I think I'll go eat worms...

Neil from Citizen of the Month is a pretty big name in the blogosphere. Or, at least, I think he is. He's a great writer, a great netizen, and just a genuinely good guy.

So, when he comes up with or recommends a cool idea, who am I to say no to the opportunity to take part in it? Be it the Carnival of the Mundane (he didn't come up with this idea, but he was the one responsible for introducing me to it) or his Bloggers with Biceps campaign. They're all great.

Now, however, he has developed the creme de la creme of bloggity goodness. And he shall call it Blog Appreciation Day and he shall schedule it for Thursday, August 24, 2006. So it was said, so it was done.

Put simply, the idea is to show appreciation for your fellow blogger by showing yourself reading their blog. It's that easy. You may wonder how you would go about doing that. It's the wonder of digital photography. Just take a shot of yourself reading this person's blog and send it to them via e-mail.

So I'm going to do just that. If you would like me to show you all some blog love, leave a comment here and I'll take a shot of me reading your blog. Heck, on Thursday, I'll even link to a Flickr album with all my blogger requested photos.

When I first read this on Neil's site, I immediately knew it was cool. And, being the idiot I am, I made what I thought was a ridiculous request of Neil. I said, "Can I get a picture of Sophia reading my blog from New York? Heh." (If you don't know who Sophia is, you clearly need to read more CotM... go there... now.)

Little did I realize just how often she reads his site; and his comments. For I received this from Neil via Sophia's cellphone...

And here we have Sophia reading my site! How cool.

About a half hour later, I received a second e-mail from Neil with another photo...

Thus proving Sophia is actually reading my site from NYC.

And, let me tell you, this made me feel really cool! I can only hope that this feeling would be shared by everyone else out there. So I am DEFINITELY going to do my part. I have my camera, an empty memory card, and extra batteries. Request away!

Oh hey, Karl's taking part as well!

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That's a great idea...except for those of us who don't put pictures of themselves on their site...

Hmmm...I'll come up with something...


Mark me down for a photo, dude.


Me, me, me!!! And I will reciprocate.

Tell me if you understand why paragraph 3 immediately brought Finding Nemo to mind.


BA, does this mean you would like a photo of me reading your site?

Karl, no problem man. Since I can't get my video from you, I'd like a still photo all the same.

SJ, which site would you prefer? The Write Coast or Chronic Listaholic?


1. The Write Coast, please.

2. You didn't answer the second part of my comment (referring to the 3rd paragraph of your post).

3. Suggestion: You should add the photos other bloggers send you to your Flickr album, too! So we can see how the world-domination plan is progressing.



1. No problem.

2. Not sure why.

3. If I find some, I shall. I have the two from Sophia. But I should also ask for one from Neil directly. And I will get one from Karl and you. So far, nobody else I read is doing this. Hopefully that will change soon.


Ooh, fun!! In.


Cool idea! Hmm... how do I get to show my silhouette reading a blog?!


Sandra, cool. I've got you covered.

ChickyBabe, I think the best way would be to make sure you are reading a blog that is pure white with your monitor set on superbright mode and plant your head square in the middle of it facing it. Then have someone directly behind you taking the shot of the back of your head so it looks somewhat like the infamous still of the little girl in front of the TV from Poltergeist.


"I shall call him squishy, and he shall be mine, and he shall be my squishy!" - Dory in Finding Nemo


I actually don't remember that line. I was doing it in more of a Biblical sense.


that's cool. I'd like one.

I don't really post pics of myself on my site, but I'll see if I can get a hold of a dig. cam. and do something in return.


Will do.

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