Wii can work it out...
There's nothing meaner than a turkey with a scatter gun...

I ain't missin' not a single thing...

Either I'm the world's most prepared worker bee or I'm on the verge of a professional meltdown.

Yesterday, I wore the infamous green shirt and tie combo to work (yes, I realize you ladies dig it and I am only too happy to oblige you). Afer a while, I decided to shed the tie so I took it off, folded it, and went to put it in my bag.

When I opened my bag, I found two other ties folded and neatly placed in a side pocket. Combine this with the one or two ties I found in my truck and it makes you start to wonder if I'm preparing for a professional man's apocalypse. Or perhaps I'm a pupil in the P. Diddy Appearance Management Institute?

Whatever the case may be, I do know I'd damn well better remember to unload my bag before I wind up toting around a veritable wardrobe.

Bear in mind that I've only been at this new job for just under a month now.

My God, how long until I'm keeping changes of clothes in my office? Gah!


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I actually don't even wear a tie to work. The vast majority of what I do is at my desk and I've come to the conclusion that I wasn't hired for my ability to restrict my airway. Since most of my work is on the phone or the word processor, I just don't see the need.

Of course, I always have a coat and tie if I have an emergency meeting with someone who requires it.


Are you washing your new shirt or giving it to the cleaners?

ms. sizzle

Maybe you just can't take wearing a tie for an entire day? I like when that happens with cash. Finding unexpected cash is a far greater bonus than an unexpected tie. :)


My mom used to keep shoes in her desk, like many women who use public transportation to commute to a job in a big city. Think "Working Girl." She'd wear her big puffy white sneakers on the train to trek almost a mile to work and then change into one of the 3 or 4 pairs of basic pumps she kept in her bottom drawer. I usually have up to a half a dozen pairs of shoes floating around the backseat of my car. Women have shoes, men have ties.


It's good to have lots of clothing options at all times. And I'm with Erin. My friends have been known to chuckle at the assortment of shoes in the back of my car. At least I stopped carrying clothes in the trunk.


You never know when you might needs a tie...or five. I support you in your tie hiding endevour. Next time try sneaking on into the photo copying paper drawer. =)


well, at least you know you're covered if you ever spill anything on your tie.


BA, most of what I do is deskbound as well. I've been wearing a variety of things lately to work since some of my coworkers chided me for being far too professional. I thought I had to and was told to, but I really don't need to. Aye aye aye.

Neil, washing so far. I may take them to the cleaners once every so often.

Sizzle, yes, cash would be a nice find. Alas... Yes, I can wear ties for a day, but a couple times lately, I just haven't felt like leaving them on. C'est la vie.

Erin and Dagny, yep, I've seen plenty of the shoes in cars and desk drawers thing. I did that at one point too. I was doing a lot of walking at the time.

Dustin, with my luck, I'd accidentally get it in the shredder.

Claire, so long as it matches, I'm set!


Hmmm. I was thinking about this, and came to the realization that what I have multiples of in my car and scattered around my house is ... hats. I wish this bespoke my innate chicness, but alas, it's merely a side effect of premature hair loss. :>(


SJ, run with chicness.

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