Try try try to understand, I'm a magic man...
Secrets stolen from deep inside...

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak...

Now this is just cruel!

Fox, FX, and Apple have announced that the iTunes Music Store has now started carrying several current shows from each network as well as some more classics.

Included in the list of culprits are, from Fox, 24, Prison Break, Unan1mous, and Stacked along with classics like Buffy and Firefly. FX is offering up The Shield, Black/White, 30 Days, and It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia to the store. They're even going to offer up Lost in Space.


This isn't fair! There are so many on there I would watch. Okay, I'm safe on 24 since Katie and I already own the DVDs. But I've been wanting to watch Firefly, The Shield, and 30 Days for some time now. Karl has just recently talked me into giving Prison Break a shot and Sandra has convinced me to give Buffy a try on DVD this summer, as well. This is either a sign that these shows are worth my time, or someone is really out to screw my wallet!

The good thing is that Firefly, for the entire run of the show, only costs about $25 at iTMS whereas the DVDs come closer to $50. So that's a pretty good thing, right?

So what's next, Apple?


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what?!?! you've never watched buffy?!?!!

oh, dude. please give it a try - so much better than it at first appears...


I'm gonna have to add my vote for Prison Break. It's a great drama but I must admit, I also watch for the eye candy ;)

Tracy Lynn

Dude, Buffy is a must see, and Firefly is one of my all time favorite shows. I was very bitter when it was cancelled.
The best thing is, now you can watch it in order. When Firefly aired, they didn't air them in order, and it makes so much more sense when watched that way.
I also really like It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. Seriously twisted, but way funny.


Buffy and Firefly are guilty pleasures of mine... Buffy does have a few spots where things get a bit weird(er), but Joss Whedon is generally brilliant.


I loved Firefly and bought the DVD set as soon as it was released for a stupidly cheap price (I think it works out as about $12)... and now everyone is trying to buy it for the mammouth price of around $40-50. I laugh, and then sit back and watch again...


Suze, nope, never regularly anyway. I saw two or three episodes of it and, while I thought it was strange, I enjoyed it. Just never committed.

Elaine, I don't think the "eye candy" will do much for me. Sorry. I'll watch for the action.

Tracy, I have never heard of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Worth it?

Bre, Whedon is interesting to say the least. And I am willing to give him a shot. It's just a matter of finding the time and dealing with the scorn from Katie for watching Buffy. I told her I was interested and she kinda rolled her eyes and walked away. That sort of stuff doesn't really "do it" for her.

Bec, somebody else I know bought Firefly for some ridiculous price like $15-20 when it first came out. So I was still in that mindset when, a few months later, I went to buy it. Of course, by then, it was more than $40. I didn't buy it.


I think it's pretty inevitable that we're soon going to be watching a lot of our TV from our computer, or at least downloading it.

Johnny C.

I'm excited about Firefly, I just need to get a new home computer now.


Firefly is only $24.96 at amazon right now. Do you get the extras if you get shows through iTMS?

And dude... I can't believe you haven't seen Buffy! If I lived near you I'd have you over since I've got it all between dvds and seasons I taped. There is one ep I don't have a perfect copy of that I'd be tempted to buy on its own, so I wouldn't be shelling out more for another whole season. I'll have to look into that.


Just in case no one told you, Buffy rocks! :-)

I was anti-Buffy for a long time because I thought it sounded stupid, but then I got addicted through the reruns on F/X during season 6 and needless to say I now have 4 seasons on DVD and will hopefully complete the collection soon.


You are never going to leave your couch :) Now here's the question....have you tuned into Big Love on HBO? Add that to your list!


Neil, you're probably right. I will have to figure out how to get my computer hooked up to my TV for this purpose, though, because I'll be damned if Katie and I are going to huddle around our 17-inch iMac when we have a 27-inch TV sitting on the entertainment center.

Johnny, buy a Mac. That's all I'm gonna say.

Claire, hmmm... may have to check into that. I'm still going to download one episode, though, to see if it's worth my while. I'm sure it is, but it never hurts to check.

Nicole, nope, nobody has told me that yet today.

Jacynth, oh no, not another one! But the good thing is, with these others, I CAN leave the couch! They'll be on my iPod! Woo hoo!


Now you've gone and done it. I was trying not to betray my scifi addiction within the blogosphere, but now you've gone and talked about Firefly. Just when I'd managed to almost get over the pain of it being cancelled. Now you tell me I can own the whole series for only $25....are you trying to make me poor!?!?

(set to the Firefly theme song)
"Take my dollars,
Take my cash,
credit'll be gone, in a flash

I don't care,
I'm happy
I can watch some fireflee"

Okay, so that last one was stretched. Give me a break.


Bret and I honestly feel that Firefly is hands-down the best TV series EVER. Brilliant, riveting and beautifully produced, it's Joss Whedon at his best. I paid $32 for my DVD set and it's worth every cent. Make sure you watch it in the originally-intended order because it builds so much better that way. So if you're only going to download one episode to start, be sure it's "Serenity, Parts 1 & 2" (not the same as the post-series movie of the same name).

And yes, Buffy rocks. Don't judge it by the campy movie with Kristy Swanson. They are poles apart in quality.


Dustin, if I'm going to be poor, I'm taking somebody down with me!

SJ, I downloaded my first one last night and it was an hour-and-a-half long episode (two hours with commercials). I don't remember if it actually had that title or not, but we shall see. Looking forward to watching it. Oh and I think judging Buffy based on the campy movie is a good thing since I loved the movie.


go Buffy! I never thought I would say that, but I got sucked into watching Angel, loved it, then explored Buffy so I could understand the "origin" of Angel, and got hooked on Buffy too! I hear my Kosh has also been recently introduced and hooked to Firefly, and I look forward to watching those episodes (as well as finishing off Buffy Seasons 6 & 7) once I'm back in the u.s. So yeah, this is my long-winded way of saying "Go Buffy!" i hope you enjoy it :-)


Lynne, lots of Buffy fans around here. I'll give 'er a shot.


I stumbled across your blog while I was in the process of doing some online research. I think you should definitely give Prison Break a try. The first couple of episodes were a bit slow, but once it gets going, wow, does it get going!


Yeah, I still have to try that. Tip... you might want to change up the first sentence on your comments. I think you've commented on my site three times now and the first sentence is the same, word for word, on each one. I do thank you for checking out my site, though.

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