Find one hundred ways...

Here I am going against every fiber of my being and doing a 100 Things meme about myself. Hope you're in it for the long haul...

  1. My name is Kevin and I was born in upstate New York.
  2. My middle name is the same as my dad's, although he uses it as his first name.
  3. I have also lived in Kentucky, Connecticut, Illinois, and Iowa.
  4. All told, I've lived in Illinois longer than the other four combined.
  5. I hope to always live in Illinois - Chicago is the greatest city on the face of the Earth.
  6. Although there are other places I wouldn't mind living if the right opportunity presented itself.
  7. I have been employed at my current job for nearly six years.
  8. My anniversary is 9/11. The actual unfortunate events of that day marked my first anniversary here.
  9. I do many differen tthings here at work and I always joke that my business card should read "renaissance man."
  10. Sadly, it does not.
  11. I have two college degrees.
  12. The skills I earned my degrees for are not used in my current job.
  13. In fact, most of what I do was learned OTJ (On The Job).
  14. I'm really not sure if that's a testament to my adaptability or a condemnation of my indecisiveness.
  15. Funny thing is that there are still many things I'd like to try.
  16. I really want to learn some more computing languages to round out my "abilities."
  17. I want to be a more capable graphic designer.
  18. I would love to be a published writer, outside of what I do at work.
  19. I'd also like to fine tune my photographic skills.
  20. I'm a licensed EMT-Basic, but I never did anything with my certification.
  21. I've got a 4.0 GPA in my M.B.A. program, but I feel like I haven't earned it.
  22. I have a degree in Spanish, but barely speak it.
  23. Puedo sobrevivir en un pais Hispanohablante.
  24. And this knowledge has given me a basic understanding of Italian, French, and Portuguese.
  25. I also took some German in college.
  26. To quote Stephen Collins (yes, the dad from 7th Heaven) in a recent interview, "I am a jack of all trades and a master of none."
  27. I'm a music freak.
  28. I will listen to just about anything once.
  29. No genre is safe from my prying ears.
  30. Oddly, though, I never started to develop a personal taste in music until I was 12 or 13 years old.
  31. Despite this love of music, I can't play an instrument to save my life. Not well, at least.
  32. Throughout the course of my life, I have played electric and acoustic guitar, electric and upright bass, harmonica, and flutophone... yet none of them particularly well.
  33. I prefer to leave the music to the pros.
  34. My first concert ever was Kenny Rogers and Crystal Gayle in Lexington, KY, with my parents.
  35. I didn't go to my next concert until a half a decade later and it was Huey Lewis and the News with my mom.
  36. In 1989, I saw Motley Crue on their Dr. Feelgood tour; it changed me forever and I was a freak for live music shows from that point on.
  37. Until the cheap seats started costing about the same as a low-end iPod.
  38. Now I just listen to the music on my iPod.
  39. I'm also a movie and book whore and run Web sites with reviews of each.
  40. While I've gone so far as to upgrade my book review site to blog format, my movie site has fallen a bit behind.
  41. I haven't updated the movie site in more than three months and I'm 13 reviews behind.
  42. I've run out of ways to say, "this movie is crap."
  43. I, seemingly, have not run out of ways to talk about books, though.
  44. But I've only written 150 of them as opposed to more than 1,000 movie reviews.
  45. I grew up a Star Wars geek and still am to some degree.
  46. the prequel trilogy did chill my fandom a bit, although I'm not nearly as opposed to them as some people are.
  47. My favorite of the bunch is The Empire Strikes Back.
  48. I collected nearly all the action figures as a kid.
  49. I still have all the ones I collected.
  50. My dad and I used to play a game where I'd be blindfolded and ID the figures by feel.
  51. I never got under 95% right.
  52. Princess Leia was a dead giveaway.
  53. Miscgoldbikini Like most men my age, I have had the gold bikini fantasy.
  54. 54 is Brian Urlacher's jersey number.
  55. He's a great player, one of the best ever.
  56. But I still don't forgive him for dating Paris Hilton... bitch slut whore tramp.
  57. I do not suffer from Tourette's Syndrome.
  58. Urlacher's Chicago Bears are my favorite team in my favorite sport.
  59. I wasn't always a pro football fan, though.
  60. My high school football coach ruined the game for me.
  61. It wasn't until my father-in-law and brother-in-law took me to my first NFL game (Bears v. Buccaneers in 2000) that I became a fan again.
  62. Now I'm a Bears nut; Katie likes watching them, too.
  63. But I'm also a closet Pittsburgh fan.
  64. Nearly my entire famiily is from the 'Burgh.
  65. I was very happy when the Steelers won the last Super Bowl.
  66. I'm also a baseball fan and I root for the Cubs.
  67. My baseball passion is not what it once was.
  68. Probably because the Cubs suck and show no signs of improvement.
  69. But I still root for them.
  70. I grew up a N.Y. Yankees fan.
  71. I was born in New York, so I'm excused.
  72. I could give a rat's ass about them anymore.
  73. I hate when teams buy championships.
  74. I know I've told the story before, but Katie and I met when we were in college.
  75. I was her Hall Director. I abused my executive privilege. Heh.
  76. We were dating less than three months when we went on our first vacation to San Francisco.
  77. Of course, my brother and mother were on the trip with us.
  78. We loved S.F. so much, we went back a year later.
  79. We're supposed to go again this August. Stay tuned for details.
  80. I love Katie and would go to the ends of the Earth with her.
  81. Even if she does think I'm cheating on her with our iMac.
  82. Admittedly, blogging is my mistress.
  83. I enjoy it far more than I ever thought possible. But hey, Katie knits, I blog.
  84. In one month, I will have blogged every day for a solid year. Quite a feat in my mind.
  85. I've only rarely struggled for a topic.
  86. Writer's block is a bitch slut whore tramp.
  87. Maybe I do suffer from Tourette's.
  88. I've only met one blogger in person - Dave.
  89. That may soon change. Details forthcoming.
  90. There are a ton more that I want to meet.
  91. And I've got some real-life friends who I think would make great bloggers. Gotta work on them.
  92. I told myself a while back that I never wanted to do a 100 Things post.
  93. I really don't know why I finally relented.
  94. I never thought I could find enough to say.
  95. Now I feel like I could go on for another 100 Things.
  96. Even if these last several are fluff.
  97. But isn't this entire post just that? Fluff?
  98. It was a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
  99. The other good thing about a post like this is I can use it as a starting point for newcomers to the site.
  100. God bless memes.

Did you learn something? Anything?

Was it worth reading through to the end or did you glaze over at about #25? I tried to make it interesting, I swear. But, well, I'm not all that interesting a guy.

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You know what? You're such a good writer that even the "fluff" items are telling.

I'm so calling my agent friend and giving him your name. I mean, if I had an agent friend I would.

ms. sizzle

i like how, near the end, it sort of became like a numbered stream of consciousness.

yay for your 110 things!


I glazed a bit but came back in at 86 when I saw some of my favorite words ever.

Is it just me or did I glaze over 101-110, too? Man, I gotta go back and read them again.

Tracy Lynn

Very nice, Kev. I actually paid attention all the way through, but then I'm like that. I find you interesting.
OK, well, actually I find you amusing, but that counts too, right?


I actually read the entire thing and I have a short attention span! Did you know Huey Lewis and The News is playing this summer? Gonna go see them? ;)


I learned that I met you and more details are forthcoming!

I had completed my "100 Things" meme for months and never bothered posting it because I didn't think anybody would want to read it. Finally, while jet-lagged in London, I got tagged with the meme for the 100th time and just went ahead and posted the dang thing.

It went on to be one of my most popular entries. So much so that I ended up creating a separate tab for it in my navigation bar. I really should update it one of these days. :-)


Wasn't bored at all -- but I do have to say that my favorite thing is that you quoted Stephen Collins.


I picked up a few new tidbits. What's a flutophone?

I've yet to do the 100 things myself but was also thinking it might be a good intro for newcomers. Not up to it today though, so we'll see.


You've blogged ever day for a year?! That's just... cool... I have these glaring holes in my calendar where the not linkable date kinda glares at me in a 'you don't love me' way...


Speaking of Stephen Collins... remember "Tales of the Gold Monkey?" I used to love that show.


You forgot the licorice!!! Let me know when you and Katie are in S.F.!


I was a huge Star Wars freak in middle school. Then Episode 1 came out and I disowned the whole franchise. I consider myself a fan now, but I don't think I can achieve that level of frenzy again. The Empire Strikes back is my favorite too! I'm secretly in love with Han Solo. Well, not so secretly I guess.


Wow, every time I see this meme I realize that there's no way on earth I could complete it. I'd get to maybe #30 and then realize there just aren't that many interesting things about me.


SJ, can you get one and become friends with him/her? Heh.

Sizzle, after reading some of these, I just assumed the numbered stream of consciousness was the way to do it. Seems like everyone is doing it that way.

Mocha, at least I now know how to get your attention.

Tracy, interesting... amusing... po-tay-toh... po-tah-toh.

Nicole, nope, not going to see them. Once was enough. It's been so long that I don't know if I'd even remember their music. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I'd remember. Probably every last word.

Dave, I never actually got tagged with it, but I always found it interesting to read those memes on other peoples' sites, including yours. Finally caved. We met?

Sandra, I figured you and Alissa might like that one.

Claire, flutophone was the name given for a recorder where I lived. Remember those little flute-like instruments that you have to learn in fourth grade before you can join band? That thing.

Bec, I use my calendar to keep me honest. Once I hit June 18, it's gone. That's the only reason it's still there... to make sure I keep posting every day.

Dave, "Tales of the Gold Monkey"? Never heard of it. What was it about?

Mikey, damn, you're right! I will let you know. I was planning on it anyway.

Jaclyn, I think every red-blooded woman was in love with Han Solo.

Karl, I didn't think I'd make it past 20. So I say you give it a try.


Very interesting what yu can learn about somebody in 100 sentences. Apparently from all the comments this was a popular entry so now you can feel vindicated!


Well, vindication wasn't what I was shooting for. But I do feel better knowing that people stuck with the post through to the end.


Queen Star Week Geekess right here. Proof. Empire is my favorite, too. And not EVERY red-blooded woman was in love with Han Solo; I loved Luke, still do.

Dig the 100.


I know you're a SW geek. Didn't need the proof. I've read it enough times in your posts already. ;-)

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