Empty head feels good, yeah...
Empty head feels good, yeah (part 2)...

Papa's got a brand new bag...

I decided I wanted a unique meme to do today, so I did a Google BlogSearch and found this little jobber from a blogger named Helen in Malaysia.

It's the What's In My Bag meme and your mission, should you choose to accept it (c'mon, with M:I-3 coming out this weekend, you didn't see that one coming a mile away?), is to list all the crap you carry in your bag. Be it a purse, messenger bag (like me), backpack, briefcase, etc.

Here goes...

MiscpostitflagsWhat's In My Bag:

  1. The book I'm currently reading - Marley & Me by John Grogan
  2. The next book I plan to finish reading - The Lost Blogs by Paul Davidson; I tend to keep a back-up book in my bag in case I finish one and need something else to start
  3. Two books on CSS coding
  4. Two CDs of photos from my SLR shoots around town
  5. A package of clear plastic screen covers for PDAs, iPods, etc.
  6. My lucky pen/pencil/PDA stylus
  7. Two USB thumbdrives
  8. A thumbdrive extension cable
  9. Post-It flags - those things are ridiculously handy
  10. Extra pencil leads and erasers
  11. Business cards - no, they do not read "Overlord of Hell"... damn
  12. A Metra train schedule, despite the fact I do not commute to work by train
  13. One or two direct deposit pay stubs from work, maybe more
  14. My Palm Pilot
  15. A tin from Altoids Soft Chews that I use to transport my iPod earbuds so they don't get knotted, tangled, or torn
  16. A little bit of paperwork
  17. A clipboard
  18. One extra pen
  19. My passport and I have no idea why; I think I used it for ID one time and just never took it out of my bag

That's a lot of crap. Time to clean.

Well, you all know how it goes around here... no tags. Steal at will.