And many mo-o-o-o-o-re...
Where's my organ donor?

Oh, oh, oh, oh, sweet child o' mine...

Here's one I'll bet many of you never thought you'd see...

Kevin and Sean

Okay, no. That's not my kid as the photo and the title may imply... nor is it Katie's by some other father... and we did not go on a childnapping spree at the local NICU... or whatever other twisted thought you may be harboring right now.

Say hello to Sean. He's the newborn son of our friends, Jen and Brian. He was born at some ridiculous hour like 5:30 in the morning or some such on April Fool's Day. Kid must've been thinking, "Hey mom! Bet you thought I was gonna stay up in here until that April 12th date we originally discussed. APRIL FOOL'S!!! And I'm wakin' you up reeeaallll early! HA!"

But, seriously, he's a cute kid and he seems to dig me in that he's one of the first babies to not immediately start crying in my presence. I must have that effect. Oh well.

This is also the first baby I ever remember holding. I may have held my brother when he was born. But I was only three years old at the time; you can't really expect me to actually remember that, can you?

Here's a picture of Sean and his real dad, Brian.

Brian and Sean


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Aw, that baby is so cute, congrats to all :-) I like the nurse in the background of your photo who's either very tired or very bored.


Maybe that nurse is gaagaa about kevin. He so dreamy! Maybe she would like to have a baby with Kevin.


Nurse? What nurse? Am I missing something?


Holy hell, I just found what you were talking about. How the hell'd you both find her? She's nearly completely blended into the background in the copy of the photo on my blog. I had to go to the original photo at full size on Flickr to even see her. Way to go, Eagle Eyes.


She wants ya kev o'! I was afraid to hold Sean. Soooooo small!


You have the AHHHHH factor going for you today. BTW Does Brian know that Sean's birthstone is...Diamond? Don't let Brian tell Jen that. I am not going to say anything about the stalker nurse.


Sean is totally stylin' in that hat! Very cool.

I wonder if they come in my size? Did it look stretchy so maybe it could fit on my head?


What a cutie... so when are you and Katie having kids? ;-)


My professional editor abilities in conjunction with my crystal clear MacBook Pro screen give me the "eagle eyes" the dissect an innocent photo of a man holding a newborn baby.

And at second glass, that nurse is definitely sleeping.


But apparently, all those abilites don't allow me to type correctly in the morning. Duh!


She is probably a temp nurse! She will be made a DO NOT RETURN soon!

ms. sizzle

he is sooo tiny! both of you and his dad's hands just dwarf the little darling.

you look pretty natural holding that baby kevin. ;)


MadIrishMan, you wimp. He's not gonna bite. Not yet, anyway.

Mikey, thanks. And I won't say a word. At least Sean's not a girl who would constantly want gifts with her birthstone throughout her life.

Dave, I'll see if I can score you one of those hats. Perhaps you should create a DaveToon in one of those caps to see how you would potentially look.

Kilax, the question of the year. Dunno.

Eve, I cound a "Super Bright Mode" button on the front of my monitor at work and could actually see her. I had no idea that button existed. Everything is so much clearer now. And, yes, she's sleeping.

MIM, she's canned once this picture makes the rounds. ;-)

Sizzle, scary, isn't it? The "natural" thing.


Everytime I try and hold a baby or even get within touching distance of one, they suddenly start crying. Do I smell or something? Sean is beautiful!


awww. welcome to the world little sean.


Lets all call him small, little, etc..... for now but, that boy will be a big boy soon enough!


Awww, those are cute pictures. Better not let your mom see them or she might start getting on your case about making her a grandma. My daughter was in NICU for 2 weeks. Hope Sean is doing well.


Elaine, I question that about myself all the time. Kids are freaked out by me. Except this one. I guess that's good.

Suze, I can't decisively say if he's happy about it or muttering "put me back" like Bruce Willis in Look Who's Talking.

MIM, that kid's gonna dwarf us.

Jacquie, my mom has shown no grandmotherly leanings whatsoever. Katie's mom, on the other hand...


Oh my gosh -- Brian's hand is half the size of the whole baby!


Are you positive about the parentage, Kevin? He sure has your lips!!!


sure sure it 's not "your" baby until the DNA test comes back... kidding. Doesn't he look like the teeniest tiniest little creature against you great big men... LOL

Congrats to all involved.


Sandra, the funny thing is that the kid is tall. Something like 18 inches at birth. He's gonna either be the basketball player in the family or the shortest one to compensate for being so long at birth. But he was born slightly premature.

SJ, pretty damn positive. ;-)

Nat, yeah, no chance of that. ;-)

And he is teeny tiny. Only about 4 lbs, 13 oz, as I recall.


what a little sweetheart!


He is a cutie, isn't he? Tiny little guy.

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