The more things change...

If there is one thing that has changed as a result of writing on this blog, it's that my desire to write has increased exponentially. I find myself practically needing to write something every day. It's become a bit of an obsession, much to my wife's chagrin.

The other benefit is that my faucet of ideas has become a plumber's dream... constantly trickling. I'll be driving home or walking around or sitting somewhere and an idea might hit me square in the face. "Damn! I want to write about that!"

Of course, this well of ideas always tends to run a bit dry as I wait for that moment when I can get behind a computer and type out my ideas. From time to time, I will find myself debating if an idea is worth holding on to at which time I'll find some scrap of paper to write it down on. If it's not scrap worthy, I forget about it only to regret it later.

Miscmoleskine I've decided to remedy this situation the Wil Wheaton way (I'd link to the relevant entry on his blog, but I can't find it)... a Moleskine.

A Moleskine could simply be described as a diary, and, in all honesty, it is. Mine is a black, hardcover one with the elastic band around it to keep it shut and a sewn-in page marker. It fits right in my front pocket and, for the last couple weeks, has proven its usefulness as I've written out entire posts in it before typing them in here.

I don't know why I broke down and bought something I swore I would never use or have a use for, but I find myself using it quite a bit. I've already filled nearly 20 pages of it with random rumblings. And I hope to write up a lot more in it as well as maybe try my hand at sketching again.

Now that's something I haven't done in years. Wow. I was once a sketching whore. What the hell happened?

Go ahead and make fun of me for having "a journal" if you so desire, but this thing definitely has one other great advantage... I never have to worry about it burping back at me that it lost some of what I wrote. It's always there. Well, I guess I could lose the whole book or rain could make the ink run, but I'd rather not think about that.

Oh, and would you expect my Moleskine to be adorned with anything less than a Mac logo? Of course not!

The back already has a Jimmy John's "We Deliver" sticker on it. As I find other stuff I like, I'll probably continue to customize the cover as I go. Strange, yes. Unique, definitely.

It's odd where you find cool stuff... stuck to a sandwich wrapper, of all places. A wrapper I may otherwise have been pulling a J.K. Rowling with by writing ideas on it.

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That's not weird at all - I keep a journal with me as well... sometimes it has just little phrases that popped into my head, sometimes subjects, or sometimes whole blog posts that I never did anthing with. Mine doesn't have the apple logo on it though....:)


I have a black journal like that as well. When I was in high school/college I always carried one around with me and I love looking back at them. I constantly wrote down quotes I overheard, songs I wanted to investigate, movies I needed to see, books to read and thoughts I had. I think it is a great tool for capturing your thoughts! Now you have inspired me to dig mine out again and start toating it around. Plus, it makes you look kind of artsy :)

Tracy Lynn

I buy journals endlessly, but never write in them. I also have an unlimited supply of notebooks, college rule, that I scribble in, since I suffer from sporadic hypergraphia as well as a need to capture actual thoughts.

You do what works, ya know?


I constantly carry a ittle notebook with me for the same reason. Unfortuantely, I'm less disciplined about writing in it than I ought to be, but when I do use it the process is always very helpful.

ms. sizzle

i couldn't get by without my journal. i actually have more than one- one in my bag, one at my bedside. thoughts come randomly and i don't like to be without paper and pen to jot them down. sometimes they become blog material, other times they materialize into poems and some are just plain nonsense crap i can't make heads or tails of later on. ;)

yay for the journal!


At least you didn't buy a pocket protecter Gilbert Lowell. I use my blog as my daily journal(it saves the trees.)


Hey, Kevin, when our wives officially stop talking to us for blogging too much, how about we share an apartment like in "The Odd Couple?"


Bre, but is it weird for a guy to do this? You really should consider an Apple logo. It makes it so much cooler.

Alissa, happy to inspire you.

Tracy Lynn, how many do you have?

Dean, cool, another guy who does it, too. I'm not disciplined at all. It's just there for those sudden moments of inspiration.

Sizzle, I don't know that everything in it will wind up on the blog. Some may be just too personal. Who knows.

Mikey, never a pocket protector. NEVER. Granted I use my blog to save trees, I don't always have my computer handy.

Neil, does this mean I would have to move to L.A. or would you move to Chicagoland?


I think that is a good idea - that way you won't lose any of your thoughts and not be able to share them with us.

You are making me hungry for Jimmy John's #6!!! :(


Atleast your writing a journal as a hobby and not trying to be the worlds best air guitarist. Have you seen that?. Do you start every entry with, "Dear Diary........."?


I totally agree with this post:
1) Keep it simple. Write on paper and tuck it in your pocket if you want something convenient with you all day no matter where you are. No batteries, no muss, no fuss.
2) The discipline you exhibit in creating a habit of jotting your ideas down I think is so valuable. There are lots of people with ideas and talent in various things, but execution is so important to accomplishing anything.

OK I will get off the soapbox now. :)


I haven't had a paper journal in... I think forever, but the mroe I think about it, the more I think it would be a good idea. I went through a phase where my blog was my diary (back in 98, 99 and 2k), but having strangers know so many intimate details of my life got strange (like, stalker strange, or being gossiped about on message boards by people I didn't even know strange.) So that was the end of that.

I still have a need to vent that kind of stuff though, so I'm thinking the journal is the way to go. That said, since spending all my time on a computer, my handwriting has become completely illegible.


Kilax, #11!!

MIM, I'm already the king of the air guitars. No need to "try."

jackt, with my luck, the scraps of paper that are in my pocket will remain there as my pants go through the washing machine. If I can't automatically feel it in my pocket, I forget it's there. Thank God dollar bills are woven fiber instead of paper. I'd have lost so damn much money to the washer/dryer demons, it's not even funny.

Carly, it is kinda nice. Sometimes I feel like I do hold back in my blog just because of how many people actually can read it. I still am floored by how many come here from time to time.


Put a computer keyboard of any size in front of me and I'll type you a novel. Put a pen in my hand, forget it. I was a kid who kept tons of diaries, then went I got my first computer, that was it. I do, though, still keep a paper pocket diary, but I find I only jot stuff down in it, no real entries for anything.


Put a computer keyboard of any size in front of me and I'll type you a novel. Put a pen in my hand, forget it. I was a kid who kept tons of diaries, then went I got my first computer, that was it. I do, though, still keep a paper pocket diary, but I find I only jot stuff down in it, no real entries for anything.


You know what works even better then a journal? Post-it notes. Why have your thoughts listed coherently in one place when you can fill pages and pages of colorful little pieces of paper? I blame two things for my overuse of post-it notes: blogging and work. Like you, the more I blog, the more I think about blogging (and writing) and when I'm at work ideas always pop into my head. And what's the easiest thing for me to grab and write them down on? Post-it notes! Of course don't get me started on the problems that can arise when trying to sort through or organize the post-it notes.


I have kept a personal diary fro years - they are all shapes and sizes but always blank sheets. It's difficult to find a nice notebook with blank sheets... But, yes, my current on is black. I used to write in it every day, now I'm lucky if I write in it once a month!


Love it! I have notebooks and scraps of paper ALL over the place with bits and pieces of thoughts/stories/ideas. When I went on my roadtrip, I took a handheld recorder in case I couldn't jot down an idea while behind the wheel.

Of course, I find little bits sometimes that I'm like "what does that mean?!" But I love finding old gems. :)

Also keep one beside your bed. You know those half-dreams? Sometimes those prove quite interesting when fleshed out a bit.


Eve, I would normally agree with you. Except that carrying a computer everywhere can be a pain in the butt. Even one as nice as your Mac Book Pro.

Nicole, Post-its are fun when they still retain their stickiness. But I move the damn things around so much, that it gets lost and I wind up taping them up.

Bec, blank sheets wouldn't be bad for drawings and the like. However, if I don't have lines, my handwriting is all over the place. And since this is mostly for writing, I figured I'd better have the lines.

Chase, hence why I put my Moleskine on my nightstand. However, with my luck, I'd just end up waking Katie up as I write. Then she'll accuse me of being even more of a geek.


I've gone through 5 or 6 Moleskines over the past few years. So handy for random info, song writing, photography notes, ideas, price comparison shopping notes... I put museum stickers in mine after wearing them and have accumulated a few National Park stamps. I'm partial to the square-ruled books. Also the drawing one, but with only 40 pages I run through it too quickly.

I used to draw all the time too, and sketching has been on the brain of late. I'm not quite at the tipping point to begin again, but I'm close.


I saw some of those 40 page softcover deals. I went with a 196 (?) page one, though. Wanted it to last. At least for a little while.

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