Mama said...
That's why she fell for the leader of the pack...

Just leave it alone...

Am I antisocial?

I sometimes find myself debating this question mentally. It seems I quite often have an overwhelming desire to just retreat within myself and ponder whatever random thought I may have at that moment in relative solitude.

And I am quite content to do so.

Sometimes this process may only take a few minutes; other times, it can take hours.

And the worst thing that a person can possibly do during this time is to interrupt me.

Really quick interruptions are fine. Things happen and information needs to be conveyed and it, perhaps, cannot wait until I emerge from my protective cocoon. But, what I find happening more often than not, is the relayer of the information will drag out the conveyance process for a looooong time instead of just giving me the abbreviated version of what's going on or they will break into a bout of small talk as though dragging me out of my bubble kicking and screaming is their own personal crusade and I will be all the better a person for it.

Why do people act this way? Why is it so bad to want to be alone from time to time?

I'm not always like this. I just have my moments where my best company is, well, me. I do, quite often, like the company of other people. Friends are a great thing; sometimes, the best thing. And I'll be the first to jump in on a conversation about the probable box office take of X-Men III or how Stephen King writes killer short stories but cannot sustain an entire novel to save his life (not anymore, at least).

However, on those occasions when I am clearly attempting to steer our conversation to the end of the track instead of whipping around for another spin, please respect that. And don't act as though I'm putting you off. Really, I swear it's nothing personal. I may just have some weighty thoughts I'm trying to make sense of (and, no, I likely don't want to share them, either). Or I might be debating the pros and cons of some pending decision. There is also the possibility that I'm "in the zone" on a project I'm working on. Don't mess with a person on a mission.

Is this a human way of acting or is it just me?

Do any of you have similar desires for solitude? How do you deal with interruptions?

Perhaps this is just a "man thing" thus explaining why we males are renowned for doing our best thinking "on the can."

Things that make you go hmmm...