how #5 may not necessarily be negative. But it does have that connotation to some degree.

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