Lost Blogs: Day 1


I’m dying.

It may sound horrible, but it’s true.

I’m laying here in this stiff, uncomfortable bed that feels like a bunch of nails prickling my back and sides. And it aches. Every part of me aches.

The doctors have been coming in and out of my room for the last several days. They keep poking and prodding me trying to determine what’s wrong. There’s nothing I can do to stop them. Louis and Clarence keep coming in trying to relax me. Reassure me. Make sure I don’t snap and “accidentally” hurt one of them.

The thought gives me occasion to laugh a bit. I don’t laugh much these days, so that rare opportunity certainly feels good.

But what kills me is that I don’t really know what the hell they’re saying. It’s like a completely foreign language to me.

I can understand the words of comfort… the terms they use to make me feel better and calm me down. These words and phrases have been uttered to me ad infinitum throughout my life. They may be in a  foreign language, but you adjust. You hear something enough times and, regardless of the language in which it’s being spoken, you can eventually understand it. It’s purely contextual. The look on their faces, the way they approach you, the way they act during their examinations. There’s care and comfort in those actions.

You’d think I would like that.

Normally, I would.

Ah! See! He just mouthed “Big Red”! I know that one. And, let me tell you something, I hate that damn name. Everyone around me thinks it’s great. They love calling me that. Well, guess what? It’s not my name! Nobody asked me if they could call me by that name. Nobody secured my permission. I’d gnaw the lips off each person that called me Big Red if they’d just sit still long enough for me to wrap my teeth around their faces.

I’m laughing again. That’s twice in one day. Not bad.

He-e-e-ey! I have a name! It’s…

Oh great. There they go again. The docs just turned to my coach and my partner and started in with the gibberish. Big, long, confusing words that I’m not even sure they understand. And they’re all speaking the same language. Or so I think.

And they become very businesslike. That’s how I know I’m dying. They speak to me in terms of comfort and then talk very professionally to the people who are there with me. I get cut out of the loop entirely on this part of the conversation.

That’s never a good sign.

But what the hell do I know? I’m just…

Oh hell. Another shot! I hate these. And this one’s going right in my thigh.

DAMMIT! That hurt!

Yes, I can think of far greater pains. A shot in the thigh, in the grand scheme of things, is no big deal. But when you get several of these “lesser” pains all in relatively close sequence and proximity, it becomes a bit unbearable. And my legs are my life. Or “were” my life, as the case may be. They carried me to victory. They made me a champion. They made me famous.

I was a god.

Now this “god” is dying. And I’m only 30 years old to boot.

Time to just close my eyes and remember. Think back to the cliché’d “good ol’ days.” Hey, if it helps me get through this, why not?

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I'm very intriguiged by your entry and also completely stumped for guesses. Looking forward to what you have to offer tomorrow!

ms. sizzle

hmmm, sports-related person. clue #1.

very good!


me clueless! looking forward to more hints/clues tomorrow :-)


Not sure... but I will stick around :-)


Okay, I have an idea, but I'm still not sure. I look forward to tomorrow's entry.

Well done!


Hey, man, I know! But I'll shut up.


I got it, but only because I'm a huge fan of his.

Surprising choice!


I definitely need more clues!


I have a slight idea, but not sure. And it's great seeing your creative writing style. I'm impressed. :)


Oh boy, I'm stumped....hmmmmm........


/wildly waving hand in the air

Oh oh, me me! Call on me! Call on me! I know it!

Ok, don't. I'll keep quiet.


I have an idea, need more clues, need more clues.


How come everyone is keeping their guesses to themselves on yours but not on mine?!?! :) I have no idea, but looking forward to tomorrows post!

H.F. Peterman

I too am a bit slow. So he has a coach and a partner. Eagerly awaiting more clues.


I so totally have this one nailed!

He-l-l-ooo! I have a guess! It’s…


Ok. so it's sports related which means that I officially haven't a clue... so so so HARD...

Well written. I'm humbled by the talent.



Ok, I'll be honest here, as wonderful and articulate as your post was, by the time I got to the end of it and tried to guess who it could be, the random thought that popped into my head was, "Oh no, that coyote finally crushed the Road Runner with a boulder."

Did I mention that I haven't slept in 48 hours?


I like the suspense. I don't know who you are yet.


Oh my. You may be the first one I've read of my fellow lost bloggers who I may actually have an inkling about. Yay!


Argh. Sports. My Achilles' ankle...toe...something foot-related.


Intriguing, Apgar...well-played...


Very nice! Big Red. Was a "God." Dying and/or seriously hurt at age of 30. I love how he wants to say his name but can´t.


Okay, far too many people have been able to correctly guess who I am and that scares me. Just when I thought I hadn't given enough clues, it seems as though I gave too many.

To those of you who haven't gotten it, fear not. I have many more clues to come.

But, beware, I've rewritten all my posts for the remainder of the week so as not to give away too much too easily. They have been officially watered down.

As for the rest of your posts... I am having a lot of fun reading them. Some of you are such incredibly creative and gifted writers. I am in awe. Seriously. That's not just me blowing smoke up... well, you get it.

So, how many of you are just having a helluva good time at this whole thing? I'm loving it and am officially freaking out about the spike in my site stats. I'm waiting for Typepad to shut me down for exceeding my bandwidth. It's ridiculous. But cool. If you're a stat whore like I am, go and check what this contest is doing to your unique visit count. It'll blow your mind.

This creative writing has also been spectacular for my imagination. I'm writing like I haven't written in years and loving every minute of it.

Paul, you need to write another book for us to promo!

Ms Sisyphus

wah! I'm not good at Sports!

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