Throw in the towel...
Well there's floodin' down in Texas...

Should have known...

It was bound to happen some time.

If you've ever purchased music from the iTunes Music Store, you're likely familiar with the process:

  1. Miscituneslogo Set up account with your credit card
  2. Find the music you want
  3. Click "Buy Song" or "Buy Album"
  4. Enter your password and click "okay" on purchase confirmation screen
  5. Enjoy

The tricky point is step number 4. Some people disable it entirely so they are not bothered. I, however, leave it enabled so it gives me one last chance to back out of a purchase.

The problem arises in that the password entry screen only shows up once per iTunes session.

Yesterday, I was downloading a bunch of the free tracks that iTunes offers on a weekly basis (I am not one to say no to free). I went to the page for one artist, clicked the purchase button for the free track, and entered my password. The download commenced. Then I visited the page for a second free download and clicked the "Buy Album" button.

Gah! Noooo!!

I didn't want the whole album, just the free track!

I don't even know who Eric Lindell is! Why would I want to buy his entire album??

But it was too late. I could not stop the purchase and iTunes does not offer refunds.

Mr. Lindell, your Change in the Weather album had damn well better be worth the $9.99 I unintentionally spent on it.

In all fairness, I've been giving the album a listen as I've been writing this and it's not bad. Bluesy, with some reggae undertones. I can deal. So far, a pretty good accidental $10 purchase.

On a music-related aside, I broke my virginity last night and watched my first real dose of American Idol. Before some of you lambaste me, I only did it because there was nothing else on. So I watched the first hour of the finale.

I was subjected to the Golden Idol sequences as well as the "Pickler and Puck" bits (Wolfgang Puck introducing Idol castoff and hick country girl, Kellie Pickler, to fine cuisine).

Two points I feel need to be made. One a question; the other a comment.

  1. How do you AI fans put up with Ryan Seacrest? That just confounds me. He's such a tool. And he's so in love with himself.
  2. And Kellie Pickler... oh Pickler. I thought Jessica Simpson was dim. Pickler just made Simpson look like a Rhodes Scholar.

I feel so dirty.

Kapgar out.