And I want it now...

After reading Karl's post yesterday, I was quite jealous. I knew that Paul had sent out our copies of The Lost Blogs last Friday, but here was Karl already in possession of his and I had nothing yet. I was sad, confused, remorseful, apologetic, angry... where was my copy?!?!

Damn you, United States Postal Service! Damn you to Hell!

But then I arrived home last night (after picking up the car o' doom) and found my very own California-postmarked bubblepak. I guess maybe I could have been just a bit more patient.

Woo Hoo!!! It was here! I finally had my grubby mits on my own copy!

And here it is in all its deserved glory and splendor. The fruits of my GBBMC labor (it wasn't really labor, per se, but I'd hate to deface the old idiom anymore than I already had) were here!

The Davidson Collection
Ahhh... the new baby posing with his older brother, Consumer Joe (I bought CJ a few months ago)

Yes, I realize I did not win the promotion. However, since I created and admin'd it, Paul rewarded me with my own copy as well. And it was personalized, to boot!

My Signed Copy
He's a smart aleck, that Paul Davidson.

So, I'd like to give my thanks to Paul one more time for allowing me to get away with this project without ever really asking his permission ahead of time.

Normally, such insolence may have found me swimming with the fishes. Thankfully, Pauly's much more forgiving. Heh.

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I am so jealous :(


I'm just as jealous. Can I be Grassroots Assistant God or something?


I had a whole stack of mail on top of my bubblepak. I stood in my doorway for a moment, staring at the envelope, wondering "Could it possibly be . . .?"

My eyes wildly looked towards the top left corner. Though most of the envelope was obscured by the other mail, I could still see the neat handwriting unmistakably spelling out "P.Davidson."

I think I wept a few tears of joy.


I rushed home today thinking today was the day and I still didn't get mine. WHAT GIVES? Did I give him the wrong address?


Very well deserved.

i'm totally jealous :)


Kilax, why were you back stateside?

Jacynth, would that make you a Demigod? Sure, why not?

Rabbit, I was jumping. I think my neighbors were about to call the looney bin on me.

Jacquie, you'll get yours soon, I'm sure of it.

Suze, thanks. Just order a copy and you don't have to worry about jealousy.


Completely jealous! I pre-ordered my copy and can't wait to get it!


Kevin, see? All that freaking out and calling me "bastard" for nothing. Bastard.


Alissa, I'm sure you'll get yours soon. Now I've just gotta find the time to read it. I've got three books checked out from the library right now. Yikes!

Karl, meh. No apologies. Heh.


I've had mine for a few days. Totally love it. Of course, I'm still jealous of your personalized version.


I got mine too! Inscribed and everything!! I'm all fluttery and stuff. :)


Jaclyn, how'd you get one that far ahead of the release date and it's not a signed one?

Chase, ain't it cool?


I pre-ordered it from Amazon. I really couldn't believe it when I got the package on Saturday. Makes me feel like I'm cheating or something.


Gotta love those early shipments, eh?

ms. sizzle

well deserved mail, for sure. your brainchild was an awesome feat in grassroots marketing. yay you!


Coooooool. I bet any of us would save your life. Don't let Paul fool you.


Sizzle, thanks!

Belinda, and I would very likely save any one of yours, as well. Thanks!

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