It's time to ramble on...

I think today's post will just be an amalgam of all the little tidbits of information I've collected throughout the last week that, by themselves, don't really constitute a whole post, but, together, make for one heckuvan entry.

Credit Card Application
Anyone ever heard of Upfront Rewards Visa card? Like I'm sure all of you do, Katie and I receive nearly a dozen credit card applications in a given week. It's pretty ridiculous to see how many trees are killed by these companies. Typically, I just open the envelope, shred the portion that has our name and address on it, and throw the rest in a recycle bin.

This one, however, caught my eye because it had a picture of a Dell Inspiron B120 laptop computer on it.

I was curious as it's not the typical travel clock or mug that most credit card companies offer.

The offer is this, you sign up with them and transfer a minimum balance of $5,000 to this card and you will get the computer. The catch, of course, is that they require you to maintain at least $3,500 of the balance for a minimum of 18 months. If you go under $3,500, you will be assessed a $600 fee. If you maintain the $3,500 for 18 months at their 9.99% APR, you wind up paying $2,269 and change in interest fees (is my math correct on that one?). We see where they get their money from.

I guess if you already maintain one heckuva revolving balance on your credit card and pay the interest as it is, you may as well get the free computer out of it. But don't expect to be getting out of debt anytime soon.

My Name Is Earl and The Daily Show
Did anyone watch last week's episode of My Name Is Earl? Was that Patrick Swayze in the role of the head bounty hunter at the office where Juliette Lewis' character is working? I can't find reference to any of the guest stars in that episode on IMDb,, or even Was it him?

The Daily Show had a pretty funny special entitled "Race: The AfroSpanicIndioAsianization of America" on the other night. And, if you watched carefully during the scene with the racist correspondent, it shows that he got his start on the Channel 4 news in Detroit. Well, the news team photo that they Photoshoppped his head into was actually Chicago's very own NBC 5 late night news team. Yep, Warner Saunders, Allison Rosati, and, well, I don't remember the other guy.

Sorry, "other guy."

So I'm looking at my blogstats on Friday morning and I see an entry in to my site from a place called BlogShares, which, so far as I can tell, is like a virtual stock market that banks on the up-and-down value of blogs over time.

And was listed.

However, 80% of the shares of my site are owned by Gary at

Wait a minute!! Hold the phone!! Gary is the primary stakeholder in my site?!?! How's that fair? Do I have to call him "boss"? I'm not his blog bitch, am I?

And, apparently, I've made some pretty good money for him, too. As early back as I can view, which is only mid-December, a share of stock in was a mere $1,651.80. And, as of March 14 of this year, it was up to $2,836.29. God only knows how much lower it was when Gary purchased his 4,000 shares during their bargain-basement IPO back in August.

I get a cut, Gary. 'nuff said.

Miscmundane Carnival of the Mundane
Have any of you ever taken part in a blog carnival yet? Well, now's as good a time as any.

The upcoming Carnival of the Mundane VIII is coming to a blog near you. Well, more specifically, it's coming to Daisy Mae's blog on Friday, April 14.

C'mon! Jump on board! Be a carnie! You know you want to.

This will be my fourth foray into this most devilish display of our mundane existences. Now to pick a post, or two.

Cover Songs
How soon is too soon to cover a song?

I'm asking because I was listening to PodQuiz 59 this morning on the way to work and James' musical segment revolved around cover songs. He played the cover version and asked you to identify the song and the original artist.

One song was a cover of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" from the movie Armageddon (actually it was apparently written by Diane Warren). This song came out with the movie back 1998 making it only eight years old. And it's already been covered by country artist Mark Chesnutt and the first version listed on AllMusicGuide came out back in 1999.

How is that right? I think a song needs to be at least 10 years old before it should be eligible for cover status. I would honestly prefer it even be longer. 15 or 20 years would be ideal.

And, while I'm on the topic, can musicians out there stop doing tribute albums to artists that are still relatively new? I thought it was bad enough, three or four years ago, when I saw a tribute to Sheryl Crow who, at the time, had been in the limelight for about seven years. But now I'm seeing tribute albums to the likes of Avril Lavigne and other artists who have no more than one or two albums to their name. Sick.

Lost Blogs
Just a final reminder that tomorrow marks the first day of the Lost Blogs Grassroots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign. So you will be seeing some interesting posts on this blog as well as all those linked up in the sidebar over there under the image of Abe Lincoln's head.

I will be breaking with my song lyric post title system and be titling all these entries with "Lost Blogs: Day 1" or whatnot. I may still be posting normal entries. But I will use my normal titling method for those. That will be one way that you will tell the difference.

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We are all Gary's bitch!

I must admit to not understanding Blogshares at all. I check every once in a while when I get a link... one time I'm at a ridiculous $2700 per share (boing boing link) and next thing I know I'm down to $480 per share. Peaks based on an important site linking to you I understand... but a quick look at my chart shows my value going down, even though my incoming links continue to climb? No sense at all.

I did not notice Patrick Swayze on "Earl", but have to admit that I wouldn't notice him if he sat next to me on a train. I'm bad at stuff like that.

I always take a pass on the Carnival of the Mundane, because I find the entries almost impossible to read.

At least you KNOW who you are lost-blogging as. I haven't decided, and that worries me greatly. My entries will probably suck ass! I'll set myself a deadline to know by 6:00pm tonight. :-(


Hey, thanks for the Blogshares tip, Kev. The down-side is I spent an hour over there trying to figure it all out, and I still don't get it. The up-side is Bret was done cleaning the kitchen by the time I gave up. Shiny!

Out of curiosity, I went over to Second-Hand Songs to see how soon someone covered "Eleanor Rigby" (supposedly the most-covered song of all time). THREE covers within a year of its release! Holy cow! And 114 so far, by such varied artists as Vanilla Fudge, Ray Charles, The Four Tops and Pain. Freaky, huh?


I'm with you, Kevin. What also kills me is someone like Sheryl Crow or Britney Spears having a "Greatest Hits" CD. How can you have a "Greatest Hits" when you've put out maybe three albums? The Beatles, sure. Billy Joel, yeah. Tom Petty, natch. But the Backstreet Boys? Yeah, that's a hell of a repertoire.


Kara and I get about the same amount of credit card apps as do two do. Kara sends them all back in with a message the says:

Please remove us from you list! Stop sending us applications
for your credit cards! Thank You

She then mails them back with the intention that they get charged for the postage. The usually send an envelope that had pre-paid postage. What the hell, right?


Kevin, that was DON Swayze on Earl, I'm pretty sure (didn't check the credits). For the apex of Don Swayze's body of dramatic work, see the actually not bad movie from the 80's, "Shy People," starring Barbara Hershey, Martha Plimpton, Jill Clayburgh, and Timothy Hutton. I think.


Are you his blogging bitch? Hey with a calender by your comments I see april 10 is on a Monday. hahahha Oh check out my new template. Hugs Mikey


There used to be a place you could send a letter or something to have your name taken off the credit card companies' list so they wouldn't send those pre-approved credit applications, yet I continue to get them. My favorite is when I get them from companies where I already have a card, and usually a better one than they are offering!

I thought that was Patrick Swayze too, but after looking online, everyone seems to think it was his younger brother, Don.


Dave, I've been trying to make sense of BlogShares as well. No go at all. I guess until I really sit down and try to figure it out, I will remain Gary's bitch.

SJ, three within a year?!?! That doesn't say much for originality.

Karl, yes! That bugs the hell out of me, too. When Britney's hits album came out, I wanted to wretch. However, she does have more than many. I saw a hits album for some alternative band recently, but they only ever had one radio-friendly song that I was ever aware of. Wish I could remember who it was.

MIM, my parents do that, too. Except they'll pick on one at a time and stuff as much from as many companies as possible into one envelope and send it to them. Makes it even more expensive.

Belinda, there are two Swayze's?!?! God help us all!

Claire, thanks! I know I'll be checking that site out.

Mikey, I like the new template. Very clean and organized.

Nicole, looks like Claire left the link you were thinking about in the comments as well. Check it out. Might be worth looking into. I know I will be.

Gary LaPointe

Hey! That's me!!!

If you sign up (for free), they'll give you 1000 shares :)


Is this just like playing Hollywood Stock Exchange where it's nothing more than a game and no real money is involved?

And, am I your bitch? Or at least 80% of me?

Gary LaPointe

You bet. No real money.

You bet!


Hmmm... perhaps I'll look into it. HSX has been boring me lately.

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