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As Katie and I were driving to her grandparents' 60th anniversary party yesterday, I relayed a bit of a conversation that my friend, B, and I had on the way to the Bears game on Friday.

me: So B pointed over to a Camry in the other lane and asked me what I thought of them. I said I liked them and was considering one as my next car.

Katie: Wait. So you want a Camry now?

me: Well, it's under consideration.

Katie: What about your Escape?

me: I still really like the Escape. But if I decide to go for a sedan, then it would probably be a Camry. You know that.

Katie: What about a Highlander?

me: That's the car that you want, though.

Katie: So we can't both have one?

me: There can be only one.

Katie: Huh? Why?

me: Never mind.

Anyone? Anyone?

Okay, fine, I'm a geek. We all know it.

But it was a good weekend overall. Snakes on a Plane was schmaltzy, but fun; the Bears won 24-3 over the San Diego Chargeless; Katie and I saw Talladega Nights: The Ballad of RIcky Bobby with Brian and Jen on Saturday and it was much better than we were expecting; and the 60th anniversary party was a big hit. Yep, a damn fine weekend.

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That's one of those references that I know I should know, but I just don't... therefore it must come from Star Wars or the Matrix - the two most quoted by guys movies (set of movies... there is more than one Matrix movie, right?) that I've never seen.

However, I'm anti-matching cars, so it works out in the end.


Bre - nope, that'd be "Highlander." Only the first movie and the series were worth watching, for the record.

ms. sizzle

you ARE a geek and that is why we love you. :)


Watching "Carnivale" this weekend. Remmember the part where Clancy Brown cuts off someone's head? At that moment my wife and I were watching it in the bedroom and I screamed "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!", she just looked at me with a puzzled look. All I could say was: "'s from the movie Highlander."


Hehe... I get to make 2 Highlander references in one day! I was sitting here talking to my boss and he said, "Can't you just do both?" My response? "There can be only one!" (He didn't get it either. And after explaining it, it just wasn't funny any more.) Then my 10 album list (see #5 from the list). Now this.

It appears to be a Highlander kind of day.

On a side note, is Highlander mostly a guy thing? I don't know many other women that like that movie, but I LOVE it (only the original!)


Bre, sorry, as Karl points out, it is Highlander, not Star Wars or Matrix.

Karl, good man! Never watched the series, though. But I will agree the first movie is the only worthwhile one. And in director's cut format only.

Sizzle, thank you for confirming it.

Matt, I haven't seen Carnivale, but if I had watched that scene, I'd have done the same thing. And received the same response.

Allison, everyone needs a Highlander day. And you would be one of the few I know who enjoyed, let alone watched, it.


Brother Justin? or The Kurgan?

I can't even watch him in Lost without thinking "hey! it's the Kurgan!"


Matt, I always had that problem with Shawshank Redemption. "Hey look! It's Chief of the Guard Kurgan!"


You DARLING!!! TWO Def Leppard titles in one week! (Unless you meant this to quote Neil Young, who also sang that line.)

The women in my family LOVE Highlander, movie #1. The series even more so, because we loves us some Adrian Paul. Mmmmm ...


Hehehehe There can only be one. ROFLMAO Sorry to rock your world today with my blog. With a title like Snakes on a plane, do you really think I wouldn't do some blog about THAT!! hehehehe


M - I - N - I


Highlander, of course. Ok, I know it's already been said, but I totally knew that.

I kind of love that Highlander 2 was so bad, that they made another Highlander 2 and just pretended the previous one hadn't happened.


omg, I was just looking at Adrian Paul on imdb (cuz who can't do with some AP face time?) and saw Highlander: The Source which is in post this year.


SJ, I'd make myself sound more diversified by saying that I was thinking of Neil Young. But it was the DL version that was going through my head in all honesty. Yes, I do know both very well. DL's is more fun to sing. I got somethin' to say...

Mikey, yeah, coming from you, it's expected. ;-)

RW, if I bought a MINI, I'd never be able to drive it. Katie would hide the keys from me so only she could be behind the wheel. How's that fair?

Claire, another new one? I had no idea.. As for Highlander 2, it had Virginia Madsen so I can't entirely hate it.


Snakes on a Plane, huh? That movie comobines my two greatest fears in life. Is it supposed to slightly humorous because from the previews, I'm not sure I could take the movie seriously.


That would be Macleod, from the Clan Macleod. And what a sexy immortal he is, aye. Oh, sorry...distracted, what were we discussing again?


Elaine, it does play on both those fears somewhat. But, it is so laughably ridiculous that it's hard to walk out of there freaked out about either. If you don't have a smile on your face or a stomach ache from laughing so hard, something's wrong.

Shannon, not sure what was being discussed as my blog has apparently become a commonground for women lusting over Scottish scifi heroes. ;-)

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