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At the gym last night, Katie and I started assembling our to-do list for Thanksgiving. As always, we are hosting the feast for my family and it, of course, requires meticulous planning. A quick peek at our lists reveals...

Around the house...

  • Clean spare bedroom/office (my brother and his fiancee are spending the night before TG with us to help with cooking)
  • Clean all bathrooms
  • Finish trim around front door (we replaced a piece of our door frame a few weeks ago and still haven't fixed the trim; but the door is secure)
  • Clean kitchen
  • Set up big table for the meal
  • Hide lots of crap

Things to buy...

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Green beans
  • Pie crust
  • Pumpkin pie ingredients (whatever they may be)
  • Flavored water
  • Soda
  • Seagram's 7 (my dad loves his 7&7's)

Mind you, these are but a taste of each list. God only knows how much else is on there and how much more work will be needed over the next couple weeks in preparation for this event. Will the carpet we ordered be delivered and installed in time? That would require some additional prep work as well.

My God, I don't think this much planning goes on in the Pentagon War Room (I still imagine it being quite akin to Dr. Strangelove... don't ask me why, but it just doesn't seem that far off the mark).

But, despite all the work, one of the good things that comes out of this is that I get me some K.A.K.C. (Kick-Ass Katie Cooking). Katie is a fantastic cook and Thanksgiving is her time to shine for all to see. I will have to take pictures of the finished product and share with you all.

What do all you, my fair readers, have planned for the holiday?


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My sister, who is 9 months away from graduating with a degree in Nutritional Sciences, was forced last year by her professor to learn how to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner. I have never had a turkey as tender or juicy as what she cooked.

This year is my year to take care of Thanksgiving, which of course means reservations at an upscale buffet, probably at The Waterford Hotel. My sister is domestic. Me, not so much.

ms. sizzle

it's low key for us this year- just me and the seattle family cooking up a feast fit to loosen our pants from. :)

your thanksgiving sounds like a grand time! even if there is so much prep work involved.


Cozy dinner for four: the middle-aged parents, son and daughter-in-law. God help us if the in-laws invite us to their place.

Johnny C.

Strippers. Lots and lots of strippers.

Guns too!!

Can't forget about the whiskey either!


francesdanger, shoot high. Shoot for Old Country Buffet!

Sizzle, that sounds like fun. Throw in some football and I'm there!

Rick, let's light the fireworks.

Johnny, starting to sound like a Warren Zevon song... "send lawyers, guns, and money!" But we'll swap the lawyers...


We're actually moving the day after Thanksgiving so we are going to a Turkey Buffet at the Ritz in Laguna Beach, then working our asses off for a few days ;).




Hilly, now we're talking jealous. Not about moving, though.

Shannon, just wait for the pictures.


Awww. I feel like I just picked up an issue of Ladies Home Journal or something!
What I should have done: Spent $83 to visit my aunt and uncle in Minnesota
What I will be doing: Visiting Mom & Dad, Grandparents, and baby cousins in Ohio for close to $400. @*&%!
What I would like to be doing: Quietly having dinner in Chicago with my friend Amy.
What I would REALLY like to be doing: Sipping margaritas on a beach in Mexico


Oh man, TG for KJ and I this year means the meeting of the clans for the first time. YIKES.

Hey! Where are the tater tots on that shopping list??? =)


Diane, margaritas. I never told you I have a personal recipe for margaritas. No mix whatsoever. And people always tell me they're damn good.

Dustin, mmmm... tater tots. Gotta talk to Katie about that one! Good luck with the family TG. Heh.


I'd tell you, but then it would ruin my post on Thanksgiving. So, I'm not.

But I love the idea of adding strippers to the mix. Sounds like Granny would have a jolly good time if we did.


Kevin, you tempt me greatly with these so-called "margaritas." And you've inspired a new Thursday Thirteen for me--13 things that could be used as bribery to get me to betray my country, do another's evil bidding, or break my will in a variety of other ways.


Who knows what I will be doing. Usually I try to hole up at home but since I won't be around for Christmas, I think my dad will be demanding my appearance for TG. *sigh* If I have to spend the day with relatives, I can guarantee there will be alcohol involved.


Mocha, oddly, I think my grandma would get a kick out of it as well. ;-)

diane, I like that Thursday 13. Run with it. I'm looking forward to it!

Dagny, a damn fine policy to enforce. I support you on that one. Make it top shelf while you're at it.


Bret and I will be "just-us-two-ing" this TG, but we decided to do a full-but-small-scale traditional dinner anyway. Not so much because we want the big dinner (we could go out for that), but because we want LEFTOVERS!!!

Turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce with Miracle Whip on sourdough bread. Mmmmm!!! Oh, and PIE.


Something about cranberry sauce and Miracle Whip together frightens me.


We will be having a TG dinner for 3 (Chachi, Nooze and me). It will include turkey, stuffing, winter salad, green jello, icre cream pumpkin pie (that is not a typo) and many other high trans fat foods.

We will watch football and play board games.

TG evening, we shall begin our holiday movie marathon: Home for the Holidays, Dutch and The Ref.


I am so jealous of bloggers that came up with cool nicks for all the people in their lives. I really should have taken the time to do that. What's winter salad? Sounds intriguing.


no candied yams? you need yams on t'giving.


We might. That was just a preliminary menu, and partial at best. Thanks for the reminder, though.

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