Don't fence me in...

It's been somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 since that fateful night. The night my brother and I attempted to, and failed miserably at, construct a gingerbread house.

It was an horrific experience. One that, to this day, makes FHA assessors cringe. The walls never stood upright, the roof cracked and collapsed, the candies ran amok.

Simply put, it was not pretty.

So imagine my horror when my mother and father gave Katie and I a Gingerbread House Kit when they came over for Thanksgiving. The memories came flooding back. I tried to make them return it, but they refused. And, despite my better judgment, Katie and I decided to break it open earlier today while decorating for Christmas.

And now, our photographic retrospective...

The Gingerbread House Kit, pre-opening
Do note the sledgehammer at the ready

The Gingerbread House, after opening
Everything is opened and ready to go.

Outer walls and chimney
Outer wall, roof, and chimney assembly is complete.

Adorning the roof
Adorning the roof in candy.

The yard
My psychotropic snowman in the front yard.

Stoplight gingerbread man
The stoplight gingerbread man.

The finished house... we think
The finished product.

Toppling candy
The candy starts to topple. This is the first sign of the candypocalypse I assume is coming.

Further destruction
The roof and walls starting to separate.

Well, it's still standing as of 11:14 p.m. Sunday night. I'll keep you posted as time goes on whether it remains standing. But if my track record is any indication. It should be rubble by the end of the week, and not from us snacking on it.

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How come there aren't any pictures of you eating some of the gingerbread house? Such control! I'm impressed. I devour those suckers before they even have a framework.


Aww, that's cute. I should try to find one of those for the kids to make.


Jacynth, we thought about those sorts of pictures, but we were both too busy to bother with picking up a camera. ;-)

Jacqs, not sure that's the best idea unless you have the entire room coated in plastic sheets.


If you want one that will stand the test of time forget gingerbread. Use graham crackers and the icing should be mostly powdered sugar with just a smidge of water. This is the only thing I remember from Girl Scouts, except for the 'Brownie Smile' song.


"Brownie Smile"? Dare I ask?


very cool :) did it survive til morning?

our church's annual gingerbread night is on this Friday night, but alas, I have something else on so won't be going. I couldn't top my last year's effort anyway heh.


It's still standing. Much to our collective surprise.


I must say, I'm quite impressed!


The fact it's still standing impresses me. Still don't think it would pass a home inspection, but still.

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