Mama said...

First, I'd like to wish my mom a happy 60th birthday. As you might recall, we had the party for her back in April, so you can visit that post for some photos.

Happy birthday Mom. We love you.

On the topic of moms, Katie and I are going to take part in a charity 5K walk a couple hours from now to benefit Huntington's Disease, I think. I'm assuming it's Huntington's because we were asked if we wanted to do this walk in honor of our friend's mom who died of the disease about two years ago.

Katie and I have never done a charity walk before. We have no idea what to expect and we had very little notice (we just found out this past Wednesday) so we're definitely not getting any sponsors, I'm sure. But, if it all works out well, maybe we'll do these more often. It would be pretty cool.

So wish us luck.

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Tracy Lynn

Hey, charity walks are fun. You guys will have a good time, and next year you can get sponsers. This year...well, just consider yourselves the support team.


Good luck, these things are pretty fun, a few diehards... only advice is to stick near the back of the pack. Like the bus, it's where the cool people hang...


You and Katie will have sooo much fun. Oh yeah take a good pair of walking shoes.


Cool...good luck, Kevin and Katie. Don't break a leg.


That is an awesome thing to do! I hope you have fun! :)


Good luck!


Tracy Lynn, yes, it was fun. It didn't look like they were actively having people find sponsors. Just pay an entry fee and that was it.

Nat, it was. We actually wound up starting our walk a half hour earlier than everyone else. We were told it started at one time and then the coordinators told us it was actually an hour later. Our friends had to be somewhere, so we all started early. Glad we did when we saw the throng of people coming at us on our return trip to the starting line.

Mikey, we had good ones. Unfortunately it was an unpaved walking path. Street hikers would've been better. C'est la vie.

Karl, we didn't. Thankfully.

Kilax, we did. It was a lot of fun.

Nicole, thanks! It went pretty well.

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