I've got you under my skin...
The goose is getting fat...

'Cause I'm easy...

I’m a marketing genius!

A bold claim, I know. But allow me to justify this statement.

For the last couple days at work, I’ve been fiddling as a free moment arises with a piece of software I found in my computer’s program menu. It’s a little doozy called Adobe LiveCycle Designer (or Adobe Designer, for short) and is intended to assist in the process of creating interactive PDF forms using XML as a base.

Since I have a few forms I needed to develop and had been curious about how best to create an interactive PDF, I decided to give it a whirl.

And whirl I did… my head, that is.

After two days of intermittent messing around with Designer, I finally got one of these forms done. My eyes are bleeding, my head is throbbing, and my right hand is spasming from all the subtle nudges and shifts I made to the layout.

This experience has led me to coin what I feel should be the company’s new slogan…



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I have no idea why, but this post reminded me of this old SNL skit.

"Adobe! The little car that's made out of clay!"


Ouch! :) What kind of stuff were you trying to do?

If you have comments/need help, go to


There is a Livecycle link and a forum for designer itself. I seem to recall that some of our developers read/post there.


ms. sizzle

ha ha!




Hee hee, I heart Adobe. Don't make it so hard on yourself, get a tutorial!


A few years ago I was loving Adobe when I was promised free software. (One of my students had a mom who worked there. Apparently they keep a closet of stuff around the office to give out to educators.) Never got the free stuff so I'm not loving them as much.


BA, I'm not sure if I've ever seen that one, but it reads quite hilariously.

Mike, go fig that I would actually have an Adobe person comment on this post. But don't worry, I have nothing but love for Adobe stuff. Been a Photoshop devotee for the better part of a decade and an Illustrator user for about a half decade. Actually, I was just designing a print form and thought I'd give it a shot. Like any Adobe-ware, I'm sure it becomes easier as you use it more. I'll check out those resources, thanks.

Sizzle and Suze, am I wrong in my genius claims?

Kilax, I know. I was at work, though, and didn't have much time for a tutorial, so I was working on the fly.

Dagny, time to talk to Mike above in the comments. ;-)


Hon, I think Lost Bloggers proved your marketing genius beyond any doubt.

I suppose the sister slogan to this would be, "If it worked right, it wouldn't be Microsoft."


Well, I must admit, Suze pointed me to this post :)


SJ, bwahahahahahhahahahahaha!!! Even greater genius on your part.

Mike, oh Suze. I'll get her. ;-)


what, i can't share posts with my boyfriend? :P I thought you wanted more readership ;)


But of course you can! My luck that your boyfriend works for Adobe. ;-)

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