Throw in the towel...
Well there's floodin' down in Texas...

Should have known...

It was bound to happen some time.

If you've ever purchased music from the iTunes Music Store, you're likely familiar with the process:

  1. Miscituneslogo Set up account with your credit card
  2. Find the music you want
  3. Click "Buy Song" or "Buy Album"
  4. Enter your password and click "okay" on purchase confirmation screen
  5. Enjoy

The tricky point is step number 4. Some people disable it entirely so they are not bothered. I, however, leave it enabled so it gives me one last chance to back out of a purchase.

The problem arises in that the password entry screen only shows up once per iTunes session.

Yesterday, I was downloading a bunch of the free tracks that iTunes offers on a weekly basis (I am not one to say no to free). I went to the page for one artist, clicked the purchase button for the free track, and entered my password. The download commenced. Then I visited the page for a second free download and clicked the "Buy Album" button.

Gah! Noooo!!

I didn't want the whole album, just the free track!

I don't even know who Eric Lindell is! Why would I want to buy his entire album??

But it was too late. I could not stop the purchase and iTunes does not offer refunds.

Mr. Lindell, your Change in the Weather album had damn well better be worth the $9.99 I unintentionally spent on it.

In all fairness, I've been giving the album a listen as I've been writing this and it's not bad. Bluesy, with some reggae undertones. I can deal. So far, a pretty good accidental $10 purchase.

On a music-related aside, I broke my virginity last night and watched my first real dose of American Idol. Before some of you lambaste me, I only did it because there was nothing else on. So I watched the first hour of the finale.

I was subjected to the Golden Idol sequences as well as the "Pickler and Puck" bits (Wolfgang Puck introducing Idol castoff and hick country girl, Kellie Pickler, to fine cuisine).

Two points I feel need to be made. One a question; the other a comment.

  1. How do you AI fans put up with Ryan Seacrest? That just confounds me. He's such a tool. And he's so in love with himself.
  2. And Kellie Pickler... oh Pickler. I thought Jessica Simpson was dim. Pickler just made Simpson look like a Rhodes Scholar.

I feel so dirty.

Kapgar out.


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American Idol last night was so awful it was fantastic. It was like some weird trippy trainwreck that I didn't quite understand, but couldn't tear my eyes away from.

(this line may sound familiar when I use it in a post later, I support plagerizing myself)


I love it earlier in the season when people get voted off and the dumb ass' in the audience boo. What they hell are they booing at. They are the ones that voted! Shit for brains, some people are.

I like the fact that Taylor won. Something different in the music world. Screw pop, rock, rap, R&B. I am sick and tired of seeing new artist after new artist have one or two songs on a album and become popular. Why don't these friggin writers just write 10 good songs and give them to one artist and have an album that kicks ass. Money! Thats why! I can't stand buying any music today.

Money is the same reason itunes does that. They try to get you anyway they can. Tricky bastards.


I think Seacrest is going to have a relationship with Prince. BTW if you have Alice Deejay's "Better off alone" send it to me. To the NSA "I did not say that, I was not here!"


heehee. i agree, yet we watched the whole thing, with mike muttering under his breath or outright shouting at the TV for the bad sound mixing that was going on...


oh, and i love iTunes for its ease of use, but that ease makes it so easy to spend far too much...


I love how you ended this post. So great. I'm still a virgin to AI and I plan on staying that way. But I have a question - do you mean to tell me you don't watch LOST?


Bre, "trippy trainwreck" is certainly appropriate.

MIM, was Taylor the guy or the girl? I never can tell gender by names anymore. Actually, I can understand iTunes not offering refunds on purchases. It would be too easy for you to burn it to CD and then ask for a refund. And you'd still have a copy. I was just ticked because I actually stopped the download and looked for some cancel purchase option. It wasn't even on my computer in any way, shape, or form. Damn.

Mikey, don't know who Alice Deejay is, but if I find him/her, I'll hook you up in exchange for a Santa Cruz Skate logo for my Moleskine. Deal?

Suze, that's why I have that confirmation screen set to pop up. I actually have talked myself out of several purchases at that stage and saved us some pretty nice cash. And, good for Mike for yelling at the screen. I was rubbing my temples and groaning in emotional pain.

Alissa, oh, I watch Lost. Hence why I only watched the first hour of AI. During that time, it was yet another God-awful Lost recap show. I have to finish the finale of Lost, though. Decided to let the TiVo record it while I did some yard work. Of course, it rained immediately after I finished the work. Go fig, eh?


$10. That's like, ten orders of Chicken McNuggets. Thursday Dollar Menu special only.

Tracy Lynn

OMG, Kev, the only AI I've ever seen are the bits my DVR gets when I'm trying to record House. If I were you I'd wash my eyeballs in bleach.

I'm just sayin'.

And Seacrest? Why is he famous, again?


Taylor was the guy. ;) I don't know why I like AI. Maybe cause I like music and Taylor isn't like most artists today. I think the show singles out gay/weird people when finding the talent so they can embarass them on TV. I think that is wrong. Watch the first 4 or 5 episodes next time. You will see what I am talking about. Simon can rip on anybody so, they don't need to put these people though to have them get abused.

ms. sizzle

i only caught the last hour of AI and it was so over the top. AI is in love with itself (taking its cues from Seacrest- who seriously bugs, I agree). I am just glad Taylor won over Kat. Soul Patrol!

;) sizz

Pauly D

When I finally got to the RESULTS of American Idol (the last 3 minutes of a 2 hour show) I looked at all that time I had wasted watching people perform on the show and their stupid awards and realized I could have so better used those two hours for something better.

Like sleeping.


jackt, mmmmm... I bought some. Just not from McDonald's. Damn.

Tracy Lynn, I'm still trying to figure it out myself.

MIM, I don't think I can bring myself to watch this show ever again.

Sizzle, "Kat Soul Patrol"? Is that what they call her?

Pauly, I think just about anything else is time better spent.


Oh, I am so lambasting you, Kevin! How could you ever WATCH that bloody show? I don't care if there's nothing else on OR if there's nothing else to DO. Doing nothing is still far superior to watching "American Idiots."

And MadIrishMan, you say you watch because you love music. It is precisely because I love music that I REFUSE to watch "A.I." Craziness, I tell you. The world is crazy.

Now, when the hell is Big Brother starting up?


Oh dear. I'm afraid I can't sugarcoat this for you: you SHOULD feel dirty. That show totally has cooties. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.


i have only seen one episode of Idol and it was the results show where Paris got the boot. I have no idea who these people are and I don't care. Where are most of them now? I don't own one cd or itune of any former AmId.

I am gonna have to check out that musician now. I'll get back to you....


Do you think Kellie Pickler's ditzy personality is all an act or she's the real thing? I can't tell. I honestly didn't think it was possible to say some of the things that come out of that girl's mouth but maybe I'm wrong. The dumb blonde act is so overplayed.


Karl, lambaste away. It was a moment of morbid curiosity. I had to at least say I gave it a shot. Never again.

Kristina, I do. I so do feel dirty.

Jacquie, I will admit to owning both Kelly Clarkson albums. Katie's purchases, but my secret joy (the second one, at least).

Elaine, it's hard to say for sure. I'd prefer, for my own sake, to just go on believing she's dumb as a rock. And that she'll soon disappear from the public eye.


The Puck 'N' Pickler thing really was awful. She pains me. As for Ryan Seacrest, I've taken to imagining all people taller than him (see: everyone) eating him -- and that's how I tolerate his existence. Think cartoon image, here -- little guy in giant monster's mouth...long story as to how that started, but it eases the Seacrest pain!


You know what made the show for me? David Hasselhoff's cameo crying as Taylor's win was announced. Priceless!


If you'd had an iPod in your shoe that accidental purchase wouldn't have happened.

and your very premise that there was nothing on presumes you don't watch LOST.

Way to drop 20 stories in my opinion of you.



I ended up purchasing the wrong PJ bootleg that way... I suppose if you like it though...

One AI... no clue what the fuss is about. I still don't get this show. What's with the old guy winning, he's like my age or something...


Am having a 'hopping all over iTunes Music Store' half hour while I try and find good upbeat tunes for work tomorrow... Think I may treat the kiddies (those still in the 18-21 year bracket) to a healthy dose of 90s house and rave tunes...


Kevin hon, next time there's "nothing else on": READ A BOOK.

Oh man, I just thought of a list! ...


I watched it too Kevin, but I saw the last hour instead of the first hour. At least I got to see Prince do his thing. Like I said over at The Peevery today, if they had Prince backstage the whole time, why did anyone else have to perform?


That is a fabulous idea, Kevin! I'm going to make a lot of "accidental purchases" this weekend and see if my husband buys that load of crap.

Puh-lease. You *know* you wanted that album. (Holy crap, do people still say 'album'?) I'm going to accidentally get a new watch this weekend. I hope.


Sandra, do you think Lane Meyer will draw that up as a cartoon for me? (Let's see if you catch that reference).

Jacynth, Hasselhoff was on? Oh God, must've missed it. Shucks.

Hyperion, as I said, I only watched the first hour of AI which is when ABC was showing that God awful Lost season recap show. I hate those damn things. Recap shows assume I'm too stupid to remember what's happened. So I clicked it off.

Nat, at least your purchase was something you still knew you'd enjoy being the PJ freak you are.

Bec, nothing wrong with a little youth acculturation.

SJ, yeah I know.

Brandon, being the Prince fan that I am, I was glad someone directed me to YouTube which had his performance archived. I am a happy Prince fan.

Mocha, well, it was nice knowing you. I think if I had accidentally purchased intentionally, it would likely have been the new Neil Young. Now there's an idea. Smart aleck.


That's the beauty of having .25 left from an iTunes gift card- it lets me have an account without having my credit card info ever entered which is perfect for snagging the free tracks.

It still always asks me if I really want to buy things after I click buy on each track though. Maybe you disabled that? You could use the shopping cart method of picking all your tracks and then saying you want to buy them. That should give you a monetary total I would think...


Well, the warning screen does come up, but only once per active iTunes session. Meaning, after I've made one download, the password entry is good for all purchases after that until I shut down iTunes. The shopping cart idea is nice, though. Never thought of that. Thanks.

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