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Empty head feels good, yeah (part 2)...

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I'd like to spend a little time today highlighting the rest of my favorite blogs as listed in my blogroll in the left menubar. Feel free to click on through to any or all of them to find out for yourself why I like them so much.

Kaply, Inc.
Tracy Lynn is a fellow Carnie over at CotM. That would be how I discovered her writing. She's quite the interesting sort of lady and will blog about anything that comes to mind. You gotta love it.

Ms. Sizzle Says
Sizz is my girl! I can easily count her as one of the best bloggers on my roll and I look forward to each and every one of her posts. But what's great about her is that she lives for feedback. Many bloggers just see comments on their posts and move on. She responds. Reader respect is something that tends to be lacking amongst many bloggers. Thankfully, almost every one of the blogs I read has a very reader-oriented blogger behind it.

Ninja Poodles!
I think, but am not absolutely positive, that I discovered Ninja Poodles from the Lost Blogger campaign. While her site is dedicated to anything, including her family, home, and garden, at the heart of her site lies her uber-stealthy dogs o' doom. And I love those stories. She's also my fellow book signature collector.

Not Content to Crawl
Let's see if I can recall the roundabout way we met... Nicole found my Flickr account and left a comment on a photo quite some time ago. I went to her Flickr site and found a link to her blog. Then I started commenting, she started commenting, and now she's one of only four Chicago-area bloggers I know. Considering how many NYC and California bloggers I know, I find it quite odd I don't know more from Chicago. Anyway, check her site out. She's got some great insight into family life and her photo site is incredible as well.

Postmodernes Sprachspielen
Postmodern Sass, or PoMo Sass for short, is the other brain behind Carnival of the Mundane. And, to be honest, that was how I discovered her. Funny how Six Degrees of Blogging works. I found Citizen of the Month through someone's site; he was a CotM participant, which got me interested; I participated and found Sass' site as a result. But she's a great wordsmith and definitely worth a read.

Secondhand Tryptophan
Karl is also a fellow Lost Blogger and, if we get off our lazy butts, my co-author. Heh. But his site is very akin to my own... full of rants and raves about any number of topics. And I find myself in some strange mindlink with him as it seems we are contemplating similar topics on any number of occasions. Kinda freaky.

There are a bunch more in the extended post... 

T.aller T.han A.verage T.ales
Claire is another great hyphenate in the world of blogging... she's an incredible writer and photographer. And she does include a number of her original photos on her blog. I love visiting.

Take Me As I Blog
Even though she's part of the Alissa-Sandra cult o' bloggers, I will have to admit that she's the final one of the three that I discovered. But that does not mean I like her any less. This is a woman not afraid to put it all out there on the line for us to read and you've gotta respect that dedication to the craft. And she, like the rest of the cult, has some great stories to tell.

Taste the World
I really enjoy my fellow Lost Blogger, Chase. She's got incredible wit and insight into the human condition, and, even though she claims otherwise currently, she's a very interesting read.

Two Thoughts Before the Epiphany
Go check out Rabbit as she hops through the garden of life and blogs about it every step of the way. I really dig on her tales of life with G.I. Guy.

Who Do I Have to F&%# to Get Laid
Like Sizzle, Mikey is a Santa Cruzer and his blog can address anything at any time. I really enjoy Mikey's writings and he's just a genuinely good guy. And considering all that he has experienced in life, he has a lot to say and is more than willing to share.

Work in Progress...
Okay, while I have yet to completely buy into her theory that the bad stuff in life will always be followed by good (the announcement of Star Wars on DVD better not be the only way that karma is repaying Katie and me for our car problems earlier in the week), I do love Suze's writing. Plus, several of her posts lately have seemed rather inspiring to me in their simple complexity. She has a great outlook on life and it rubs off on you. Damn her.

Xtine, another New York girl, lives the life that I want. Concert hopping and writing about her experiences enhanced with photos of the events. I found her through Dave when we were hot off our Depeche Mode concertgoing. However, Xtine has trumped us both by seeing their shows at Coachella and in Paris. Typically I need a bib when reading her posts. It can be messy.

If there's one thing I've noticed, it's that I tend to prefer blogs that don't really have one over-arching theme. I guess I'm Seinfeldian in that way. I love reading about the randomness in life and knowing that I'm not the only one out there willing to wear his heart on his sleeve as a blogger. Even the ones that you might think are singular in scope (I Love Diet Soda and Gary Said) are far from that. There is so much complexity to all these bloggers and their writings. That's why I enjoy reading them so much.

Okay, I'm tired. I've made a lot of new blog buddies and I think I'm going to have to start being rather standoffish or, the next time I try one of these spotlights, it's going to take me a week to finish.


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aww. that's sweet :) it's always nice to get an ego stroke, especially when life has yet to follow this crap it's been throwing at me with the good stuff I have coming ;)


While G.I. Guy doesn't know that I have a blog, I've sent him copies of many of my entries. He enjoys my writing but he frequently says, "You write whole stories about NOTHING!"

But aren't those the best kind?


Love ya, man! ;)

Most of these are daily reads for me, too. Lost Bloggers opened me up to a whole slew of wonderful writers! (Including you, mister!) :)

Thanks for the shoutout. But really...I'm writing CRAP lately! *sigh*

Tracy Lynn

Thanks for the love, Kev. I, too, prefer blogs that are all about 'stuff'. I like to see other people's viewpoints on things, to see if I am as crazy as I think I am. Surprisingly, I'm generally not., Or at least, I'm not alone in my crazy.

Either way, I'm entertained. And since I found you through the Carnival... All Hail the Carnival Of The Mundane!


Carnival of the Mundane? What is this? How am I not part of it? How am I not the PRESIDENT of it?

Thanks for the shout-out, but seriously...the last thing I need is MORE good blogs to fall behind on. Geez, man, THINK before you inflict this upon me.


Aw (or is it, aww?), thanks, Kevin.

I've got photos on the brain these days, so I'll probably think to actually post some this week.

Postmodern Sass

Awww, I blush, thank you. But I am not a brain behind much; certainly not behind the Carnival of the Mundane. That's all Dean's idea. I just help out, by doing things like this: Hey, readers of Kapgar, if you're interested in contributing to, or hosting, the Carnival of the Mundane, the only blog carnival to have its own blog, visit

ms. sizzle

yay for me! i am kevin's girl!!



Suze, you're welcome.

Rabbit, you bet your sweet bippy they're the best kind. Sorry, I'm throwing back to my H.S. football days with that "sweet bippy" comment. One of my coaches said it all the time.

Chase, I told everyone you'd say that. But people keep reading, don't they? So it's not crap to all of us.

Tracy Lynn, all hail!

Karl, so click over there and check it out. You'd love it.

Claire, nothing wrong with photos. Especially with how good yours are.

PoMo Sass, considering how late I jumped on the CotM bandwagon, you could've said that you were responsible for the whole enchilada and Dean is just your lackey and I wouldn't have been the wiser. Nice plug, BTW. I may switch that over to a link just to make life easier for everyone reading.

Sizz, you know it!


If you were here I'd give you a big fat kiss. Then on second thought you would bitch slap me if I did!!! Thanks for the props!!


I guess that would depend on where you were planning on planting that kiss, big guy. Heh. I wouldn't bitch slap you. I might wear a hockey mask if it was a particularly sloppy kiss. But no bitch slap.


Ooh, i feel so loved!


Most definitely.


Hey thanks for the link... although that isn't exactly how we met. I think I found your blog via Blogography and then left a link to my site via a comment. I could be wrong, but I know it wasn't via Flickr because there's no link to the blog there, just to my photo site. Just my little effort to keep away the real life friends, although I'm sure someday they will find me. :)


Really? I thought it was. You found me on Blogography? Hmmm... who was it I found on Flickr? I'm so confused.

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