Empty head feels good, yeah...
Empty head feels good, yeah (part 2)...

Papa's got a brand new bag...

I decided I wanted a unique meme to do today, so I did a Google BlogSearch and found this little jobber from a blogger named Helen in Malaysia.

It's the What's In My Bag meme and your mission, should you choose to accept it (c'mon, with M:I-3 coming out this weekend, you didn't see that one coming a mile away?), is to list all the crap you carry in your bag. Be it a purse, messenger bag (like me), backpack, briefcase, etc.

Here goes...

MiscpostitflagsWhat's In My Bag:

  1. The book I'm currently reading - Marley & Me by John Grogan
  2. The next book I plan to finish reading - The Lost Blogs by Paul Davidson; I tend to keep a back-up book in my bag in case I finish one and need something else to start
  3. Two books on CSS coding
  4. Two CDs of photos from my SLR shoots around town
  5. A package of clear plastic screen covers for PDAs, iPods, etc.
  6. My lucky pen/pencil/PDA stylus
  7. Two USB thumbdrives
  8. A thumbdrive extension cable
  9. Post-It flags - those things are ridiculously handy
  10. Extra pencil leads and erasers
  11. Business cards - no, they do not read "Overlord of Hell"... damn
  12. A Metra train schedule, despite the fact I do not commute to work by train
  13. One or two direct deposit pay stubs from work, maybe more
  14. My Palm Pilot
  15. A tin from Altoids Soft Chews that I use to transport my iPod earbuds so they don't get knotted, tangled, or torn
  16. A little bit of paperwork
  17. A clipboard
  18. One extra pen
  19. My passport and I have no idea why; I think I used it for ID one time and just never took it out of my bag

That's a lot of crap. Time to clean.

Well, you all know how it goes around here... no tags. Steal at will.


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Johnny C.

I think you should make that "Over Lord of Hell" picture, your blog user pic.

I think it will scare off the republicans. You might even get more publicity out it, because they might picket the outside of your house with signs that say "Kevin, is the Over Lord of Hell. Don't read his blog."

Yeah, I know i'm retarded, but then again, the crazies don't like Harry Potter.Seriously, How can you hate Harry Potter and think it's evil?

Anyway, this is the longest comment i've ever left on here.

Have a good weekend!

ms. sizzle

i am so very frightened to look in my bag. i wil have to skip this one. it's a black pit of lost and forgotten items!


Hmm. I'm not carrying a bag these days; I manage mostly with what's in my pockets (clean lines--such as they apply to pants-- be damned!).


:( I don't carry anything but what can fit in my pocket. But if I did, I bet at some point there'd be a beagle in it.


Damn, Johnny C beat me to the header for your blog.. but I would add Over Lord Of Hell Mid West Division. With tag line "Blogged on The Trident Communcations system XP"


Kevin, you are SUCH a geekboy!!!

There's a photo pool on Flickr called "What's in my bag," with phots people have taken of their bag contents. Pretty interesting.

Here's mine: http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzijane/6401441


Oooh, I like the altoids tin for your earbuds. That's a good idea! When I start making some money on this spa business (fingers crossed) I'm gonna get myself an Ipod and a new PDA.


Johnny, that was a long comment. What's wrong with you?

Sizzle, now you've gotta do it! My curiosity is piqued.

Claire, clean lines? What are those? ;-)

Chase, oh no, another celeb dog carrier. Ahhhhh!!!!

Mikey, sorry, the organization outgrew Trident Communications months ago. For all our telco needs, we go through CerberusCom. They have a unique three-headed problem management system that I love.

SJ, coming from you, that's nothing but geeklove! Thanks.

Jacquie, it's a great idea that has served me very well. My original earbuds are still alive after nearly two years. Of course, now I've just jinxed myself...


Isn't there some joke "You know you're a computer geek when:

....you have two or more usb drives on your persons at any given time.
....you hear the acronym 'CSS' and you either think 'Oooo, templates' or 'HEADSHOT!!'..."

I only say this because I also currently have 2 usb drives in my bag.


I'm sure there is and I'm sure I qualify. I don't even need to hear it to know.

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