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10 Questions From Jacynth:

Jacynth developed this little beaut. And I'm now jumping on the bandwagon, albeit a little later than most. C'est la vie.

Basically, just answer the questions with as much honesty as you can muster.

1.  If you could live in another era, what would it be?
Victorian England. I know, I know, you just asked for a time, not a place. Well, living in America during the time period of Victorian England does nothing for me. Actually it does as it was the time period with the great Western push and cowboys and whatnot. But this era in England is so completely different. That's why I kinda have to specify a place as well. I've developed a little fascination with the time period. I love the literature from that era, I love the history, I love it all. Plus I want to find out who Jack the Ripper really is.

2.  If you got paid $200 million per year, would you be an Alaskan crab fisher (keep in mind this is one of the deadliest jobs)?
I would do it for a day just so I could have a cool Sebastian Junger-ish story of my own. He's lived such an incredible and enviable life.

3.  Did you eat glue as a child?
Nope. I did like mixing it with hand lotion and spreading it on the back of my hands and letting it dry. The purpose was to scare the bejeezus out of my female classmates who thought I was ripping off my own flesh. Worked like a dream. The lotion made it all stay in one piece instead of shredding in mid peel.

Miscackbar_14.  If you could be in a movie, what would it be and why?
What a tough, yet fascinating question. I feel like Brodie Bruce in Mallrats being asked what comic book character he would prefer to be. I would pick something simple like the deck officer, Major Derlin, in The Empire Strikes Back that was played by John Ratzenberger (Cliff Claven from Cheers). Or maybe Admiral Ackbar, right, in Return of the Jedi. He was pretty cool... "It's a trap!"

5.  If you could set up your own mafia ring, what would you call it?
The Quasi-Corsicans? I don't know.

6.  If you had the choice between meeting David Hasselhoff or Tom Cruise, who would you choose and why?
While I would relish the opportunity to be able to prove to Tom Cruise that Scientology is a cult, I know he wouldn't go for it no matter how much evidence is laid before him. On that note, I pick the D-Hoff. He did drive KITT and worked with Donna D'Errico, right?

7.  Would you ever fly Hooters airlines?
Abso-friggin-lutely! And I know Katie would fly it with me! Wings on wings, baby!

8.  Would you rather hear no evil or see no evil?
I'd rather hear no evil. At least this way I could still watch their lips and make up my own dialogue. That would be fun. Especially with Dubya.

9.  If you started a search engine, what would you name it?
Ask Kap! Sounds like "gas cap" or "asshat," doesn't it?

10.  If you had the ability to see five years into the future, would you do it?
I'm afraid I'd be too disappointed with what's happened to the world to want to know. Five years in the past? Sure! Show everybody what will happen if they re-elect Bush and maybe attempt to thwart 9/11. It kinda makes you wonder how the world would differ today if 9/11 never happened.

Well, you know how it goes. Steal away!