What the world needs now...

First, an apology. I'm not sure if this will actually affect you or not, but if you've had an influx of posts showing up in your RSS aggregator from me lately, I'm sorry.

I've been cleaning up old posts by recategorizing them. I've noticed that my old category system is not working well. I'm not able to find a bunch of the posts I need to find for the sake of linking in more current posts just because I have no idea how I would have categorized a certain topic. What makes sense as a category now, clearly didn't make sense when I first wrote it. Now I can't find jack on my site. It's just become such a pain in the butt.

And, to add a little salt to the wound, the Technorati search box really doesn't work worth a crap. Anyone else notice that? It's free, but it doesn't do so well. I think that may be going bye bye very soon. I'll keep the profile link, but to the search box, I shall bid adieu.

So everything's being recategorized. And I'm proud of the job I've done so far. Going back to my 2005 posts, I've pared down 21 different categories to just nine. That will make life so much easier. And when my 2005 posts are done, I'll start weed-whacking the '06 stuff.

I'm just tired of all the confusion I've been having finding old stuff here at Kapgar.com. And if I'm having problems, that means that someone else out there is likely having trouble as well.

I'm doing some more cosmetic work around here as well in anticipation of my first blogiversary (sorry, no cool prizes like at Dave's place). I will do a little tweaking of my template and colors a la Secondhand Tryptophan and I'm also in the process of developing a new header banner.

Okay, enough techie talk. How about a quickie meme?

This one comes from Nicole and she took it from some MySpace thingie.

The point of this meme is to perform a Google search with the phrase "[your name] needs" but replace [your name] with, well, your name... obviously. Then list the top 10 results that come back. You may have to look in the title or in the body of the results to get your answer. So here goes...

Kevin Needs:

  1. Kevin needs your money - AMEN! PayPal it this way!
  2. Kevin needs your help! - see the first one.
  3. Kevin needs expert witnesses, research... - apparently I'm in legal trouble.
  4. Kevin needs sleep on Flickr - too. many. pictures.
  5. Kevin needs help amplifying his message - ummm... okay.
  6. Kevin needs sexual and emotional tension - sure, why not?
  7. Kevin needs Js help - whatever. This J better be damned good at what s/he does.
  8. Kevin needs a picture - I've got plenty; but I prefer to be behind a camera, not in front.
  9. Kevin needs his own fan club - AMEN! Who's starting it?
  10. Kevin needs to get some! - some what? I have no idea what you're talking about.

Steal if you so desire.

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How many places was this taken from? Let's see... Dave, Karl, Jax, Brandon, Nicole, Bec, SJ. Anyone else? If I saw this on your site and forgot to give appropriate credit, I apologize. But this meme is making the rounds...


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For your fan club I think Kathy Bates said it best "Kevin, I am your number one fan." LOLOL

Suzi aka SJ

Gee, I thought you already HAD a fan club ...

Yep, I'll steal this one for Listaholic, when my idiot hosting service restores it!!! (I renewed. They didn't.) I take back everything good I said about Globat.


The scary thing is that I was actually enjoying all that nerdy talk about fixing up your blog.


(Homer Voice)"Secondhand Tryptophan....gaaaaaall"


I'm with Neil...I like the behind the scenes techie talk. I totally agree about the Technorati search box. Useless. I ditched mine a while back. I want a decent search engine to use on my site, something that will index 2HT and help me find posts easily. If you find something, please let me know. The widgety deals on Typepad are not great, either...the searche ones, I mean. The best search tool I've seen on a blog is Dave2's.

So when is your one-year mark?


Mikey, am I going to have beat you upside the head with a typewriter? Please say no. That would be a shame.

SJ, not an official one. But I want one with membership cards, a monthly newsletter, and a secret handshake! Yeah, that would be fun.

Neil, I'm the same way. I like the techtalk, but I figure not everyone is not that geekily inclined.

Dustin, uh oh. A history there?

Karl, I, too, like Dave's search engine, but I think he paid for it. I don't want to do that. I already pay for my blog, hosting of my old site, and Flickr. Don't need a fourth one thrown in there.

One year on Typepad is June 15, but I back posted to the beginning of the month for archiving's sake. So I'm calling it June 1. June 18 is the one year mark for daily posting.


Blogger's search is something of a letdown too. Sometimes I end up scanning through my archives for posts, which as you can imagine is going to become progressively more of a pain in the ass.

I know what you mean about categories. In theory I could jerry-rig something with tags, but my inclination is to tag specifics to make a particular post findable on the web at large. (That's when I usually realize I've forgotten to include something basic like 'books' which would make my site more internally friendly.)


I noticed that about Technorati as well. Actually, I was just there searching for YOU when I realized that the search function was not the greatest. Then I come here, and bam! That's what you just wrote. Synchronicity, baby.


Thank goodness I disabled my RSS reader a month or so ago and haven't gotten around to re-installing it yet!


I was looking for the meme you mentioned about finding out how you will die, but I couldn't find it. I tried googling "Nicole died," but the results where somewhat disturbing.

And I volunteer to be an expert witness should you so need one. Of course I'm not really an expert at anything so I might not be much help in court.


Oh! I did this one last year 'cuz Sweetney said so: What We Need

My answers were so much more bizarre than yours. What does that say?

Tracy Lynn

I, too, like the tech talk. I'm not saying I always understand it, I just like the way it sounds.


I couldn't get the Technorati box to work. And what's more disappointing is 9 times out of 10 when I search for "blogs that links here" it tells me their servers are busy!


Claire, have you used the Technorati tags? Do they work at all? I'm skeptical considering my lack of luck with their search engine. The recategorization has been nice because I no longer have a category or two with only a few posts in it. And only loosely related to the cateogry at best. I wonder where my head was when I came up with these.

Eve, that's a few times, now, isn't it? We gotta stop that. Nahhh....

Nicole, I think I e-mailed you the post late last week. For anyone else, here it is.

Belinda, I think it says that you are much more bizarre than I. I'm having trouble believing that, though.

Tracy Lynn, hopefully you learn a bit of geekspeak reading this blog. I like to think that I provide a service to my readers... HA.

ChickyBabe, I went ahead and disabled the Technorati search last Friday. It was due. As for the blogs that link here, I can't say I've ever seen the "servers are busy" message, but I do notice that it doesn't update all that effectively. I've found links to my site on the Web that Technorati missed entirely. I've been sitting at 71 sites with links for about a month even though I've found five sites with links to my own since that time that have never linked to me before.

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