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Since I'm not exactly feeling inspired at the moment (ironic considering I just proclaimed how I rarely struggle for a post topic... go fig), here are a few notes.

MisclivingwithwarNew Music
As sad as this sounds, I still have to buy the latest Pearl Jam album from iTunes. I can't believe that I, the Pearl Jam fan I am, have not yet picked it up. Katie's brother may be sending it my way, too. I think that's why I'm holding out, to see where I get it first.

But has anyone listened to the new Red Hot Chili Peppers album Stadium Arcadium yet? Is it worth buying the whole thing or are there only a few tracks that are worth the download? I'm curious.

I think I may have to pick up the new Neil Young album Living With War. What I've heard sounds pretty good. And it's been a while since I bought an album off iTunes.

Any other good stuff I'm missing out on? Let me know.

Summer Reading List
Each year, the library staff where I work puts out a summer reading brochure containing reviews of books from faculty and staff. When they sent out the e-mail requesting reviews from us, I sent them the link to Fun With Dead Trees and told them to use whatever they wanted to fill in the gaps.

They thanked me with candy.


President Bush
Oh how I cannot stand this guy! Just when you think he can't find any new ways to piss me off, he decides to pre-empt an evening's worth of season finale programming with a press conference about the immigration issue.

You know what? Just give us the bullet points in an online article, Dubya, okay? I can't stand hearing your incomprehensible voice prattling off information that you barely understand. And to do so on a night when I'm trying to watch the finales of How I Met Your Mother and Grey's Anatomy while depending on my TiVo to record 24, I just cannot forgive you.

As a good American, I know I should care, but I just don't. I want to watch my TV shows and not have to deal with you.

And you have now pissed off the networks as well since you're pre-empting a couple of the biggest shows around with a press conference during May Sweeps. That is the time when ratings determine advertising rates for the coming year. I'm sure these networks are none too happy that you are dragging down the ratings for the night with your nonsensical ramblings.

I will admit that the networks managed to deal with it appropriately. They either aired a filler episode in the remainder of the hour around Bush's press conference or they were able to delay their schedule the necessary 20 minutes and got enough notice out to their netlets and the cable providers so that DVRs could reprogram accordingly.

NBC 2006-2007
It's been quite a while since I've had reason to believe in the theory that NBC can actually put together a solid primetime lineup. And with some of the shows they are throwing around for next season, I'm not exactly thinking that next year will be much better.

Apparently, NBC will debut six new dramas in an effort to boost their lagging ratings.

  • Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip featuring Matthew Perry and Bradley Whitford about the behind-the-scenes happenings at a TV variety show. Sounds like it could be interesting, but NBC is already putting all their eggs in this basket, which frightens me. Coupling and Miss/Match, anyone? I'll still give it a shot, I think. Someone in their post-Friends career has got to finally have some luck (aside from Jennifer Aniston whose luck began before leaving the show).
  • Friday Night Lights about a high school football team. Movies about H.S. football? Sure. A television series? Not sure about that one.
  • Kidnapped about the abduction of a teenage boy. While I can understand, and enjoy, a show about investigating the kidnappings of many, different random people -- Without a Trace -- I don't see how you can build a show for an entire season around a single kidnapping.
  • The Black Donnellys about an Irish family involved in organized crime. This could be interesting. I'm sure MadIrishMan will be all over it. But this isn't expected to premiere until January.
  • Heroes about everyday people who discover they have special powers. Ummm... haven't we had enough of this supernatural predilection lately?
  • ... Wondering what #6 is? So am I. The article mentions six new dramas, but only winds up listing five. Go fig, eh?

NBC also has two new comedies coming out: 20 Good Years with John Lithgow and 30 Rock with Tina Fey. I only know that the latter is about a writer (Fey) on a TV variety show. So what, now everyone's going to program about Saturday Night Live-esque shows? That's two for NBC alone. Aye aye aye.

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You are the talk of the town...

May 17
I've received some interesting comments regarding a couple of my recent posts about television and the Prez Bush press conference interrupting shows. It started on Monday a little something like this... Claire: "Be warned that the President has an address...


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Maybe that is President Bush's idea. Ratings will be down when he is on and it could hurt the networks. ;) But, to his credit, this is something he should have been doing 4-5 years ago. I cannot remember a President that has spoken on TV driectly to the public less than GW.

Just a stat I heard. This was the first time GW has spoken to the country from the Oval Office on a domestic issue. Now how bad is that?


How about Grey's last night? This is probably the only show I watch on a consistant basis. Atleast the only one on network TV.

Haven't heard of The Black Donnelly's. The problem I have with this show would be that it will compete with the Soprano's. Atleast, I think that is what people will compare it with. Being Irish and Italian. I hope they both fair well! I think I will go have some pasta and drink a guinness! ;)


I'm so mad I missed Grey's Anatomy last night! I missed a good one, didn't I? D'oh!


I listened to Stadium Arcadium this weekend on a long drive, and was quite pleased. I'm not the best person to ask though, since I love pretty much everything they do. RHCP could release a cover of Barry Manilow songs,and I'd probably like it. I will say disc 2 is better than disc one.

Godsmack has a new album out, too! IV is the best thing I've heard in years. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate it 15. And have a listen to Tool's 10,000 days, which has an intriguing alt-rock-meets-world-music vibe.


I watched Grey's Anatomy last night. ACK! Damn the man and his television shows.

As far as music...ahem...Blue October's new cd, Foiled. Yummy. A few slow songs, but still great. I did hear RHCP's new one is great. The way I heard it "it's like Green Day's new one...without all the politics" :)

Tracy Lynn

That stupid man forced me to miss most of the ball game so that I could watch my shows last night. Bastard. Why can't he prioritize appropriately?! ;-) He did NOT need twenty minutes to say what needed to be said. He could have just dropped it into a commercial space, that would have been way more considerate, and would have allowed me to Tivo AND fast forward through it.


MIM, I agree he should be doing something far more regularly than just once a year. He's a media troll. Just don't interrupt us and our shows. As for Grey's... I gotta say it wasn't as good as I was hoping. The season-ending cliffhanger just didn't cut it for me. I seriously think Sunday's episode would have been a much better cliffhanger than Monday's episode.

Elaine, you missed it! Noooooooo!!!! Not as good as Sunday's episode, but still entirely watchable.

SJ, not a big Godsmack fan, but that Tool album sounds interesting. May have to give it a shot.

Chase, that's not the best way to sell me on RHCP.

Tracy, wouldn't that be the perfect way to do it? Have a commercial-style ad for what you want to say. Take a couple minutes during the commercial break and offer up more information in a dedicated on-demand channel through all cable/satellite networks as well as a Web site where a video feed of this and past press conferences can be viewed. If you do this on a regular basis, people become more accustomed to you, you won't be accused of snubbing the press like Bush so often is, and you don't piss off TV viewers with over-extended television appearances once a year.

Ooooohhhh... I've got a post idea for tomorrow!


Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was created and is written by Aaron Sorkin. If you are going to put all your eggs in one basket, his would be the one you want! :-)

ms. sizzle

they rewarded you with candy? sweet!

(oooh, bad pun. sorry!)

i feel ya on the dubya. i canNOT watch him. i heard he had a "five tier plan" and was shocked to learn he could count that high. then i was informed he was reading from a telepromter. ahhh! wouldn't it be weird to have a president people actually wanted to listen to and feel inspired by? i hope in my lifetime i get to experience that.


Hahaha!! Sorry, Kevin - I didn't know. I'm not a fan of Green Day OR RHCP...so it doesn't matter to me either way. LOL (sorry)



Dave, true. But it seems like anytime NBC banks an entire season on one show, they get bit in the ass. Joey, anyone? Although their reliance on My Name is Earl this year did pay off.

Sizzle, you "heard" he had a five-tier plan? Or you actually "heard" him talk about it? Just saying you have a five-tier plan doesn't automatically mean you can count that high. Ha.

Chase, I wouldn't expect you to know. That was a pretty old post on my part. And I admire you for not being a fan. Of Green Day, that is.


mmm. everyone should thank people with candy.

between your guy south of our border, and the your-guy wannabe we've got up here, my head hurts after watching the news every night now.


I was wondering if you would be ranting about Dubya... It threw me off totally!!! 24 Season Finale... I can't wait...then I can get on with my life (until next season... )
Are they planning on showing DPs funeral next week??? Didn't he only die less than 24 hours ago? I was ranting about that to hubs last night but he was like "Jax? It's just a TV show"


I heard that when Lorne Michaels found out about Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, he was PISSED -- since the show is essentially a thinly veiled look at a SNL-ish show -- and that's why they gave another SNL-er a show, to keep the peace.


Suze, the news depresses the hell out of me. Even when they try to focus on fluff topics, it still depresses me.

Jacquie, oh I'm all caught up. I doubt they'll show the funeral. There's too much else that needs to be resolved. Besides, the funeral of a former Prez would take far more planning than just 23 hours. Howsabout Martha Logan? Rock on, girl!

Sandra, I can understand him being pissed. Guess Tina Fey doesn't have to worry about being canceled anytime soon, eh?


I hadn't heard of The Black Donnelly's but I feel it must be the story of my life since my family was involved in organized crime (in Ireland... a long time ago... and that's my story and I'm sticking to it) and we are Donnellys! :)


Kevin, can you email me and let me know what happened on How I Met Your Mother? Fox was the only network smart enough to adjust their programming schedule so that the DVR would record properly, so I saw the end of HIMYM and some of the beginning (since the DVR thought it was taping King of Queens) but I missed the middle. I want to know what happened with Lily and Marshall! Won't say more, don't want to ruin it for anyone.


Studio 60 is my new favourite show that I havn'e seen yet (purely for the Aaron Sorkin connection). When The West Wing runs out here in 12 weeks time it'll be a nailbiting wait waiting to see who is going to pick it up here! And how long it'll take them to put it on. And what silly time they'll put it on... Oh, it's gonna be a mess...


I second everyone else who is already loving Studio 60 (obviously, I mean I posted about it a few days ago). The Tina Fey one sounds good too. They're both different while being the same and I hope it doesn't oversaturate the market. But if I had to choose one to back it would be Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 all the way!


Bre, uncanny. I smell a defamation lawsuit in the works. ;-)

Nicole, will do.

Bec and Nicole, while I know you are in complete support of it, I'm a bit more wary. That's just how I am with new shows. It looks promising, but I refuse to commit myself to it fully this early in the game. Usually, when I do that, the show either winds up to be crap (Coupling, Miss/Match) or it's damn good but with crap ratings and gets canceled (Karen Sisco). That's just my luck, though.


I'll probably pick up the Jam album on iTunes. I've had quite a lot to say about PJ in the past cuz I think they made a lot of bad career moves. Yeah, they have a cult following, but in my opinion, they really blew it. I heard two songs on the new album, and I dug it. I'll probably pass on the Neil Young, since part of my problem with PJ is that they kept sticking Neil Young in my face.

Most new music sucks donkey balls, in my opinion. (I have lots of opinions today.) If you want me to suggest what you should have been listening to a decade or so ago, I can do that with ease.


Please do give me some ideas. There are some that I'm sure to have already, but others I likely do not.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl0isLMhhkY - it may not be up forever but it's the Studio 60 Promo... Am giddy...


I can't get it to come up. May have been taken down. Bummer. But that night is going to suck for TV. Grey's Anatomy is being moved to that night to compete with Studio 60, CSI, and The O.C. Ouch.


Loooooooove Neil Young.
Must check out this "Grey's Anatomy" of which you speak. I'm recently realizing how freakin' out of touch I am with current TV programs...


I've only been a Neil Young fan for a few years now. He's good. It just took me a while to discover him. And it's not necessarily a bad thing that you're out of touch with TV. Some might argue it's a good thing.

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