There's nothing meaner than a turkey with a scatter gun...
Thank you for loving me...

All the love gone bad turned my world to black...

Here are a few practical life lessons learned today...

1. Hosting a Thanksgiving get together with family results in garbage and recyclables the likes of which are not seen at any other time in a calendar year. Jeez!

2. There are no Black Friday sales that can quite compare to sleeping in next to the person you love. And then laughing at all the suckers who are complaining about having been awake since 4:00 a.m. Heh.

3. Before hanging up your outdoor Christmas lights, plug them in to make sure they still work.

4. Even if you're a militant looking woman dressed in camouflage pants shopping with a friend dressed similarly, the "she-mullet" is dead. Give up the ghost. Cut it off. Please.

'nuff said.


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I can totally relate to #1, and there were only three of us! To make it worse, we forgot to put our trash out for pickup this morning. Gah.


I've done #3 before, but only with the tree lights. Seems to happen every 3 years. You'd think I'd learn.

Also, that's my favorite PJ song ever.


I am so for the sleeping in. A coworker called me to tell me about the specials at Best Buy. I don't care how good the sale is. Besides you have to camp out in the parking lot to even have a shot at getting the limited items.

Oh, and any kind of mullet is just wrong.


SJ, oh, we did not forget to put the trash out. We made sure of it.

francesdanger, you'd think we would have learned as well.

Dagny, we've done the Black Friday thing before, but it's been a couple years. Thank God.

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