Out in the Suri with the fringe on top...

I'm not feeling particularly inspired in terms of writing some kind of cool story or whatnot. So I think today will be a recap of all kinds of different little things.

Fun With Dead Trees
Some... er... issues came up with FWDT. For some reason, a few browsers on various platforms were unable to properly view my new book review blog and, of course, I didn't know them until I started receiving some comments about the problems.

I tested seven browsers on two different platforms and OSs and found that two of them weren't displaying the blog properly. And none of the browsers were allowing comments whatsoever.

The issue was traced back to some illegitimate coding in my dropdown search menus. They weren't closed out properly. There are a few other coding issues that the W3C doesn't seem to like, but those eminate from the auto-coding that TypePad's XML writes up. I have no access to it whatsoever. So, hopefully, they will clean it up.

But, I am pretty sure that commenting is working right now on the browsers that you could previously view the posts with. So please try it on some random reviews. But I still have some other bugs to work out.

Also, if you are still having issues regarding viewing of the site, please comment here or drop me an e-mail and let me know what browser, version, and OS you are using.

I just got word back from TypePad that I can convert this template to something called "Advanced Templates." They say it should give me the level of access I need to make the changes necessary to operate the site properly. But I lose the GUI design aspect of it all. Not sure what to do. The thought freaks me out a bit. Has anybody out there played with TypePad's Advanced Templates feature before?

I knew I probably should have held off on the announcement of the book blog another day or so, but, damn if I wasn't just so excited about it. I had to share it.

Blogography Turns 3!
This week marks the third blogiversary of my buddy, Dave. And he's having a bash to beat all bashes. If you hurry over to his site, you may still be able to take part in some of the giveaways he has going on. Bear in mind, if you've never been much of a commenter on his site, you will have to take part in some quizzes to prove your Dave-legiance.

Happy three years, man. Keep 'em coming!

Suri Cruise
Yep, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes pulled off a silent delivery of their spawn this week and named her Suri. In all, I like the name Suri. It really is a nice name. Just not for their kid.

When I first heard the name, I immediately thought that "Suri" has a strong Indian sound to it and Tom and Katie are decidedly NOT Indian. But this view has changed since I discovered that they chose the name because it is Hebrew for "Princess" or Persian for "Red Rose."

But the funny thing about it all comes from the fact that "Suri" is also Japanese for "pickpocket." If anything, she certainly has her career path chosen for her and it should only take a year or two to be at the proper height for her to practice on her dad.

"Not Ready to Make Nice"
I don't know if any of you out there are fans of The Dixie Chicks. If you are, might I recommend their new single "Not Ready to Make Nice"? It's a great track and it's the Chicks making a political statement as only they can.

C'mon, any song with the lyrics "I'm not ready to make nice, I'm not ready to back down, I'm still mad as hell and, I don't have time to go round and round and round" can't be all bad, right?

Oh, and it's an iTunes exclusive. Hope you're a user.

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I can't believe you listen to the Dixie Chicks you dork! ;) Just kidding... I will have to check the new song out. I admit to having a few of their songs in my computer.




Kilax, d'oh! I like all kinds of music (save for Whitney Houston). Everything gets a fair shake from me, especially when it trashes Bush.

Chase, for what this time?!? Because I was making fun of Suri Cruise or because I like the Dixie Chicks? What's wrong with either? Tom Cruise deserves to be made fun of and anybody that's willing to be that vocal in their opposition of Da Bushie deserves my respect. You gotta give me that!

ms. sizzle

the dixie chicks rock and i love that new song. it's good for when you are feeling particularly angsty or angry.

whenever i hear "suri" i start to sing "surry with a fringe on top" from oklahoma (well, for me, it's mainly from that scene in when harry met sally but i digress). how dare katie and tom birth their evil spawn on the sacred day of MY birth! ;)


Why oh why oh why can't celebrites just name their kids something NORMAL. Suri. To me that will always be Surrey - the vounty of my birth. Damn them. Now there will be more jokes. Didn't they consider the fact that everyone will just assume she is apologising in a posh English accent?

And, the Daveness is just the best.


I just visited FWDT and everything seems fine, except the search section wouldn't work. None of the searches I tried did anything. Commenting worked perfectly. I was pleased to see my info filled in under Post A Comment, since the kapgar site hasn't been retaining it for weeks now (and still isn't). Wonder why?

I checked it with both IE6 and Firefox on Windows XP.


Sizzle, did you check the title of the post? Thought you might like it.

Bec, nothing will ever be normal in Hollyweird.

SJ, what's weird is that I went in and recoded it a bit and it seemed to be working fine. Except that once a search is performed now, it holds onto the results of the original when you attempt a subsequent one. Annoying. Any suggestions on how to get around this?

Ed Kohler

It seems like they could have done a better job researching the various meanings of Suri around the world, considering they're international celebrity status. I guess Cruise was too busy jumping over couches to focus on something like that?


Ooh...will have to listen! Love new music.


Ed, that's the problem inherent in the system... most of them don't think.

Sandra, enjoy. I did.


Nobody had better ever question MY Dave-legiance... I would DIE for that brilliant hunk of blogging goodness!

Johnny C.


I think guys who question other guys "man cards" are probably a little on the Brokeback side themself.

Don't worry about it dude. I've seen every Mandey Moore Movie.

Johnny C.

I spelled Mandy Moore wrong.


Dave, if we ever have to question your own Dave-legiance, there is something severely wrong. We all know you would go all kinds of Brokeback over Blogography Dave.

Johnny, ain't no Brokeback happening around here. Save that for Dave's site.

Yay! A plug for the new Dixie Chicks song! I absolutely love it and am not-so-patiently awaiting the release of their new album on May 23rd.

The song I'm looking forward to the most is "Lubbock or Leave It" a song about small town narrow-mindedness. Lubbock, TX is both mine and Natalie Maines hometown and I think I can safely say we both manged to leave it!


Ummm...that last comment was from me but I forgot to type in my name. I'm a moron, but it is Friday which I think is a valid excuse.


Don't you think its about time all the browsers got together to make sure all webpages work the same in all browsers? It seems like a lot of wasted energy goes into web development and design for that reason.


Nicole, you'll have to be patient for just a little bit more. I'm sure it'll be worth the wait.

Neil, I don't think I could possibly agree with you more. It's as though some browser developers want to maintain a monopoly on not just customers, but design. And, until the launch of Firefox, that could conceivably have been the case. But now we have someone tipping the scales away from IE... thank God. But you would think this would make them realize that the best way to make themselves more acceptable to the masses is to make their browser work more like how people need it to. Microsoft schmucks. Far too much wasted energy.


"... a little on the Brokeback side ..."

Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Johnny C, that was freaking brilliant! Gotta remember that one.


Yeah, yeah, laugh it up fuzzball... er...

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