Nub yub!
Papa's got a brand new bag...

Empty head feels good, yeah...

I hate the fact that I wanted to get the information about my copy of The Lost Blogs and the announcement about the Star Wars DVDs out in such a timely manner. Yes, it led to double posting on each of those days because I already had a post up before each of those. Which also translates to way too much text for all of you to read. For that, I apologize.

But what is the other side effect of this timeliness?

I have nothing to say today. N-O-T-H-I-N-G! My mind is a tabula rasa. And not by choice, either.

So I think I'm going to spend a little time today posting about some of the blogs that I've started frequenting since the last time I did a Blogger Spotlight feature here at Looking back, that was way the heck back in the beginning of November... and my blogroll has grown mightily since that time. If it comes down to it, this might be broken down into two posts.

Starting at the top of my blogroll and moving down...

Ah Nicole. You were one of Lost Blogger buddies and I've been a fan of your site since that time. I always find it interesting to hear what someone who is from the U.S. and living abroad has to say. There's always a pretty interesting perspective to be read on your site. And I do love the redesign.

86 Tips?
Chicago Jackie is a former waitress who is now working at getting herself into medical school. And her journey is a lot of fun to read about. Check it out.

Afraid of Diving
Jump right in to Nat's blog. She, like me, will write about whatever she wants as it strikes her. And it's pretty damn fun to read. Plus, she's a diehard Pearl Jam fan... how can you not respect that?

Carly Milne
I wholly blame Sandra for introducing me to Carly's infectious writing. And infectious it most certainly is. She's a professional writer having worked for several magazines and writing a book of her own. She's currently at work on another book and chronicling some of the occasional difficulties she's encountered along the way.

Citizen of the Month
Everybody... and I mean "everybody"... knows Neil Kramer. Or so it would seem when you examine random blogrolls across the Web. He's everywhere. And for good reason, he's one fine writer (I mean that in a purely professional sense, of course; I don't want Sophia to think I'm hitting on him). If you haven't checked his site out already, click on over.

This is getting long, so let's move some of these to the extended post...

Cotters in my Tummy
Dustin is one of a seemingly growing number of NYC bloggers whose sites I'm frequenting lately. He just recently found my site, although I'm not quite sure how, but I won't complain. He commented here, I commented there, and now we're just cross-commenting fools. Again, he's another "write what you will" blogger and that's why I like his site.

Creative Wanna-B
Some of you already know her as You Don't Know Jax, well this is her new name and redesigned blog. Jax is also a Lost Blogger whose site I continue to frequent. As she likes to say, she's in her self-discovery phase and is still playing around with the look of her site. But, she's got a lot of great things to say and I think you'll dig her.

Brandon is one funny cat and a Lost Blogger to boot. The man can rant and rave better than just about anybody and his site never ceases to crack me up.

Egg in Spoon
There must be something about women named Jill and very poetic and introspective writing (see Jill Writes below). Jill is one of those bloggers who is an enviable wordsmith and very worth checking out.

Emprëss of Mëtal
Eve is a metal chick and a Star Wars freak. Need I say more? I didn't think so. So get over there and check out what she has to say!

Gary Said
Gary is a tech geek and it shows. That's why I love his site. Anytime some big new geek-related announcement pops up, it will wind up on his site. Plus his Egypt photos rock.

Have You Seen My Camel?
Bec is my Brit blog buddy. She's also a fellow geek and, being several hours ahead of me, tends to get some news before I'm even awake. Damn you.

I Love Diet Soda
I think Elaine and I found each other's sites through Johnny and now we're regulars. Yes, this woman truly does love her diet soda and presents a lot of information and product news about our bubbly friend as well as other food news and random trivia. While you may be thinking, "soda blog? meh." you really shouldn't disregard it. Her site is incredibly fascinating to read. I particularly like her post on the Cult of Diet Coke.

Inspired by a True Story
Dean has been a blogger for just a little less time than I, but, together with Postmodern Sass, has put together a great little side project in Carnival of the Mundane. If you know CotM, then why not drop by Dean's site and show him some blog love?

Jill Writes
Wow! I love Jill's site. She's a New Yorker who can put together words with such adept eloquence that I am in awe. Don't forget she's also a Lost Blogger and a scifi geek (who else could blog about a man she's infatuated with and intertwine it with SW references? Not I. Katie would really worry then.)

Okay, that's enough for this post, me thinks. I'll be back on Sunday with the letters K-X. I'm in serious shock how many great bloggers I've discovered just since November. It's a bit scary.