Shoot to thrill, play to kill...
The roof is on fi-yah!

I'm talkin' about devil crabs...

Sorry, no meme today. Taking a Saturday off so I can catch up on some fun posts after this week's current events charge into the Blogosphere.

I pray I'm not the only one out there who watches My Name is Earl. It's a great show and one of the few sitcoms that NBC is still showing. It's also been renewed for next season, so either I'm not the only one who watches it or I hold far more influence over NBC execs than I previously anticipated.

Yeah, okay. Anyway, I was driving to Panera for lunch yesterday when I looked in front of me and suddenly exclaimed, "Holy crap! Crabman's flinging rubberbands at me! And he's enormous!"

The Mobile Crabman

Alas, it was merely an old OfficeMax truck with their spokesperson of a couple years past, Eddie Steeples, who now costars as Darnell "Crabman" Turner on My Name is Earl along with Jason Lee and Ethan Suplee.

But what makes this vehicular encounter even funnier is that, down in the bottom left of the truck's backdoor, someone finger scrawled in the grime, "Hey Crabman". It's not the easiest thing to see, so I blew it up a bit. Hope it helps.


I used to love those old OfficeMax commercials. Steeples made me laugh to no end. Before Earl started, I always wondered what happened to those commercials, then I found out... their star moved on to bigger and better things.

I really wish they'd re-air those commercials. Or maybe make fun of them in an episode of Earl. That would be a great nod to his past.


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I loved the song they played in those commercials so much that I looked it up a while ago to download it. I also love My Name is Earl and was excited to see "the rubberband man" on it and to see that it was renewed for next season. Although right now my fav show is The Office. I came in to the game late, but I (blasphemy warning) think I like it as much, if not more, then Arrested Development.


ahhhh, crabman...

how do i love 'my name is earl'...? too many ways to count.


I loved those commercials!! Alas, I don't like the show. I was told I HAD to watch it, so I tried...twice. Just couldn't get through it. Jamie Presley (sp?) is hot and funny as all hell...but that wasn't enough to save me.

I think I'm the only one who DOESN'T like it.


Have they started showing reruns yet? I wanted to catch it from the beginning, since I've only seen the last 20 minutes of the season finale.


Hey Crabman!

I hate to say it, but my favorite character on "My Name is Earl" is Earl's ex-wife Joy. She buys into her stereotype with a vengeance!


Yeah I remember the crabman commercials with the cool music.


I hate those commercials. Nobady should be that cheerful at work, damn it! Especially, when your job is passing out supplies. AHHHH!

Do you remember those old Mayflower moving trucks? From a distance it always looked like you were getting flick off/middle finger! It was a giggle when we were on a road trip in our younger years!


Mmmmm, Panera.

I liked those ads too. Maybe it's a regional thing, because I feel like I still see them every now and then though not as often as before.


Those were some great ads. I wondered how many office supplies he walked out with stashed in his hair every day.


My Name is Earl is an awesome show. It could single-handedly bring back the Sitcom medium from the depths of dispair! Nice catch of "Hey Crabman" on that truck, too!


I just saw an episode on Thursday that somehow slipped by me, it made my whole day. I can't wait for another season.

I never saw those ads, at least I don't remember them and I would think I would. The "Hey Crabman" is great. What a find. That too would have made my whole day. I'm very easy to please.


Nicole, what song was it? Did you ever find out? I'd be interested as well. That's not blasphemy, by the way. I like Earl better, too.

Suze, far too many ways for me, as well.

Chase, I think you are, too. :P I'll forgive you, though. To each their own, right?

SJ, I don't know if they have or not yet. Set your TiVo for a season pass with reruns for the show and see what shows up each week.

Dave, Joy is awesome. I love her in that role. She's so over the top but in a wonderfully enjoyable way.

jackt, they were fun, weren't they?

MIM, he has the ideal job, though. He doesn't have to sit in an office all day. Since he's a delivery guy, he's on site all the time. And he just passes out his crap and moves on. Different stuff to see all the time. Okay, that might still suck as well. ;-)

Claire, I'd love to see them again and I was shocked I couldn't find them on YouTube or something like that. Someone on the Web must have them archived.

Chanakin, kinda like the secretary from Ferris Bueller's Day Off?

Eve, I hope it does. Have you seen next year's lineups? Maybe 10% sitcoms. Pretty sad.

Brandon, I'm also very easy to please. I was grinning ear to ear after seeing that truck. For the most part, the ads featured Steeples pushing around a supply cart and finding funky ways of handing out new supplies to people in a cubicle-based office. He'd be dancing his way down the aisles and whatnot. Funny stuff.


Ummm. You don't know the song? Thought everyone knew "The Rubberband Man" by The Spinners. At least that's the song I remember from the commercials.


I just couldn't remember what the song was. It's been that long since I've seen the commercials.


Now you know why my friends keep me around. I have a way of remembering obscure stuff like that.


It certainly comes in handy. Usually I'm that way as well. However, that particular song...


I love My Name Is Earl E4 (the channel that shows it here) keeps moving it about so I've missed a few but I will catch up!


And that's why DVRs are the creation of the Heavens. They'll catch your show anytime it's on.

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