Nub yub!

Holy shit. It's actually happening. The world is coming to an end.


They're releasing the uncut, theatrical versions of the original Star Wars trilogy on DVD this September!

There are some questions about what kind of quality it will be. But who really cares? They're the originals! And they're official!

I'm just in complete and utter shock.

I never thought this day would actually happen.

Slap me silly and call me Han.

Thanks to Bec for the head's up and all my boys (and girls) at for the additional info!

And they've got a pretty cool T-shirt available to commemorate the occasion!


Oh, thank the maker!

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May 5
I hate the fact that I wanted to get the information about my copy of The Lost Blogs and the announcement about the Star Wars DVDs out in such a timely manner. Yes, it led to double posting on each...


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I have no problem slapping you silly. Well, you are already silly. I'll just slap you and enjoy it. Any info on how much it will cost?


Ooo... t-shirt...
The site says attractively priced - for who?


OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been waiting and praying for this and I never thought it would happen! HORRAY!!!

Dammit Kevin, you always know everything before me!




I want a T-shirt with Chewbacca on the front that says "Can't bend this Wookie!"


MIM, I'm guessing it'll be priced around $60-80 considering each movie is a two-disc set in and of itself.

Bec, for them of course?

Kilax, yeah, but I was about the 300th poster at after the news broke. So I was well behind.

Jill, amen! And you're a Star Wars girl. Love you.

Dustin, you should definitely market that one! Cafepress?

ms. sizzle

i dig that shirt.

ms. sizzle

i dig that shirt.

Pauly D

Lucasfilm is just making more money off all of us. I hate them I hate them I hate them.


Looks like we will be together at the end of the world, since our brains are linked!


Sizzle, it is a nice shirt. I may have to splurge.

Pauly, he's been making money off me for far longer than I care to admit. But, at least I stood by my refusal to give him any money for the DVD set that came out in 2004. Never bought it, never rented it, never nothing. For that, I'm proud.

Eve, great minds...


Sweet. Good to know when my vhs copies wear out, I'll be able to replace them with dvds.


I still love my VHS copies, though. With Star Wars, there's just something nice about the VHS quality. Kinda like listening to the Beatles of vinyl as opposed to CD (vinyl being my preference). And this despite not having a connected VCR. Hmmm... never thought about what a problem that might cause. Good thing we haven't gotten rid of them yet. The VCRs, that is.


Most of my movie/tv collection is on VHS. I taped so much stuff back when Bravo and IFC had movies with no ads. The tapes just don't hold up that well over time though, and mine are not getting any help by being in storage at the moment.


I used to record off those extended cable stations all the time. I had a huge collection of movies. Sadly, I never really watched many of them beyond the initial recording. And now they don't work so well. Something about hot to cold to hot to cold, etc., not being good for videotape.

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