Tell me darlin', can you picture this...

Just when I thought I had actually discovered the end of the Internets, or at least the end of the useful Internets, SJ sends me this little doozy. It is fd's Flickr Toys.

The site allows you to apply different cool effects such as borders, speech bubbles, templates, etc. to existing photos. And, as the name would imply, it plays quite nicely with Flickr. However, despite being able to directly upload the results of my fd fun to my Flickr site, I really don't want to give them my username and password. I'll upload manually.

Oh the hours of joy that can be had here.

Here are a couple of the images that SJ made with my photos (my lawyer will be contacting you regarding the copyright infringments... heh) to introduce me to the site...

Frame Within a Frame Within a Stamp
This would be my frame within a frame now within a stamp out on Hawk Hill.

Golden Gate Bridge stampified
Here we have a Golden Gate Bridge shot stampified.

I made these next two...

Katie the Pac-Gal as a Magic-style card. Wonder what kind of power points she has.

Move it!
My older and yet still favorite Golden Gate Bridge photo turned into a quasi-motivational poster.

This is the final one that SJ made. Had to save the best for last...

Magazine Man
My first step toward total world domination!

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GGGAAAAAHHHHHHH! Just when I decide to spend less time online!! KAPGAR!! You are EVIL!



Yeah, and now I'm on there AGAIN! By the way, I first signed up with the Flickr toys site more than a year ago, and have never had a problem with having given my user name and password. Seems to be quite secure and trustworthy.

P.S. My lawyer informs me that your having used my creations on your blog constitutes "implied consent," so call off the hounds, mister.


If you actually want to make anything into stamps, check out Pretty cool (a few folks I know with kids made kiddie stamps)


I love those flickr toys! I've spent many an on-the-clock-but-procrastinating hour playing around there!


Most cool.


very cool...


Now I will never get off the damn internet.

Also, the "I smell brains" zombie playing card? I'd collect the whole deck.


RW, I do like to think of myself as the embodiment of evil. Thank you for confirming my personal suspicions.

SJ, not that I don't trust them. But we're talking about "my luck" here.

Sandra, I saw that on Zazzle as an option when I was checkin out SJ and Nickerblog's Zazzle sites. Really cool!

Bre, your secret is safe.

Karl and Suze, it's fun.

Jenny, I think an entire deck is in order here.


Oooh, that last one is my absolute favorite!!


Because I look like some psychotic media mogul?

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